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Tech 1 Auto, Peoria 85381

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 7/24/16

    Very knowledgeable and honest repair shop. They keep my 2005 Aveo going strong. I have been coming to Tech One Auto for many years and trust them implicitly. In addition everyone is so nice to the customers!

  • 7/23/16

    The owner was very friendly. We had our vehicle there several times for the same issue, which could never be determined. They were very professional and treated us well.

  • 6/16/16

    Fred and Hunter are awesome. If don't stock a part they can usually get it the same day. Today was my Nissan but this is the home garage to my baby - 2000 C5 Corvette - too. You can't go wrong at this shop.

  • 5/27/16

    Over the years when my vehicle has an "issue" - I go in to a "panic". I found out about Tech 1 Auto ~ last year, and I feel I can TRUST them - which is huge for me! HONESTY IN AUTO REPAIR ~…
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  • 4/5/16

    Fred & his employees are super doing there jobs! They are able to repair any problem that you may have also doing it quickly& politely. Would not take my car or street rod anywhere else!!!!

  • 3/3/16

    Needed the A/C checked, it was blowing hot air to the rear of the van.Dropped it off on wed it was ready the next morning. Problem fixed at minimal cost, excellent work and great customer service.

  • 12/4/15

    I have taken my car to Fred's shop for years and have ALWAYS found him honest, efficient and helpful in every way. He stands behind every repair he does and is the first to give you options to save you some money. I recommend him ALWAYS.

  • 11/3/15

    You can always count on Tech One to fix any problem. Once they even created a place to put my license plate after I had a wheelchair lift installed. They have also fixed problems we had that other shops couldn't figure out. They are the best!

  • 5/20/15

    I LOVE THIS PLACE. Fred, Keith and the techs run a very good business. It was my first time there and with no knowledge about auto repair, Fred educated me on everything and was very hands on. I RECOMMEND this business to everyone.

  • 3/19/15

    Fred and his staff are the best. I dropped my Chevy Malibu there to have an oil change and some necessary repairs to use the car on a short trip. They inspected the car and suggested things that would ensure that my travels went smoothly. They took…
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  • 3/10/15

    My Honda Dealer had just told me I need to have my "Compliance Bushings" replaced for a cost of approximately $450. It seemed a bit fishy (its a low mileage car) so I wanted to get a second opinion. I found Tech 1 Auto through an online search and brought…
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  • 3/6/15

    Keith was absolutely wonderful. Great customer service and genuine care. When your car breaks down it is stressful and can be very expensive but with his help and knowledge it was a smooth sail. He is a straight shooter and honest. Also the tech who worked on my car was…
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  • 1/26/15

    They did an excellent job as usual.

  • 12/13/14

    We can always count on Tech One to take care of our vehicles. His mechanics are great! Fred, the owner, is friendly and watches out for us. This is a reliable shop!

  • 12/12/14

    I want to sing to the rafters every time I bring my car here. Fred,Keith and the rest of the crew always take good care of my car and me. Love that if you need a rental that they have an arrangement for low cost rentals. Each…
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  • 11/13/14

    They provided excellent service to help us with a difficult issue with the car's computer system.

  • 11/13/14

    I've been coming to Fred for years. He's extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. The staff at Tech 1 Auto follow suit and are equally reliable and thorough. I think most people feel trepidation when dealing with auto repairs but that's not the case at Tech 1 Auto, you can feel secure bringing your vehicle to Fred.

  • 10/14/14

    Tech1Auto gets your vehicle in quickly, has knowledgeable and reliable mechanics and services your vehcile as needed with fari pricing. They are easy to do business with.

  • 10/13/14

    We brought or should i say our car by Tow Truck and did not know what was wrong with it .They noted the battery cable was loose and stripped.The cost was very reasonable considering we thought it would be something very costly to repair I would definitely recommend them to our friends and family.

  • 10/13/14

    The visit was for scheduled LOF change including BG oil supplement. LOF service was performed in under 30 minutes which is consistent with our experience at Tech One - prompt and spot on. A safety check was also performed revealing the need for further investigation of the ABS…
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  • 9/17/14

    Did a great job aligning my Civic. Dealer said that they couldn't help me. Tech 1 fixed the problem at a cost well within my budget. Very polite and professional. Shop very clean and organized.

  • 1/25/13

    Great service! Fred was able to quickly get me in for an overdue oil and filter change. All fluids were checked and topped off. I would rather pay a few extra bucks to know, a supposedly easy maintenance, was done right! The last place, not Tech 1, did not put all under panel screws in and over filled the oil. You get what you pay for! Thanks Fred.

  • 11/12/10

    Fred and his team are great! We can always trust him with our cars. He does excellent work and never does unnecessary repairs.

  • 10/30/10

    Every time I take my vehicle to Tech 1 Auto, I have peace of mind that Fred and his staff will tell me exactly what I need, and also what I don't need. I believe in the quality of their service so much, that my Mom from out of state will wait until she visits here to have her car serviced!

  • 8/2/10

    The car was filled with diesel fuel rather than gasoline by mistake. Our Toyota dealer wanted 1,000 bucks to repair. They said it could cost an additional 100 dollars per gallon to remove & dispose ot the diesel. There were 15 gallons in the car. I found Tech 1 on…
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  • 7/23/10

    My wife's car all of a sudden had her dashboard gauges go haywire and was not looking forward to getting it fixed since I knew it would be expensive. I saw the reviews on this website and decided to try my luck with a new mechanic. Suffice to say, I…
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  • 7/21/10

    I first went to Tech 1 after being told by another garage that I needed a new a.c. for $1200. Tech 1 fixed it for less than $50 and it lasted for another 2 years befor the expansion valve gave out. I appreciate the honest information I get from…
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  • 11/14/09

    I was very happy with my recent visit to Tech 1 Auto. I knew that my timing belt needed replacement at 90K miles and was nearing 100K miles. Also with the extreme temps in the desert I didn't want to risk it. I made an appointment and brought it in…
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  • 10/16/09

    Being from out of town you wonder were to begin when finding a new mechanic. made my decision to go with Tech 1 Auto extremely easy. Fred has decades of experience and a knowledgeable crew providing exceptional service. An honest, hard working shop with competitive prices and an overall goal of maintaining the highest level of customer service!

  • 9/28/09

    I came across when looking for a mechanic and saw that Tech 1 Auto had 39 reviews. All reviews were very positive so I called and spoke to Fred and explained my problem(s). I've never run across a mechanic as thorough and honest as Fred as everything I…
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  • 6/27/09

    Our Subaru had reached 70k miles and needed a lot of scheduled maintenance work. Fred put together a list of everything that needed done and prioritized it for me so that I wouldn't have to do everything in one shot if I couldn't afford it. All the work was finished…
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  • 6/24/09

    The actual vehicle is a MAVERICK; not listed. The shop did a great job fixing the mechanical mistakes of the previous owner. They also went out of their way to find hard to find parts for a 36 year old car. P.S. Thankyou for supporting the 100 Club!!

  • 6/24/09

    Before I was laid off from my job I used to take my truck to our company's auto shop. I was always satisfied but my discounts were lost when we quit business with them. I found Tech1Auto on garagefly and chose it due to the proximity of my…
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  • 6/5/09

    i'm from a small town back east and miss that small town style of service. i found it again in tech 1 auto. their employees are very attentive and they go way above and beyond to get the job done quickly. they have helped me twice and i recommend highly!

  • 6/2/09

    Car was serviced before we left to go on a trip which turned out to be longer than expected 3500miles the three part fuel service . The car ran very well you could tell immediately that is when we were driving home after it being serviced.Gas mileage was excellent on the trip.

  • 5/18/09

    Excellent work and top quality customer service. I will highly recommend to anyone looking for auto repair.

  • 5/12/09

    I live in Metro Phoenix, Arizona, and went to Tech 1 Auto to repair my Compressed Natural Gas system on my 2001 Suburban. Fred and Maria are awesome. By far the best communication and customer service I've ever seen from a shop. And they really back their work, too. I recommend them to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

  • 4/1/09

    I accidentally ran into Tech 1 Auto when the last repair shop had closed down without notice. They offered to help me out and look at my last repairs and they got me a rental car with in about 20 minutes. WOW! My father has been a self-employed mechanic/ towing…
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  • 3/5/09

    Great service. Diagnosed problem and repaired it quick. Suggested preventative maintenance repairs, but did not pressure to have them done. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  • 1/22/09

    I want to say that Fred's shop is as advertised. He and his employees performed the work efficiently, fairly and with professionalism. I live far from his shop but have no reservation bringing my vehicle there because of the great service I receive. And having a rental car…
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  • 1/20/09

    I am visiting my daughter from out of town. I told her that my mechanic in CA told me that I needed brakes. In the meantime, while I was here, my daughter told me of her mechanic that was very reliable. I took my car to Tech 1 Auto…
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  • 1/3/09

    Thank you Fred, for taking the time to explain what repairs are needed on my truck, which things were needed immediately, and the others that could wait. I appreciate your integrity, professionalism and I recommend that anyone bring their car to you. You are a much needed breath of fresh air in an industry that has some shops who operate with under-skilled technicians and dishonest practices.

  • 12/23/08

    Being a new resident of the area, I find it important to discover merchants that are knowledgable, professional and honest--Fred and his staff at Tech 1 Auto meet my standards. I I have had my car serviced there twice recently for two very different situations--one, a major investment in…
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  • 12/7/08

    After attempting service at Sanderson Ford and Camelback Lincoln Mercury, we were blessed to learn about Tech 1 from a friend. Spent over $2,000 on "attempted" repairs at the dealerships and Tech 1 fixed everything for half that and actually did the repairs. What a great experience, accurate quotes and the quality of work was outstanding.

  • 10/7/08


  • 10/1/08

    I am so impressed with the quality of service I repeatedly receive from the staff at Tech 1 Auto! Whether it is just an oil change or cleaning the mold out of my air conditioning system, I have received nothing but superior service. The staff is friendly and…
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  • 10/1/08

    It was very helpful that a rental car was available.They also kept me informed what needed to be done to my Honda.They used the recommended fluids for my transmission.I will definitely return in the future to have my car serviced.

  • 9/25/08

    when having your car repaired there are 3 areas of concern. 1 is the price, 2 is the quality of work and 3 is the experiance you receive. I give an A+ in all three. I received a quote from a dealer and tech 1 quote was almost half the…
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  • 9/6/08

    The service was excellent, they were quick and did a very thorough safety inspection. The most important thing to me is the peace of mind that I have, knowing that the job was done right.

  • 7/23/08

    The crew at Tech 1 have done a wonderfull job on my Tahoe. They made me feel comfortable with the estimate and repairs needed. I would recomend this shop to eveyone, being a female it is hard to find a shop you can trust, Thanks Fred.

  • 7/3/08

    the service that was pervided was excellent.the upper and lower radiator hoses was leaking, both replaced. also pressured tested the radiator,which was a very big concern of my. maria@ jim are true professionals,in the field of customer service and auto repaire. i cant wait until my next service,until then.

  • 6/23/08

    I thought I had a fuel leak, took the car in and Tech 1 visually inpected it in front of the shop immediately. Couldn't find a lead so they moved my car into a drive bay and inspected it from the fuel tank all the way to the injectors. Didn't…
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  • 6/20/08

    They were excellent. They had my car repaired very quickly and did it for a good price.

  • 6/16/08

    I would recommend Tech 1 Auto to an family member or friend! Yesterday afternoon my AC stopped blowing cold air. In Phoenix, AZ during the summer months nothing is worse than no AC. I called Tech 1 first thing this morning and I drove home this afternoon with cold AC! Quick, courteous, and reasonably priced. What more could I ask for - thanks Tech 1.

  • 5/14/08

    Excellent customer service, great timing and good repair! Maria was very honest on the recommendations.

  • 3/27/08

    This garage has mechanics, not guessers. After having my a.c. recharged at another garage it didn't work at all. Estimates to repair ran from $700 to $2200 at other garages. Jim fixed it for $43. I will and have recommended them to everyone, including my employer who maintains 2 vans…
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  • 2/18/08

    Fred and his staff always do a great job. I brought my truck in for some annual service and a noise that it had been making. After checking it out the noise is common for my truck, Fred even printed out a bulliten from GM stating this. Its that kind…
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  • 9/23/07

    I was given terrific and professional service. They went out of their way to give me a ride. I will definitely go back there again.

  • 8/17/07

    Once again Fred and his crew have exceeded my expectations. If not for the service reminder I recieved in the mail I would have far exceeded the miles needed on the oil change.

  • 8/12/07

    They were very professional and found out exactly what was wrong with my car. They also gave me a ride home! When they were finished they went over everything on paper. I would recommend them to everyone.

  • 5/25/07

    I was very pleased with service provided by Fred. This is a very clean and profesional looking shop. They got me in and out in a very timely manor.

  • 5/15/07

    Fred and his staff are, bar none, the best in the business. I have used several diffrent repair facilities but Tech 1 Auto is the best of the best. They explain any problems with your car in plain english and perform the repairs promptly and correctly. I have taken both…
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  • 3/18/07

    Fred gives you first class service, reviews problems, does work in a very timely manner, provides transport to and from work while car is being serviced, and follows up promptly to see how things are after you pick up the vehicle. This is the kind of service hard to find these days, better than a dealer!

  • 3/6/07

    Tech #1 Auto is a shop that takes the time to correctly diagnose the problem to assure that your vehicle is fixed correctly the first time. I can trust Fred and his staff to take care of all my vehicle needs.

  • 2/14/07

    I have taken both vehicles, my wife's SUV and my truck to Tech 1 Auto. I receive a friendly reception and the utmost in customer service. Overall, EXCELLENT SERVICE. Work is completed when promised and always in a timely manner. I am very particular about who works on my vehicles…
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  • 2/12/07

    It is a nice feeling to be able to drop your car off and not have to worry about anything. Your car is fixed properly and at a fair price

  • 2/9/07

    Fred and his staff as always take great care of our fleet with little as possible of down time and fast and quality work.Would recomend Tech to everybody.

  • 2/6/07

    read full review

  • 1/22/07

    I have been using this shop for years and have always found their work to be excellent. Also it is always done promptly.

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