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Scottsdale Premier Collision, Tempe 85281

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 5/12/17

    I have had Scottsdale premier collision repair my car twice now due to two unfortunate accidents. I have taken many vehicles to be repaired before but there is nothing like the service you get from Scottsdale premiere. Chris is a perfectionist and must have everything perfect when the car is…
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  • 4/6/17

    I couldn't have more things to say about Chris or the rest of the Team at Scottsdale Premier. I've now had Chris help me with two separate repairs on two different occasions, both of which accidents were not my fault. Considering such, these experiences are never enjoyable. However, Chris worked…
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  • 1/7/17

    Great body Chris does great work and a quality job after being in a accident and was there to take care of me and fix any problems.

  • 11/16/16

    Worked with Chris over at Scottsdale Premier. I can't say enough good things about this guy. He got my car looking better than new! All the body lines are spot on and I couldn't be happier with the service and with the work done! There's a reason why this guy has 5 stars across the board. Take your vehicle here to be repaired, you won't regret it.

  • 8/13/16

    A guy at my work scratched my Mercedes c250 and I was looking for a body shop to take my car to get fixed. A friend of mine took her Mercedes there and recommend I take it to Chris. I called and they got me in right away and had…
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  • 5/19/16

    This shop is the BEST I have ever dealt with. I have a 2014 Kia Soul that had rear end damage from 2 claims that happened on the same day. My insurance company caused huge delays in the repair process with crazy demands of using after market parts for the…
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  • 5/13/16

    In today's world it seems that many businesses have gotten away from the ABC's of running a business the right way. Well....... I am here to tell you that Scottsdale Premier Collision does business RIGHT! From the original walk-around and estimate to the final delivery of my perfectly-repaired Jeep, Chris and ALL…
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  • 5/2/16

    I hope I never need a body shop again but if I do I WILL be coming back to this one. They made my car look better than before the accident. They were always available to answer questions and really made me feel like they were on my side to…
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  • 3/24/16

    This is my third experience with Chris and Scottsdale Premier Collision. Bought a car with apparent front end damage that Carfax did not report. About six months after buying, started noticing peeling on the front bumper. Took it to Scottsdale Premier where they showed me exactly what had been repaired,…
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  • 2/29/16

    This review is going to be two parts. First, the work done to my Silverado. The entire passenger side was scratched and there was a sizable dent on the bed where the wheel flare is shaped and creased. That means they couldn't just pull the dent and bondo it. A…
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  • 1/14/16

    This company has set the standard and then exceeded it far beyond my expectations. I was contacted after finding them online within and hour and hours later was able to drop my car off for repair and put into a rental car. This was my first accident and the level…
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  • 12/22/15

    Chris and his crew did an awesome job on my car. They all made sure I was taken care of from start to finish always having great customer service. Kept me updated and worry-free. Seth and Jim (and the rest of the crew) made sure my car was returned to…
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  • 12/3/15

    Scottsdale Premier Body Shop is the best! The work completed on my truck was done professionally and Chris is a business owner that puts the customer first. Chris takes care of business, he is a man of his word and he delivers! He handles the insurance company and his work is high quality! Thank you Scottsdale Premier

  • 12/2/15

    Chris and Team Premier took care of everything! I highly recommend this body shop. You will not be disappointed! My Lexus looks brand new! Beautiful! Chris has integrity and he is an honest business owner who cares about the customer. Thank you Chris & Team Premier - you're the best! I'm recommending this body shop to all!

  • 11/24/15

    Chris and his team did a great job fixing my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Extremely professional with outstanding customer service. My Jeep is an uncommon color and they were able to match the paint. The process took longer than I had expected but they received damaged parts, beyond their control.…
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  • 10/6/15

    Scottsdale Premeir Collision is true to their ad with high quality repairs and excellent customer service. They are honest and my Mini Cooperman looks like new after service. I highly recommend Scottsdale Premeir Collision over the large chain collision centers that do not demonstrate the high level of personal care Scottsdale Premeir Collison offers.

  • 10/2/15

    I brought my vehicle to this shop on a Saturday, and the owner, Chris, met me and personally went over my vehicle with me. My insurance company gave me the run around - first, they were fixing my vehicle, then, a MONTH later, they changed their minds to total it,…
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  • 9/30/15

    Did a fabulous job and the car looks great They pay particular attention to ALL the small details that really make the difference in the end. The part of the car they repaired has looked this good since the day we bought the car. They really push the insurance company to pay which caused some delay time wise but in the end well worth the wait.

  • 9/21/15

    Recently had my car repaired at Scottsdale Premier Collision. While no one wants to go through an insurance collision repair I am happy that we went with this company. The vehicle not only came out looking better then when I bought it in, It actually looked better then…
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  • 9/12/15

    We recently had our BMW 328 coupe repaired at Scottsdale Premiere Collision. We had shopped all of the highest rated shops in the area including Chapman BMW and got a wide range of quotes from straightening the panel and using bondo to cutting out the quarter panel. This was…
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  • 9/8/15

    Owner Chris and his team at Scottsdale Collision were TOP NOTCH. I heard about this place via a friend who heard an ad on the radio so I thought I would check it out when my Honda needed a new front bumper from hitting a piece of concrete. …
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  • 8/7/15

    Chris and his crew did an absolutely fantastic job on our 2012 Honda Accord. Extremely professional with outstanding customer service. The car had to have the door replaced and needed to be painted. Chris noticed the paint on the door didn't quite match the rest of the…
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  • 8/4/15

    I was treated with respect and they even detailed my truck. It was as clean as when I bought my truck. Friendly and respectful. I highly recommend them!

  • 8/4/15

    I needed a body shop for my BMW 328i that I could trust would provide quality workmanship and genuine parts. I had worked with Chris a few years ago on my BMW X5, and I contacted him again. Like the time before, they provided excellent work, and they…
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  • 7/30/15

    Chris Kmeet and his team did an amizeing job repairing my dodge PU it looked better than new. I could not have asked for a better job. being a mechanic my self I knew what to look for and i couldnt find one flaw in there work

  • 7/26/15

    Chris and his team were great. They took their time on my vehicle and it looks great. Everything is lined up perfectly and it looks like the car was never in an accident. I would definitely recommend Scottsdale Premier Collision for your auto body repairs.

  • 7/15/15

    Working with these guys have been a pleasure. I was very pleased with their level of service, expertise and attention detail. The people of Scottsdale Premier made sure the insurance company to handle replacement of parts, did it in a timely fashion and provided the appropriate parts (not aftermarket) to…
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  • 7/12/15

    The guys at this shop do really great work. They don't settle for anything but the best. When damaged parts came in, they sent them back and waited for replacements to make sure my car was in the right condition. Thanks, Chris!

  • 6/12/15

    Wonderful experience with scottsdale premier collision. car looks brand new. Deductible was waived. Chris the owner, fights for the right parts and refuses to let the car go unless it's perfect. I was kept up to date on the process. my car was detailed very well when I picked it…
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  • 6/11/15

    My impression of Scottsdale Premier Collision was the very best at all levels of service. The customer service was my first experience when I made my initial call and left a voice mail and promptly received a very courteous call back from Chris. Throughout the Process, Scottsdale Premier Collision kept me…
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  • 6/4/15

    Glad I found you on Garage fly!! Chris and his team did a great job on my Ford F150- Made sure my ins didnt stick me with cheaper parts! I will tell all my friends and give a HUGE thumbs up!!

  • 5/26/15

    This place is awesome! Chris (the manager) not only gave me his personal number to reach him by so I was able to stay up-to-date on my car, but he fought for all Kia original parts from my insurance company. He made sure the paint matched perfectly and even when…
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  • 5/23/15

    What a fantastic experience! Chris and his team were wonderful to work with! Quality original parts not knockoffs. My car was cleaned a detailed and Chris handled the insurance company. I will definitely recommend Scottsdale a Premier Collision to friends and co-workers! Thanks for a job well-done!

  • 5/12/15

    I was immediately impressed with Scottsdale Premier Collision. When I went in to get an estimate, I was showed around the shop and was introduced to everyone that worked there. I knew right away that I'd be comfortable getting my car repaired there. Knowing they fix very high end cars,…
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  • 4/22/15

    This shop delivers what they promise! Chris, the owner, made sure that each detail was attended to. It started a little rocky because I had a specific date I HAD to have my truck back and Chris "worked his magic" and when even he didn't think it could be…
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  • 4/22/15

    Scottsdale Premier Collision did a great job repairing my car after I was rear ended. My car looked as good as the day I drove it off the lot at the dealership. It was detailed and clean and there was no over spray from the paint. I was extremely happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone.

  • 4/20/15

    Excellent, fast, professional service. Chris the owner took personal care to make sure the vehicle was repaired quickly, even pointing out damage that was missed by a previous body shop who gave an estimate. Would highly recommend.

  • 4/7/15

    I had taken the car to Scottsdale Premier Collision to have a bowed door replaced and fixed. They did a superior job and even gave the car back to me cleaned and detailed. I asked for spare paint when dropping the car off and they remembered to put…
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  • 3/31/15

    excellent service. the repairs to my car were amazing and customer service was incredible. the shop owner was very informative and went out of his way to accommodate me. I highly recommend this shop.

  • 3/7/15

    From the very first phone call the owner Chris made me feel as if I would be in great hands and that my car would be treated as if I was doing the job myself. I was very impressed with the professionalism and workmanship that went into restoring my…
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  • 3/5/15

    Chris has a fabulous team! I needed to have a wheel repaired from curb rash. Chris made the process super easy and painless. Chris even helped by contact Hertz car rental to let them know I was on my way. (this was after Enterprise could not…
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  • 3/1/15

    From drop off to pick up I was kept well informed about my vehicle. I didn't have to argue with the insurance company over repairing my vehicle with non- Dodge parts, Chris did all the fighting for me, and won every step of the way. He made sure i was…
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  • 3/1/15

    I have a 2013 Kia Soul alien green lots of metallic. First let me say I believe this color is difficult to match and secondly I am very picky. This is the first time I have experienced a body shop that not only matched and blended but I was…
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  • 2/19/15

    It took a while only because of the insurance but the guys that work here made it as painless as possible. They did a beautiful job fixing my car. I had to have new parts ordered and it didn't take them long. The manager Chris, was amazing. He kept in touch with me and kept me inform about any detail. Definitely a great shop.

  • 1/21/15

    This was my very first experience with this shop they delivered A+ Quality Service my car looks brand new. Chris assisted me with my insurance claim from day one, and once the claim was setup he took care of all the communication with my insurance. He made sure I received…
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  • 1/20/15

    The service was awesome! I was kept fully informed regarding repair of my car. He used quality parts from manufacturer, and helped with my deductible. The work looks great, very professional!! THANK-YOU!!

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