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Av. Rating: 4.8

  • 2/24/17

    Outstanding service and courtesy. Got me back on the road in 2 1/2 weeks. Kara Meeks is wonderful, actually the entire Raintree family is second to none. Highly recommend them to anyone needing repairs. Love ya!

  • 8/19/16

    When a pleasant 94 year old woman crashed broadside into my recently purchased gorgeous red Tesla Model S at a four way stop sign my heart sank. She hit me in the left front wheel and slid down the entire left side of my car. Her huge SUV caused extensive…
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  • 3/20/16

    Worked with Charlie and cannot say enough positive things about the job they did. Charlie kept me in the loop every step of the way and was a pleasure to deal with.

  • 3/11/16

    Great timely service.

  • 10/23/15

    I want to thank the Staff at Raintree Auto Body for their Excellent Service from Beginning to End. I want to personally thank Charlie who kept me informed every step of the way. I would definitely use this Shop again in the future. Thanks again Raintree Auto. You are a…
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  • 10/16/15

    The unit looked almost as good as the day I got it. They kept me informed on the progress every step of the way and I felt like they were my agent in dealing with the insurance company over the repairs. Outstanding job and I discovered a lot…
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  • 10/9/15

    Good quality work, attention to detail and reasonable prices. I pushed them on schedule, and they came through for me.

  • 10/9/15

    Job well done efficient and honest

  • 8/18/15

    I want to thank the entire team at Raintree Auto Body. Bob Casper makes our entire family feel special and treats us like family. His professionalism, knowledge and integrity is unparalleled. Matt Lynch spoils us even further. He explains the repair in detail, makes sure we are happy and follows…
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  • 7/31/15

    I will never take my car to anyone else. Rain tree is first rate!

  • 10/17/14

    I have had Raintree do work on my 2010 Toyota Tundra pickup 3 times.. Bob Casper and the crew not only do exceptional work, they provide service above and beyond what is expected. Recently I had my pickup stolen and It was recovered and required mechanical work as well as…
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  • 3/5/14

    Took my Mercedes in and was greeted by Phil the Estimator. He was very helpful and knowledgable. They got my car done in an appropriate time and I am very satisfied with the work. Thanks Raintree and Phil. You guys are the best.

  • 7/19/13

    Amazing repair shop. Highly recommended. Got it done the first time. Thanks guys for all your help.

  • 8/18/12

    I cannot commend Adam Torres and Raintree highly enough for standing behind their work. There were some tricky issues fitting the door on my truck, made more important to me because I have a hearing problem that makes me particularly sensitive to road noise. Even when I brought…
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  • 5/27/12

    Our new Prius V was damaged in transit by our moving company. The local dealership recommended Raintree Auto Body for the repair work. Raintree did the work. I worked with Scott. They did an outstanding job and Scott was very easy to work with. We are very pleased with the results!

  • 5/27/12

    I had major front end damage. The car looks brand new. I have had it back a few days and it runs great. They did what they promised and the work was done on time.

  • 5/24/12

    Your advisor and car attendants provided great service when I came in for the body work. You did an excellent job! Thank you!

  • 5/18/12

    A good experience. Jamie and Sandra work up front and took great care of me. Scott did the estimate, and also gave me great service. The work was top notch. Will recommend to my friends.

  • 5/6/12

    They took care of everything, but the communication could have been better.

  • 5/2/12

    Having had a good experience with Raintree previously, I again took my Mercedes there when I was bumped on the freeway by a hit and run driver. While I got stuck with deductible and rental car costs, Raintree made my car look like new again and kept the rental…
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  • 4/26/12

    I have used Raintree Auto Body in the past with my 2004 Yukon Denali. This time it's my 2011 Camaro that was hit by a recap from a truck. You cannot even tell the car has had repairs to it. Everyone at Raintree was great to work…
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  • 4/20/12

    Raintree Auto Body has the BEST costomer servce I have ever experiened, Hands down. From the receptionist to the guys in the back. Raintree Auto body is a Fantastic Business to work with when your car needs repair.. Give Scott a call and have him help you. The workmanship of the repair is the best around. If you need a shop Raintree Autobody can help. Stephen H

  • 4/19/12

    Great service, great job.... Second time in three months we've been there. We don't like the reason we have to go, but we sure do like the way they work.

  • 4/13/12

    Originally recommended to us by our local Mercedes dealer, we've had 2 Mercedes vehicles repaired by this body shop. They are efficient, professional, and the cars come back looking exceptional. No surprises from the estimate to the actual repair cost; work is done within the time frame stated.

  • 4/8/12

    This was not the first time using the services at Raintree Auto body. I felt comfortable and secure using them from my past expierences. They provide nothing but the best service and communication during the process. Scott assisted me through the entire process and did a great job. Ive recommended Raintree in the past to family and friends and will continue to. Thanks!

  • 4/8/12

    Relatively minor repair job, replacing the side mirror on the passenger's side door. Cost was as quoted and the repair was done while I waited, less than an hour. Very pleased.

  • 4/6/12

    I have always taken my car to Raintree because they have always had a top notch reputation.Scott is so good when dealing with insurance companies and never accepts anything short of perfect.I am always extremely satisfied with their work.Thanks Scott!

  • 4/6/12

    White 3/4 ton, 4 x 4, 8.1 LT. Hit in a Safeway parking lot on D/S rear bumper also damaging the 1/4 panel. I'm a repeat customer of Raintree Auto Body as they do excellent work.

  • 4/5/12

    Bob Casper was wonderful to work with. He's honest and straight-forward. He listens and fights for the customers. I appreciated his help during a frustrating time.

  • 4/4/12


  • 3/30/12

    Car took a long time to be repaired,(1 month)but there was some reasons for that. Overall I was very satisfied with the finished results. Personal at the front desk are cheerful and helpful during this time of stress over your wrecked car. I would definitely return (let's just hope I don't need to do that).

  • 3/30/12

    The most courteous body shop. Professional, detailed, and the front office girls are the best, literally.

  • 3/27/12

    I received outstanding service from both Bob and Sandra. I would recommend Raintree Auto Body to anyone. I couldn't have been more pleased with the condition of my car when I picked it up.

  • 3/26/12

    Scott was awesome, The person who hit my car had Geico Insurance, and they were a nightmare,but Scott took care of everything for me and I didn't have to worry about a thing. When I went to pick up my car, it was repaired to perfection!

  • 3/23/12

    They did an amazing job of guiding us through the process with the insurance company as well as keeping us update on the repair progress. The entire team was very professional and friendly. I would recommend them without reservations.

  • 3/20/12

    I feel deceived since I was given an estimate of $187 with no further correction till I picked up the vehicle after the work had been done and was told the bill was $269 since they had neglected to include the supplies. Particularly irksome since the estimate and charge was for 1.3 hours when the work took only 20 minutes, but they don't correct in that direction.

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  • 3/14/12

    Scott was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Returns calls and follows up throughout promptly. Sandra at the front was extremely helpful as well! Completed all paperwork easily with her. Great personalities, friendly and prompt service.

  • 3/9/12

    Completely trust them. Everyone very caring amd friendly. Would recommend them to anyone.

  • 3/9/12

    I have had my vehicles fixed at raintree in the past. As usual the office staff is pleasant especially with my child of 10. They are curteous and the service writer Adam pleasant as well. They promised my vehical to be ready on the date i was told to be…
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  • 3/5/12

    Work was done 6 days earlier than quoted. Auto was impeccable upon delivery back to me. I would definitely give them, and Adam, a 5 rating.

  • 2/28/12

    Very good experience. Expected runaround and was suprised how well the estimate, the appointment and the repair went. Adam Torres was very good. I would use them again.

  • 2/27/12

    I worked with Adam to get some minor repairs done to the body of my Corolla. The experience was fun, believe it or not. Adam is very personable and easy to deal with. The repairs were done on time at a reasonable price and came out out…
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  • 2/23/12

    Bob Casper does a simply outstanding job! He is the ultimate professional--is easy to work with--is very responsive--and promptly updates the customer. He is the best body shop manager I have worked with in 50 years! Sandra--the shop office manager--is equally outstanding. Bob and Sandra are the very best!

  • 2/21/12

    worked with Michael and Sandra to have the rear bumper on my BMW convertible repaired from a low speed rear end collision. They were very professional, helpful and the car looks as if it was never touched. Overall I am very pleased.

  • 2/16/12

    My two-month old 4Runner was hit in a parking lot and required a new door and some touch-ups to adjacent body parts. No one would ever know that the car had been damaged. Great job. The women in the office were nice and helpful and Michael made everything easy. I would take a car there again if needed.

  • 2/14/12

    Efficient staff. Beautiful, thorough body work. Work was finished two days ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Raintree Auto Body.

  • 2/11/12

    These team did a great job in reparing my vehicle. It was done on time and looks brand new

  • 2/9/12

    This is the second time I have had my car in the shop at Raintree Auto. I was referred to them by Schumacher Mercedes the first time.. I would never take my car anywhere else for repairs! They are the most trustworthy, accurate and professional people anyone can ask…
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  • 2/9/12

    During the time my car was at Raintree, my experience went from satisfactory to disappointing. On December 21st, I brought my car in for an estimate. Michael Land gave me the estimate and a time line of 2 weeks. This he noted was subject to change if…
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  • 2/9/12

    Bob Casper did an absolutely outstanding job. He kept me updated re the progress of the repair--and his work was perfection. He is the choice of my Mercedes dealer--Schumacher--for good reason. Raintree merits an outstanding recommendation.

  • 2/8/12

    We were very pleased with the work performed at Raintree. We've been pretty unlucky lately with our three cars, and Raintree has done an excellent job every time.

  • 2/6/12

    The repairs look great. Having said that, I was not pleased that Raintree sent an additional bill for approximately $136.84 and the ensuing disagreement resulted in my Lexus not being released to me for almost two weeks after the repairs were finished. The final agreement: $101.60. All that for a difference of $33.26. I'm also looking for another insurance company not named Universal North America!

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  • 1/22/12

    Well done. This is the second car we had repair work performed by Raintree over the years and the quality has been consistently superb. Well done.

  • 1/20/12

    Work performed to perfection and on schedule. Tom and Kara were helpful and professional in their interaction with me. I highly recommend this shop.

  • 1/18/12

    the work done was terrific and the service provided could not have been better. Michael took care of everything and made what is typically a painful experience simple!

  • 1/13/12

    Used them before for some fancy cars (BMW, Range Rover, Porsche) and always go back (hopefully rarely needed again). Finished as promised, work flawless, worked well with the insurance people, car rental. Made for a quick recovery from the painful event of being rear-ended on the freeway!

  • 1/1/12

    From the start, Raintree treated me very well. They estimated my car damage within 20 mins of my arrival at their facility. I left thinking I had put my car in good hands. They gave me a ride back to my home. The customer service slipped a bit with the…
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  • 12/30/11

    Raintree Auto Body replaced a rear fender after my neighbor backed into it. They blended the paint into all surrounding areas and the job looks fantastic. The final cost exceeded the estimate by a little because they had to replace a trim part they thought they could reuse.…
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  • 11/15/11

    We have had two cars [Toyota and Mercedes] repaired at Raintree over the years - they have always been the shop chosen by our insurance companies. Their work has always been flawless. A week ago, my wife had a parking lot incident resulting in a badly marred rear quarter…
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  • 11/7/11

    Hello, I picked up my 2003 MBZ M-Class from Raintree Auto Body on October 24th 2011. I admit since they are an authorized MBZ body repair, I held the bar high for them. I had high expectations. I am happy to say they met and exceeded those. …
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  • 11/7/11

    Great Service

  • 11/7/11


  • 11/7/11


  • 11/7/11


  • 8/17/11

    My wife's 4-day old BRAND NEW vehicle with less than 100 miles was rear-ended, causing significant damage. I met with Bob Casper who introduced me to his repair crew. Everyone was highly professional. The repair returned the vehicle to factory quality. My wife and I were…
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  • 3/28/11

    In October 2010 I received extensive hail damage to my very precious 2006 Mercedes SLK. When I spoke my dealership about whom I should consider for auto body service; with out stumbling they recommended Raintree Auto Body. Determined to get my car back my standards as soon as possible, I…
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  • 3/27/11

    I am very pleased with the repair that was done to my car. Scott Jordan was very professional and helpful with getting my windows tinted while my car was getting repaired. I would definitly refer Raintree Auto Body to any one in need of auto body repair.

  • 3/26/11

    On time, good work, Scott was friendly and efficient

  • 3/18/11

    I had my car serviced at Raintree Auto recently to repair scratches done to the exterior. I dealt specifically with Scott Jordan who was very fair, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the repair process. He and the rest of the Raintree staff were top-notch with regard to their professionalism…
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  • 3/11/11

    Today I picked up my C-class from Scott Jordan at Raintree Auto. My care was in for extensive hail damage and front-end collision repair. I am so pleased with the quality of work done on my car, it looks like the day it came out of the showroom. Besides…
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  • 3/10/11

    Great service ... beautiful job! And, great people to deal w/especially Scott!

  • 2/25/11

    I dropped my Altima off with Tom at Raintree and he was very profesional and gave me great customer service. The vehicle came back better than new. I would reccommend these guys to all of my friends and family! I would give this a 10 star rating!

  • 2/20/09

    Raintree Auto Body did a superb job on repair-work to my Prius. The work was done exactly the way I would have hoped, i.e. on-time, with pride in workmanship and great customer service attributes. If you are faced with the already traumatic experience of having to select where Repairs are to…
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  • 2/9/09

    Raintree Auto Body did a great job in repairing my Highlander. Paint matched perfectly. Quick and painless process.

  • 2/6/09

    The shop was very friendly, courteous and kept on top of repairs. Very satisfied with customer service and repairs.

  • 10/23/08

    The whole staff was incredibly helpful and my truck looks brand new. I had the back tailgate and driverside back panel replaced due to a hit and run. They washed, waxed and did extra work that was not covered by insurance for me for nothing. I have…
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  • 10/23/08


  • 10/12/08

    When I picked up my vehicle it looked great; however, after I got home I noticed all the panels in other areas of the vehicle don't line up perfectly. It may have been impossible to fix these completely. The area that was severly damaged looks good. The…
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  • 9/2/08

    Raintree Auto-body / Scottsdale did a fantastic job repairing the front-end of my p/up truck and even detailed it inside & out, after repairing it back-to-good (new). Insurance Co. of "lady" that backed into me, paid for all repairs. Michael Wilhight took excellent care of my vehicle, returned my vehicle to me sooner than projected and was very professional...

  • 5/13/08

    I would HIGHLY recommend Raintree Auto Body. The job performed on my vehicle was excellent and the staff was a pleasure to deal with. The owner was also involved in my repair and I was very impressed with his attention given to my repair.

  • 5/12/08

    Repaired as promised. They worked with the insurance adjuster.

  • 4/30/08

    Raintree Auto was very professional in the way they handle taking care of my work vehicle. Adj. kept his word and had the vehicle ready for me when he said it was. The office personell were also very professional...

  • 2/9/07

    Raintree repaired damage to the rear bumper, tail light, and left rear quarter panel on my Volvo S80. The car looks better than it did before the accident. They did a great job.

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