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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 10/21/17

    Cam and his staff were a joy to work with; professional, honest, courteous, and with a much appreciated business ethic. The finished work product was perfect. PAB receives my highest recommendation, especially for those of us who's cars are much more than something that gets us from point A to point B. Thank-you, all!

  • 9/4/17

    The repair was reasonably priced and completed in a timely manner. The damage is no longer visible. The business owner and his employees were quite courteous and provided me a ride after I dropped off my vehicle.

  • 8/27/17

    Great service and work. Highest recommendation.

  • 8/24/17

    Front bumper got shoved back in a parking lot. Hence the clips on the side holding the bumper in place were dislodged (and probably broken). Preferred fixed it very very reasonably and within a few hours (appointment made ahead of time). Highest recommendations on the work well done. They even drove me home and picked me up when it was finished.

  • 8/19/17

    We took our truck to Preferred Auto Body after the driver's side was heavily damaged after being hit by another driver. Cameron, the owner of Preferred, made his estimate and helped us contact the other party's insurance. He was very adept at walking us through the process making the whole…
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  • 8/12/17

    I was told about Preferred Auto Body by a friend of mine and contacted Cameron. The work performed on my truck was very professional along with the customer service. I appreciate the quality. Thank you all very much. I will do my best to refer you all to as many possible. Thanks again Cameron

  • 8/5/17

    I was very satisfied with the repair done. I had scratched my door handle and was paying cash to have it repaired. The repair was done quickly and was of good quality. The staff at Preferred are all very friendly as well as professional. Thank you!

  • 6/16/17

    I have used Preferred Auto Body twice. They were referred by several people in town and I was not disappointed. The work done was excellent. They were very friendly, on time, and kept me informed during the entire process. I will continue to use them if I need any body work in the future.

  • 6/10/17

    Took a bit longer than promised (4 wks. vs. 2 wks. promised), but that's the world. Very friendly and professional even when I had to return with 2 follow up issues. I will definitely go to them again.

  • 6/8/17

    I had hail damage from shipping my car here cross-country. I was so worried that it would take forever to get all of the dings out of it and they would have to replace my trunk and doors. Somehow they were able to get out all of the…
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  • 5/26/17

    I don't know if this is a family owned business but from the very beginning, it felt as though I was in Mayberry, from the Andy Griffith Show. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was rear ended and the whole rear end of my car looks fantastic. I would recommend this business to anyone. They finished in the time that they quoted as well!

  • 5/26/17

    I had a tree branch fall on the back of my Buick Enclave and took it to Preferred Auto Body to repair. They were extremely courteous, prompt and friendly. Within a week my car was in the shop and 3 days later I received my car looking brand new. I would highly recommend Preferred Auto Body when you are in need of any body repair.

  • 5/18/17

    We had rear bumper damage due to another vehicle rear ending us. Preferred did an outstanding job in just 2 and 1/2 days. They repaired the damage and it looks just like new. They are very friendly and accommodating. I would and will highly recommend this business to everyone. Cameron Snow is number one in my book.

  • 5/15/17

    Cleaned protective cover off fender where it was scratched, It looks beautiful and ike new thanks to the great guy who cleaned it off!

  • 4/12/17

    Amazing!!! Cam was awesome! they did such an awesome job of taking care of what I needed done to my car! All of the staff were friendly. Highly recommended!

  • 4/10/17

    I was in Prescott for business and got in an accident. This shop came highly recommended. I am not sorry I chose to go with them. They were professional yes friendly and kept me informed on everything going on with the insurance companies, the parts and estimated…
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  • 3/25/17

    Someone had hit and run my vehicle so I immediately drove to Preferred Auto Body. They initiated the insurance claim for me, accommodated my schedule during the repair phase and had the work completed within the specified time frame. Preferred Auto Body is professional and provides consistent and exceptional body work services every time!

  • 3/8/17

    Very professional and friendly staff. They get the job done right

  • 2/16/17

    Took a long time but they did a great time. There was damage to the rear end that was not apparent and extra parts needed to be ordered (that was what took the extra time)

  • 1/24/17

    We were so impressed once again with the outstanding body work done on our car. Got the car back & it was exceptionally clean inside & out, looked like new. Thanks to Cameron & his staff for getting our car back to us by the promised date!

  • 1/16/17

    I had a hole in my bumper because somebody hit me while I was inside shopping. I went to Preferred Auto Body and Cameron took care of me. He assessed the problem and what need to be done. I told him I wanted a "Bentley" Mesh Grill instead of the…
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  • 1/15/17

    Exceeded expectations. Staff was friendly, courteous, informative and the work was timely done and excellent. PLUS they washed my truck and cleaned the front floorboards prior to my pick-up. Highly recommended!

  • 10/21/16

    Great service. Easy to work with. They made sure they got everything fix and gave it that little extra touch.

  • 10/10/16

    They did it all. Cleared with the insurance co. for the repair and the rental car while in repair. The job was done on time and to perfection.. The paint match was superb. I would have no hesitation recommending this shop.

  • 10/5/16

    This is my first time getting body work performed on a vehicle. The team working here at Preferred were very attentive, very professional and worked with me to get best work and price for my repair. They did an outstanding job and my vehicle was ready on the date quoted.…
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  • 10/4/16

    A deer decided to occupy the same space as my Ridgeline, causing heavy damage to the front left fender and bumper. I called my insurance agent and found out they guarantee, for as long as I own my truck, the work of Preferred Auto Body. The staff at Preferred Auto…
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  • 9/21/16

    excellent service. received sooner than they had promised. very friendly. Would recommend to friends or anyone looking for a quality auto body shop.

  • 9/18/16

    We dealt with a horrible shop when we needed a windshield repair (Chino glass) They damaged our vehicle and did a terrible job. We took our vehicle to "preferred Auto Body" and we are so glad we did. Top notch customer service, and they did an amazing job repairing all…
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  • 9/17/16

    They did an excellent job, the car was ready when promised and it was even washed when I picked it up. Actually, I only have the one car so when I took it in someone took me home and gave me a ride back to the shop when the car was ready. I would definitely use this shop again if I needed body work performed on a car.

  • 9/9/16

    Very happy with service

  • 9/7/16

    Preferred Auto Body restored my truck after an accident. The work was perfect. They also installed a custom grill for me. Looks great. Great people too. They spoke to my insurance and handled the payment so all I had to do was drop off the truck. They got it done in a few hours. I'll definitely be using Preferred again should the need arise.

  • 9/4/16

    The personnel were very knowledgeable, courteous, and very willing to accommodate me. the price they gave me was very fair and they had the truck completed to my satisfaction on the day they said they would. The work was excellent and I will refer other friend to this body shop.

  • 8/27/16

    Preferred did an outstanding job as always. I've taken all of my cars to them over the last several years and they've treated me with the most outstanding service. The repairs are always done on time and to perfection.

  • 8/17/16

    The people who own and work at Preferred Auto Body, special kudos to Cameron and Lola, have been very professional, compassionate, pleasant, and helpful, and I must say, I was astounded to see my vehicle when I picked it up after they'd repaired all the damage done by the unfortunate…
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  • 8/3/16

    Excellent experience! Took car in for quote to replace front bumber cover. Fast and fair. Finished job was excellent - Good as new. Took less time than estimated. A pleasure to work with and the only place I will take my body work.

  • 8/2/16

    The guy over at Preferred did a AWESOME job. I hit a tire down in Phoenix and they got it into the shop the next day, They got the parts quick and got it back to me a lot sooner than I expected. Everyone there went over and beyond especial…
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  • 6/14/16

    My Volvo with less than 2600 miles was hit while parked and required repair and paint to the length of the driver's side of the vehicle. I took it to 3 body shops for an estimate. I selected Preferred Auto Body because Matt did a very thorough job of…
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  • 5/21/16

    Great work finding parts no longer available from Chrysler! Beautiful, timely repair of a favorite vehicle. Preferred is friendly & professional... THE BEST!!!

  • 5/17/16

    Did an excellent job repairing both the right front and read fender. Highly recommended for courteous and professional service. Job started on scheduled time and completer on schedule.

  • 5/12/16

    Matt and his team have repaired our vehicles for many years and have always handled the process professionally while maintaining a small town friendliness. The new bumper work on our 2012 Volvo looks perfect.

  • 5/4/16

    My car was in an accident that was covered by another party. I chose Preferred because I'd used them before. The damage was on the driver's side doors. After pickup, the doors were done beautifully, but I had a 3 inch long crack in the corner of my bumper that…
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  • 4/22/16

    Excellent customer service, excellent workmanship and very friendly and helpful people to work with. They are very accommodating and easy to work with. I highly recommend this shop.

  • 4/22/16

    Excellent service. Professional and kind staff. Exceptional repair and detail. I highly recommend this business.

  • 4/11/16

    Very friendly and helpful owner and employees. Cannot even tell that the car was damaged. I highly recommend this auto body shop.

  • 4/11/16

    Excellent work and service. Would recommend to friends and family.

  • 4/9/16

    Preferred Auto Body did a great repair on the front passenger door of my 2012 Ford Edge. The entire door was replaced with a new one and perfectly color matched and blended. Most impressive to me is that the door gaps and stainless trim are correctly aligned. I would recommend Preferred Auto Body to anyone needing a really professional body shop with reasonable rates.

  • 3/16/16

    My 2003 corvette recently had a tear in the front clip, went to preferred auto body in Prescott Arizona on a reference from the local Chevy Dealer. left the car with them and Cam and the guys did a great job, Lola runs the office and she was great as well, she always kept me updated on the car, Great shop. Kudos guys, thanks tons Jim R.

  • 3/16/16

    Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent repair. They even vacuumed and washed my car as part of the service. Highest praise for their work.

  • 3/14/16

    Great service and detail

  • 3/12/16

    Excellent customer service and repair work! They made it so easy and took care of everything dealing with the other person's insurance company and getting me a rental car even taking me to pick it up. AAA+ service and repair quality

  • 2/14/16

    Cam and his staff were great to deal with. The transport company damaged our Camaro on the trip to AZ, and we were so upset, but Cam assured us that she would look good as new, and he was true to his word. From the estimate to pickup, they were so easy to work with, and our car looks great! I highly recommend Preferred should you need a body shop.

  • 2/10/16

    Wonderful experience. They are friendly and is great being able to trust that they will perform quality work.

  • 2/5/16

    I hit a deer late one night on Hwy 69 and my front end was banged up pretty good. A neighbor told me about Preferred Auto Body Inc. so I got an estimate. I work in the service industry and recognize great service when I see it. All along I…
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  • 1/29/16

    All of the staff was very professional and friendly. They called several times to keep me updated on their progress. My car returned in "like new" condition. It was clean and someone had even set my clock (which I had been struggling with for months)! Hopefully I will not need their services again, but would not hesitate to recommend or take my car there again if needed.

  • 1/22/16

    I couldn't be happier with my repair.My car looks as good as new. I had never needed to have my car repaired before, but Cameron walked me through it all, and made it easy. He went the extra mile to accommodate my situation and work hours. I won't go anywhere else. Very honest, excellent work. Thanks Cam!

  • 12/18/15

    My Corvette looks like new. The paint job is right on. You did a great job both inside and out.

  • 11/25/15

    I was very pleased with the results and the people I encountered.

  • 11/23/15

    The employees and owner, Cam, were terrific and supportive. The repair to the passenger door, after a pellet gun shot dented it badly, is perfect. I had had the car (new) only two weeks when the incident occurred. After the repair, it is impossible to tell that the car was damaged. Excellent shop. wonderful people.

  • 11/23/15

    My car came out so perfect . and I could tell that not only my car was looking nice but the polishing they did made it look almost brand new . I'll make sure my Gran children's kids kids kids take their cars there ! Thank you so much preferred

  • 11/21/15

    Preferred Auto Body is my favorite. They do an excellent job and even cleaned my car thoroughly before I picked it up. The repairs were flawless, the customer service was excellent. Any time I need a body shop I go here!

  • 11/17/15

    Dealing with Preferred is easy and comfortable.Their estimate was clear and complete.They dealt with the insurance company responsible for repairs.All work was done in a timely manner.The whole process was smooth and hassle free.

  • 11/16/15

    Everyone was very friendly and the service was excellent.

  • 10/25/15

    Excellent customer service and workmanship. I them in the past have used would highly recommend Preferred to anyone in need of auto body repair services.

  • 10/17/15

    The entire staff was amazing and made the process of having my car repaired very simple and painless.

  • 10/15/15

    Cameron and Lola at Preferred Auto Body are by far the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Actually the entire staff at Preferred are friendly, considerate, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Preferred has worked on all our cars, several times, over the last…
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  • 10/13/15

    I only had my car for 5 months and was rear ended in a parking lot Needless to say I was very upset. Preferred auto body was able to take my car right away gave me an accurate estimate and returned it to me back to its…
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  • 10/6/15

    Excellent customer service! I liked that my car was ready a day or two early and was sitting out front when arrived, washed and sparkling. Lots of smiles and loved the puppy office dog too!

  • 10/6/15

    Excellent service Great job. Friendly people to deal with. I highly recommend Preferred Auto Body

  • 10/2/15

    Excellent, timely repair. The staff are friendly and courteous. They are a pleasure to do business with!

  • 9/26/15

    Wonderful experience! Customer service is one of their top priorities obviously. Phone calls to keep me up to date on parts ordered and expected delivery dates. Very friendly and easy to deal with. Owner and office personnel dedicated to getting you back in your vehicle and happy. The Best!

  • 9/21/15

    Wow!!! My car is now perfect, again. Not only was customer service professional but the quality of workmanship was top notch too. The quote for repairs was what I paid when I picked up my car on the day it was promised. I would highly recommend Preferred Auto Body to anyone in need of body work .

  • 9/18/15

    Customer Service is professional and friendly. Body work was excellent, billed exactly the amount estimated and it was finished when originally promised. They washed my car and gave me a free T-shirt! Would recommend this business to anyone.

  • 9/11/15

    Listen everyone in Arizona, I have found the greatest people that can fix your car if you've had an accident. My wonderful mechanic told me about Preferred Auto Body and he was so right! They are the greatest! They fixed my car just like it was new and all of…
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  • 9/5/15

    my truck was backed into while sitting and sustained quite a bit of damage to the cab corner and bed. I took it in for claims adjuster to see and Preferred scheduled the work for three days later and told me how long it would take, etc. It…
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  • 8/27/15

    The entire team is amazing! My truck was ready one day ahead of time, and the quality is superb! I will never take my vehicle anywhere else. Outstanding quality and customer service!

  • 8/19/15

    Repairs were handled in a professional manner and completed on time.Vehicle was cleaned,no over-spray and looks like new.Would recommend this shop whole heartedly.!!

  • 8/13/15

    Professional and friendly staff, fast and quality work.

  • 7/31/15

    Repair was perfect! Looks like a new car. All the work was done on time and at the quoted price. Couldn't be happier.

  • 6/26/15

    Once again Cam and staff came through. Conveniently, while we were on a short trip they repaired our 4Runner to our standard of perfection; they always do. We have used Preferred Auto Body more than once and are always satisfied. And for a special treat you get to deal with Lola when checking out.

  • 6/11/15

    Absolutely great customer service. The work was done on time and my car looks awesome. Would definitely recommend Preferred Auto Body to everyone that needs body work on his car.

  • 6/2/15

    They explained the whole process and took care of everything. The damaged area is like new. A very professional job.

  • 6/1/15

    I was so impressed with Preferred Auto Body, Inc., and especially with Cameron, the owner. He's extremely knowledgeable, ethical, trustworthy, kind - you name it. If anyone has to select a body shop, select Preferred Auto Body with complete confidence. Thanks, Cameron!

  • 4/27/15

    this was a nice experience,they did a great job.And on time.And were nice to do business with.They wanted tomake sure that I was happy with outcome.I would tell my family and friends to use them. JIM SCARP

  • 3/20/15

    Preferred Auto did a great job on my car. I have used them in the past and their work holds up over time. The owner does not play games, what he quotes you when you come in is what you pay later. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • 3/16/15

    After being hit head on by the dislodged parts of a wrecked car being hauled down I-17 at 75 miles an hour, we took our pride and joy to Cam. He and his crew took the term "attention to detail' to new heights. They made an awful experience pleasant. We are back to the joy of driving our "vette" again.

  • 3/12/15

    Absolutely great customer service. The work was done on time and my car looks new. Would definitely use Preferred Auto Body again even though I hope I won't be backing up into another car again.

  • 3/6/15

    We had great service from Preferred. They were very friendly on the phone and in person and kept in contact with us about our car. They called the insurance company for us when more work was needed and called the rental company to continue or rental for the extra days. Very friendly organized and our car looked all new when they were finished.

  • 3/2/15

    Wow, first accident, ever and Cameron really took care of everything. Even had the rent a car people to pick me up when I brought the car in to be repaired. All staff, very friendly and helpful, thank you Lola!

  • 2/27/15

    These folks are the best. Courteous, thoughtful, do what they say. Take your business to them. You won't be disappointed

  • 2/23/15

    Again, this is a great body shop? The owner Cameron is very personable and knowledgeable as well as his office employees, they keep you up todate, no surprises! From the the intial appraisal to the pick up date you can bet that your car/truck will be ready. Cameron…
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  • 2/5/15

    Everyone and everything about this place was awesome. Great price. My car was beautiful when I got it back (cleaner then when I bought it from the dealer) I had two places on the car that needed to be painted (paint was completely gone) and you can't even tell it…
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  • 1/28/15

    Fantastic and fast repair of significant damage caused by a tire blow out! These guys are great....answered all questions and delvered early!

  • 1/27/15

    I don't normally write references, however, the staff at Preferred Auto & Body in Prescott definitely know how to treat a customer very well and do excellent work...on time. I could not have ask for a better experience given I was pretty upset being run off the road and my…
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  • 1/20/15

    Painless and seamless from beginning to end. Excellent service.

  • 1/10/15

    great body shop//owner Cameron is very personable and knowledgeable--up front costs well delineated and he will help you figure the best way to fix the car//workmanship was excellent//highly recommended--no complaints//

  • 1/9/15

    Great company, great people, great work. They keep you informed and they do a fabulous job! More than what I expected too ...

  • 1/9/15

    Very professional, lived up to their commitment, work performed was excellent and would not hesitate to use again. Lola makes an excellent first impression. Cameron was very clear with what was required and the paperwork processing was "painless."

  • 1/5/15

    Both times we have had our car repaired we have been treated honestly and professionally. We just had an emergency repair (for safety) and it was finished the next day. Fair price and excellent service.

  • 12/31/14

    The repair of my car after an accident was professional and excellent. Cam and his team are awesome! Not only was my car restored to new it was clean and shiny all over! Thanks everyone!

  • 12/12/14

    Preferred Auto Body is the greatest company I have dealt with in a long time. When Cam had questions he called me and I felt comfortable calling him when I had questions on the repair of my truck. This auto body shop is The Best.

  • 12/2/14

    The staff at Preferred Auto Body are always a pleasure to work with, they have excellent customer service. We use them for business and personal auto work and our vehicles always come back looking great! Thanks Guys, Keep up the good work :)

  • 11/12/14

    Preferred Auto Body did an excellent job. Got our car back ahead of schedule. Very friendly staff.

  • 11/7/14

    Very good service. Ready when expected. Work looked great. Got car back very clesn. Would definitely use them again.

  • 10/30/14

    Great job, done on time, with no added items related to the job coming from the accident. Second time customer, great service!!

  • 10/29/14

    Very timely manner, arranged for rental car and did excellent repair

  • 10/23/14

    After having to order the parts for our total front end, the vehicle was done on time. Our vehicle drives like it did when it was brand new, and looks like new. We are very pleased with the job that Preferreed Auto Body in Prescott AZ did on our repair. I will recommend them to all our friends, and anyone who request a recommendation.

  • 10/22/14

    I took our truck there with a lot of damage, and Cameron and the guys fixed it perfectly. It looked great, they handled the insurance paperwork for me, and called me periodically to update the progress. I would definitely recommend Preferred to my friends, and I'll be going back if I auto repairs.

  • 10/17/14

    Great job, friendly people, I highly recommend them. My car had 600 miles on it when it got tapped in a parking lot. I stopped in half way through the job to see how it was going and they walked me out and showed me and explained what was going…
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  • 10/14/14

    Just had some body work done and the result was fantastic. Sure do recommend this repair shop!

  • 9/11/14

    Our Dodge Hemi was well taken care of by Camarine and his group. We were considering going else where because we needed a rental car. When Cam understood that he got a real nice rental and all the work was done on time and just beautifully. We…
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  • 8/17/14

    Very professional.Also helped with car rental.Office staff friendly.Truck was done on time.Would definitely use again.

  • 8/16/14

    Cameron and Lola are just the best. Cameron is a very friendly person and is really focused on giving great service. He makes you feel confident in choosing him and clearly appreciates your business. My truck was perfect...looked like new. Lola is a real professional as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Preferred Auto Body. Travis rushing

  • 7/22/14

    Fantastic job. The new car had damage from the dealership trying to fix it. After Preferred Auto Body worked on it you would never know it had been hurt. Amazing place and amazing people who genuinely care about your car. So refreshing to have someone I can trust with my cars. 10 stars on a 5-star rating.

  • 7/19/14

    They did an excellent job on the car and I would highly recommend their work and the employees. I also thought that their charges were very fair and the job was completed in record time.

  • 6/27/14

    Great job & very customer focused.

  • 6/24/14

    Preferred auto body did an excellent repair on our van. The dents were gone and the paint was an exact match. Van was ready to be picked up exactly when promised.Employees are great.

  • 6/21/14

    After smashing into my daughters bumper and thinking it was not worth the cost of repair I happened into Preferred Auto Body. They spent their lunch hour removing the bumper, pulling out the dent using heat and cold and replacing it. You can barely see the old damage. Wonderful customer service with a smile! Thank you Cameron, Lola and the body master!

  • 6/17/14

    The people at Preferred were very helpful, straight forward and honest. They also took the time to talk about what needed to be done to our car and did not act like it was a bother to give us the time to talk. The work on our car was done in…
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  • 6/17/14

    Excellent experience!

  • 6/5/14

    I was very pleased with Preferred Auto Body. They finished my car one day early, people were very helpful and the car looked great.

  • 5/30/14

    Working with Cameron is always very easy. He is very professional and explains the process of what has to happen easy to understand. Have brought several cars, both personal and work to him and have never had any problems or have had to return for any reason! Thanks Preferred! Will be back ( hopefully not soon :)

  • 5/16/14

    No complaints. Great to work with. Explained everything. Called when changes were necessary. Worked well with my insurance company.

  • 5/8/14

    Very professional, friendly service. Fast turn around time. Excellent paint work. Car was washed and detailed. Approved State Farm shop so they actually handled the claim directly with State Farm which was great. Would definitely go back again.

  • 4/28/14

    They were very professional in dealing with me and the insurance company. They kept me informed on the progress/status of the necessary repairs all through the process. The vehicle is "good as new".

  • 4/24/14

    Took my car in on Tuesday for a new bumper. Came back on Thursday to a shiny, detailed, newly bumpered Civic. Great shop. Great service.

  • 4/18/14

    Very satisfied with the service. Replaced rear bumper and tail light. Looks as good as new! Very friendly staff including Cam and Lola. Would definitely use their service again. Val

  • 4/15/14

    Excellent work. Made the car looki new again. I appreciated their craftmanship very much. Frank

  • 4/7/14

    Preferred Auto Body was recommend by my mechanic and I can see why. Their work is excellent and they are so helpful and friendly.

  • 3/25/14

    Excellent job, courteous and helpful employees, car looks brand new.

  • 3/21/14

    Very friendlhy and fast service. Took my car to replace the rear bumper on Tuesday and it was done by Thursday, and it looked like brand new. Good job, Cam! Thanks

  • 3/10/14

    Professional and personal service throughout my experience, from the initial estimate to picking up my repaired vehicle. Lola did all the paper work with both the insurance company and car rental company.

  • 3/8/14

    Recommended by insurance agent after being involved in collision. Pleasant, professional staff. Explained in detail the work to be completed. Drove me home and assisted in delivering a bulky item I had in the vehicle. Repairs were completed on-time. Handled all insurance paperwork. Hope I don't need auto body services again; but if I do I would be a repeat customer. I would also recommend them to friends.

  • 3/7/14

    Very pleased with the high-quality work and the professional service I received. I highly recommend this shop!

  • 10/30/13

    It was awesome dealing with Preferred! They answered all my questions, did exactly what they said they were going to do, and it looks great. All of the staff are very friendly. They finished sooner than expected, and they did 100% of the paperwork with the insurance company! I will definitely go here again, if I ever need repairs in the future!!

  • 10/29/13

    all work performed very well. i would recommend anytime.

  • 10/25/13

    Excellent quality work and customer service. Preferred was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful for the referral! Matt and Lola were extremely helpful, courteous and kind in helping me with the repairs and insurance claims process. The work was flawless and timely. Much…
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  • 10/19/13

    Courteous, competent, delivered on time. Car looked brand new, couldn't see where it had been damaged. Would recommend to anyone.

  • 4/12/13

    I bought my new Fiat on a Sunday. The next Tuesday I was at work, went to lunch, and on my return found that someone had bumped in to my left front quarter panel. There was about an 11" indent right above the tire. I took my car to Preferred…
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  • 4/2/13

    My car was keyed while I was at work.I got an estimate and had the work completed in a week. This is the third time I have used them on tree vehicles and each time I have been very pleased with the level of service and attention to detail. The color matches have been great, especially when I hit them with a pearl yellow Stealth.

  • 3/7/13

    The work was done quickly and very well. I would recommend Preferred Auto Body to frieds.

  • 7/2/12

    Excellent customer service staff, Very very well informed, professional and amazingly quick without any compromise on quality of job. I had a new bumper put on and it was done within 24 hours!!! Perfect job. Price is reasonable and fair.

  • 11/14/11

    The entire team at Preferred are the best in town. My vehicle was done on time and looked wonderful. Lola, Carl and Matt are great people to work with. I refer them to everyone!! Thanks

  • 9/25/11

    Preferred Auto Body was recommended to me when my vehicle was in an accident. Everyone there was very professional and walked me through all the work that was to be done. Lola was very pleasant to work with and always kept me updated. Thanks for giving my Toyota back to me just as it used to be.

  • 9/22/11

    We have had this vehicle worked on twice for different items. The dealer where we purchased the Corvette uses Preferred Auto Body for all or most of the body work needed by their customers. We have been very pleased with Carl and his staff on both visits and the car has always been ready when promised, or earlier, and washed before we picked it up.

  • 9/22/11

    Very excellent service and quick repair. Our family has used them in the past and we've always been totally satisfied. Won't take our vehicles any place else.

  • 9/20/11

    Great job. Work was excellent and on time. The ability to match paint on new fender to faded paint on the car was EXCEPTIONAL! Have used this company three times and have never been disappointed in the results. Very professional from estimate to finish.

  • 9/13/11

    Great work done. Timeframe was very acceptable.

  • 8/19/11

    Excellent service, excellent work, quickly done. Very easy people to work with. Very knowledgeable and courteous.

  • 8/10/11

    Delivered one day earlier than promised. The work was expert. Very courteous and willing to discuss options. Easy to do business with.

  • 8/4/11

    It is refreshing to find such a professional company. They did a wonderful job on my Caddy at a fair price. Thanks Carl!!!!!

  • 7/27/11

    Wow! Fast service and a really beautiful job. Great people to work with. Thanks

  • 6/14/11

    Carl and his crew always do beautiful work.

  • 5/6/11

    Excellent service start to finish, and the finish was superb. Will recommend highly.

  • 4/30/11

    Carl Mueller, the owner, is a stand-up guy. The work from his shop is top notch, I highly recommend Preferred Auto Body. This sevice was for the removal of a couple of chipmunks from the truck & disinfecting everything. I have had paint and body work done at Preferred…
    read full review

  • 12/2/10

    Have had 3 vehicles repaired to our complete satisfaction over a period of 30 years. Highly recommend.

  • 11/14/10

    We are "repeat customers" of Preferred Auto Body, having used their services several times over a 20 year period. Their staff is always, friendly, extremely professional, and effecient...AND they do a good job of making our auto body problems perfect again. Our Nissan Altima had a cracked/torn front bumper.…
    read full review

  • 10/20/10

    Excellent service that was very timely - bumper repair - in on Monday out on Tuesday!

  • 10/6/10

    I have known Carl for many years and have had nearly all my body repair work done by his crew. He and Matt are great to work with, completely honest and straight-forward, and their work is always way above average. May not be the cheapest, but Preferred is worth every penny in quality and service!

  • 9/13/10

    Carl/Matt and the entire shop are top notch. This is the 4th time I have used their services - they are professional and the outcome and repairs are the best!

  • 7/27/10

    Great Shop and a Great Repair. Looks Brand New! Bill

  • 7/26/10

    In our 23 years in Prescott we've had at least 5 vehicles worked on at Preferred, including restoration work, motorhome body repair, and interior sub contracted upholstery work. All work has been absolutely first class!

  • 7/12/10

    Very nice and customer friendly. Fast service and high qaulity workmanship. Made dealing with the insurance paperwork easy and complete. An A+ Business.

  • 7/10/10

    Review: I've used Preferred Auto Body four times. A+, absolutely. Both the car and truck came back looking like the nightmare never happened. Won't go anywhere else.

  • 7/8/10

    We had a paint problem on the front bumper where it had bubbled and flaked off. The owner, Carl, came out and took a look at it, gave me an estimate and a repair date to fit my schedule. He explained what he thought had caused it. His shop then…
    read full review

  • 7/6/10

    My son hit a deer at low speed so the animal fared better than the front left side panel of the lexus. Carl and his team had the car finsished before lunch, and below estimate. Fair, honest and doesn't get any better than that...Kevin L.

  • 6/30/10

    We took our car to Preferred Auto Body, Inc and they interfaced direct with State Farm Insurance resulting in a more than fair claim. They were friendly, professonal, efficient and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

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