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One Stop Automotive, Tucson 85711

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Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 11/9/17

    Trust worthy and honest shop! Staff is friendly and great

  • 11/1/17

    Matt and Randall are simply the best there is!

  • 11/1/17

    I have been coming to One Stop Automotive for my car maintenance needs for about a year now and am very impressed with how professional and honest they are. Yesterday I came in because my check engine light was on. It turns out the intake air tube was cracked and…
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  • 10/31/17

    I have had my car forever and no one touches it but One Stop Auto..... Randal and his crew are the best.

  • 10/31/17

    I have had my cars serviced here for 15 plus years and I could not be more pleased. They keep track of what my car needs done at mile check points - saves me keeping track of them. They guarantee their work. They are very trustworthy and…
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  • 10/12/17

    Took my vehicle in for oil change and air filters changed, I'm pleased with the service.

  • 10/7/17

    This shop is so honest and charge fair prices. They explain what my car needs in terms that I can understand. Recently the car had an intermittent problem which the computer hadn't yet identified. They offered to stay late so the tow truck could get it there and…
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  • 8/19/17

    The guys at One Stop automotive keep my 2002 rav4 with nearly 200,000 miles in great shape to keep rolling on. Thanks guys!

  • 7/28/17

    I brought my wife's Crosstrek in for an oil change. It was VERY fast and VERY easy.

  • 7/25/17

    Awesome staff and amazing service.

  • 7/10/17

    I have used One Stop Automotive 4 times for 3 different vehicles. I have been absolutely pleased each visit. I have complete confidence in their ability to investigate any issue/concern, advise and properly fix the issue/concern. Their customer service is first class and they provide personalized attention and service.

  • 7/10/17

    Great customer service, honest , and helpful .

  • 7/4/17

    Trustworthy and Honest! Randall and the gentlemen at One Stop Auto always give us a reasonable price and knowledgeable repairs/suggestions. Our whole family has been going to them for ten years. I highly recommend this garage!

  • 7/2/17

    Great service, always!

  • 6/30/17

    I cannot say enough about the service and attention to detail that Randall and Matt provide to my family. We have been customers for 12 years, and have had service performed on four separate vehicles. The diagnostics, the careful explanation of the proposed repairs, and the prices are always fair…
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  • 6/28/17

    I took my tuck to get my A/C looked at and was greeted by Matt which helped me though out the whole process. He was awesome very friendly and he knew his stuff. They were able to get my truck in and out the same day. I was very happy with the service and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

  • 6/24/17

    We have been using OneStop since 2009. They have always given us the best price and service you can find in Tucson. They even offer a military discount. My car is always fixed and they even call to check on the service a few days later. I have never been…
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  • 6/24/17

    Great service at a fair price. They really go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with their work.

  • 6/22/17

    We've used One Stop for over 10 years now and couldn't be happier. The service is personal, they take the time to explain if you have questions and are reasonably priced. They've help with looking for a new car and selling old ones as well as making decisions about when it's time to say goodbye to the old one. Randall Rocks!

  • 6/22/17

    At last I have found an honest garage. I believe them when they say "you don't need this" but "you do need this". How many places will tell you you don't need something? We've now run all of our cars through over the last year and we've…
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  • 6/21/17

    We've been using One Stop for over 10 years now and couldn't be happier. Service, pricing, all around excellent!

  • 6/5/17

    The only place I will take my car, I trust thier opinion and trust that they won't do anything to my car that I don't need! Definitely reccomend!

  • 5/13/17

    They always get me in as soon as they open so I can be out using my car daily. Totally impressed with their depth of service and friendliness. I won't take my cars anywhere else!

  • 5/10/17

    One Stop were recommended to me and I'm glad to say they lived up to the promise. They managed to fit me in fairly quickly and check out the issue with my car. They took the time to go through and explain exactly what needed to be done, and gave…
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  • 5/10/17

    Finally a shop we can take our vehicles to and get honest mechanics working on them. They always call us with the estimate ahead of time and keep us in the loop on the issues. Very friendly atmosphere as well.

  • 5/10/17

    Everyone was professional. They took care of the issue that caused the engine light to come on and notified my of other pending repairs. I really appreciated the transportation to and from work while they were working on my vehicle.

  • 5/8/17

    Been taking my Sonata there for years to keep it running. Thanks Matt for working on it. Randall is excellent and I always feel better when he is able to test drive. He has an eye and feel for it. It's a gift Thank Guys you're the best !

  • 5/3/17

    Once again another visit to One Stop and once again amazing service!!! Needed a new fuel injector and spark plugs which were causing a misfire on cylinder 4. Even the Ford dealership couldnt figure this one out months ago. Leave it to Matt and Randall to take excellent care of…
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  • 5/2/17

    I've taken my car to One Stop for over 2 years & have been completely satisfied each time. They are the best at keeping you informed on the progress & if needed troubles arise their quick to inform you & create a solution. Their the best in town.

  • 4/27/17

    Randall is an excellent manager. Matt's the man with the skillzz. I've taken 10 vehicles to One Stop Automotive over the past 15 years. I get great service and benee's just about every visit. The shop does honest, reliable work that they always stand…
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  • 4/11/17

    The best shop in Tucson! My first visit to One Stop Automotive has changed my attitude about repair shops. Randall and Matt are awesome. Matt personally worked on my vehicle and was completely transparent with the repair, the condition of my vehicle, and a future repair which is needed. Nothing but an amazing experience and their customer service is, hands down, the best! They have a customer for life!!

  • 3/28/17

    I brought my car in at 8am and was ready by 3pm on a MONDAY. Service was great and prices very reasonable. They are honest and very good mechanics. I recommend them. Tom Thomas

  • 3/26/17

    I'll start this review off by saying that Randall, Matt and staff are truly great people. I have been taking my cars here for the last 9 years. I've always been greeted with a smile and treated like family. The shop always does great work and is straight forward. I would recommend One Stop Automotive to anyone that is looking to get their vehicle worked on.

  • 3/15/17

    Had no AC, these guys jump on it and in one hour found the problem. Call back at noon, problem was fixed. Kept me inform of the progress. Highly recommend.

  • 3/9/17

    This was my third interaction with One Stop Auto. I have been very pleased with every single transaction with Randall. My first experience was in December 2016 when my headlamp in my 2012 Traverse went out. I took it to my local auto parts store, which is…
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  • 2/27/17

    We recently brought in our two vehicles for LOF's. Randall and Matt are a pleasure to work with especially in today's society. Having come from a family who in years past owned a small tire dealership and auto repair, it was great to find one that is honest, and does meticulous work at a fair price. May the business continue to grow and do well.

  • 2/20/17

    Finding a reliable shop to service your vehicle when away from home can be challenging. Selected this business based on the reviews and was not disappointed. The customer care and service were excellent. Highly recommend this business.

  • 2/2/17

    My car is my baby, I try to take good care of it. Randall and his gang does great work and is to be trusted. They are fair and good people and explain things to me. I would recommend them to anyone, as I do.

  • 2/1/17

    I went to One Stop Automotive for a 2nd opinion on some work that another shop said that I needed. The first estimate was around $1100. Matt checked it out, and it didn't need all this work at this time. So my car was inspected, repaired, and…
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  • 1/28/17

    I just moved to town and needed to register my vehicle, I needed it to pass the emissions test and it didnt. There was something wrong with the sensors. I saw One Stop Automotive on my way home, the garage was full so i knew they were good at what…
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  • 12/28/16

    We have been using One Stop automotive for over 15 years now and will continue to do so. The personal call and give us information on what needs to be done, time frame and costs. We won't go anywhere else to have repairs done on our vehicles.

  • 12/28/16

    I would highly recommend going to these guys! Randall and Matt are seriously the best and have always taken care of my car regardless of time or amount of customers. They're so helpful and patient! The best guys out there for sure! If you need anything, these are your guys!

  • 12/19/16

    Recommended by a friend, I have always had great service with One Stop Automotive. I have been going to them for over 2 years and will continue to do so.

  • 12/14/16

    Amazing service during a difficult time. I purchased a vehicle from a local used car dealership and soon found myself back at the dealership a total of 9 times to their "mechanic" before they refused to repair issues with my car that were present during the warranty period. This is…
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  • 12/14/16

    Amazing mechanics!!!! After a horrible experience with a used car dealership and their mechanics Matt and Randall at One Stop Auto were able to diagnose and repairs issues the dealership could not "recreate" during the warranty period. Diagnosis was very quick and my vehicle was repaired much faster than…
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  • 12/12/16

    Matt does an excellent job on our personal vehicles as well as my company truck, have been will recommend him to all my friends

  • 12/8/16

    Matt and Randall run a fine shop. I was very pleased with the safety check list they performed on our car. It is good to know that they have our safety on their list of concerns. Their service was prompt and reasonably priced.

  • 11/29/16

    I really like these guys. Straightforward honest mechanics. Not over priced. Fix the problem and give really good advice. Its taken me a while to really trust a shop in Tucson. It's a good feeling.

  • 11/19/16

    Excellent service as always

  • 11/15/16

    My most honest experience in over 33 years of automobile lies in Tucson. I was taken seriously and respectfully. The men where patient and honest. Their work fixed my auto problem, Thank you Matt and Randall.

  • 11/4/16

    Was told I had to take my truck into the Dealership because that was the only place to fix it, they said they were going to keep it for three days before even working on it, and that they would give me a discount to have a rental.. the prices…
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  • 11/3/16

    I went to get air in my tires at Discount tires and the personnel there advised me that I needed rear brakes! I'm so tired of getting ripped off so I decided to use for a reputable shop in the area I was. I called One Stop Automotive and…
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  • 10/20/16

    When I first moved to Tucson, I owned a 2007 Prius with a 6 CD player that had stopped working. Called almost every auto and audio shop in Tucson, including the dealer, and the cost to replace was very expensive. When I called One Stop, Randall told…
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  • 10/19/16

    Fast affordable knowledge and work from people who care.

  • 10/12/16

    Great Customer Service!!! As a woman I feel very confident with with their service, they don try to convince you to do a repair that is not necessary at that moment, especially when you can not even afford it, instead they advice on what it would be recommended to repair next. I always bring our cars for oil changes, check outs, repairs, etc

  • 10/7/16

    I was hearing my rear breaks making noise. I knew I was needing to get it in the shop. I couldn't bring myself to take my car to a chain for the repairs. I pass this shop everyday and it always has cars that they are working on. I…
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  • 9/16/16

    One Stop Automotive saved the day! I had run over a coyote and heard a horrible sound near my front right tire. Turns out it was a few loose bolts that were easily repaired. Matt was so attentive, explained all that was done to my car. I had an oil…
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  • 9/14/16

    I have used One Stop for some time and have recommended them to my friends and other family members. They have always been very professional and taken care of the problem. Cost has been very reasonable and completed in a timely maner .

  • 9/7/16

    Read the reviews online and decided to drive over to the shop right after it opened. Had a problem with the car misfiring They diagnosed the problem right away and gave me an estimate. They told me it could be fixed within a couple of hours. They were true to their word and I was out of there within two hours at an honest price.

  • 8/30/16

    My car had an issue with the AC was not working. I took the car in to the shop and Randall was able to quickly identify the issue and replace the faulty part with a new one. within 30 minutes I was able to drive out with the issue resolved. The service was very prompt and Randall was very informative.

  • 8/26/16

    Fast,efficient,inexpensive,the best

  • 8/20/16

    We have taken our cars to One Stop for many years and we have never have had any issues with the workmanship or employees they are very helpful and never do any work with out permission, when they see an issue they call to inform you before any work is…
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  • 8/16/16

    One stop Automotive is a great team, highly recommend them do to mechanic work Tucson. Very reliable, great communication, very reasonable, accurate on the time frame on what they tell you your vehicle will be done by. Excellent customer service. Thank u One stop Automotive team.

  • 8/12/16

    Honest, respectful, and trustworthy are the words to describe my recent experience with One Stop Automotive. Being new to the Tuscon area, I was nervous when I experienced some difficulty with my car. A friend recommended this shop and I am delighted to have found it! As a female customer…
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  • 8/11/16

    AWESOME! Always great service and super friendly staff.

  • 8/9/16

    Always GREAT service. Has your best interests at heart. The whole staff care for your vehicle as if it were their own.

  • 8/9/16

    I have gone to One Stop Automotive in the past and they always have great service. They always stay close to their estimate and are friendly and quick. My family and I have always been very happy with their work and we'll continue to go there with all of our cars.

  • 8/9/16

    I can't say anything negative about this place. I've been taking my vehicles here for years and have given them a lot challenges. Matt is awesome working on my vehicle, even though I know he hates seeing it towed in. Randall is always willing to get me in and out the same day. I recommend them to anyone who needs there vehicle worked on.

  • 8/9/16

    Excellent service. I bring both my vehicles here for maintenance and repair and won't let anyone else touch my cars. Service is always honest and fair. I've also recommended many of my friends and family to these guys and they feel the same.

  • 8/6/16

    Anytime I got a problem their the 1st place I go to my whole family goes here they have such great service. I give them two thumbs up

  • 8/4/16

    I was referred here by a coworker of mine and everything he said about this business is true. The prices are very fair and reasonable, the quality of work is very good and the owner, Randall, is a very genuine and good guy. They were able to fix our brake problem and put my mother's mind at ease. We will definitely be regular customers here.

  • 7/28/16

    The service was great, they took me right in replaced my A/C hose and charged the system while I waited. I will return again, thanks for the good and fast service.

  • 7/26/16

    THEY'LL RIP YOU OFF AND LIE, LIE, LIE!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A WOMAN!! My fuel pump went out during the,heat wave in June. They gave me the best price by far, so I had them do it. It did the same thing, sputtered then wouldn't start, 2 weeks later. Matt told me it needed…
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  • 7/19/16

    Super service job plus checked out recall on car. You just can't miss when you take your vehicle to One Stop.

  • 7/19/16

    Figured out a difficult problem, got it fixed with a reasonable cost and it runs like a champ.

  • 7/19/16

    As always, fast courteous service and reasonable cost.

  • 7/17/16

    very good one day service

  • 7/16/16

    I use and trust the service I receive from One Stop Automotive. I have an aging Ford Expedition and I have had just about every service performed on my truck by this auto service/repair company, and I've never had any issues with the work performed or the parts used. I just…
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  • 7/15/16

    I had my truck worked at another shop to replace a wheel hub assembly. The very next day it was worse than before. I went to One Stop Automotive and they not just fixed the problem but caught other problems due to the previous shops mistakes. They replaced not only…
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  • 7/15/16

    As always great, very honest and dependable service. Randall and the Guys are terrific!!

  • 7/13/16

    One Stop Automotive is a great place to take your vehicle for maintenance! This was my second time there, and both times the customer service was fantastic and they were able to fix my car troubles and get me back on the road quickly. They also offer a military discount :)

  • 7/9/16

    These guys were awesome! They are fast and honest, and didn't charge an arm and a leg. I will definitely be going back to them for anything I need done!

  • 7/9/16

    Fast - Friendly service!!

  • 7/8/16

    Great job ! Honest shop Highly recommended. Randel found the issue right away simple fix loose oil filter. (Midas changed oil the last)

  • 7/7/16

    I highly recommend One Stop Automotive! Outstanding customer service, high quality work, and very reasonable prices! It is the only place I trust to service my car!

  • 7/6/16

    One Stop is nice low key place to take your car. The service is friendly and reasonably priced. I have been going their for a few years now and have not been disappointed yet.

  • 6/24/16

    Service was great. Needed a fuel pump that would cost over $600. Randall found a used one with low mileage for $55. Typical of the outstanding service that we receive at One Stop. I highly recommend that you bring your vehicle here for repair. Customer service is also outstanding. Thanks, Randall and crew. Leon

  • 6/18/16

    I was recommended to this shop by a neighbor friend. I am highly impressed by the work that the mechanics did on my car. I had a boot/ axle replacement done. I am amazed at the outstanding service I received at a reasonable cost. They go above and beyond for…
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  • 6/11/16

    I took my car into One Stop Auto for repairs on 6/10/16. I was extremely satisfied with the work that was done. The owner Randall Miller is an excellent mechanic, and very courteous, professional, and thorough, as well as very friendly and personable. Above all, he is very honest in…
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  • 5/14/16

    One Stop has been taking good care of our cars for many years and I highly recommend this professional automotive repair facility to everyone.

  • 5/4/16

    I highly recommend One Stop. They have been taking care of my vehicles for quite some time. very pleased with the service I receive. Have recommended them to friends and family members as well.

  • 5/3/16

    I have brought my car here ever since moving to Tucson & won't go anywhere else. The fellows treat me with respect & the prices that I end up paying are more than reasonable. One Stop Automotive is Awesome!

  • 5/1/16

    These guys are great! They got my power steering fixed in just a few hours. They always get the job done right and their prices are fair. I don't think I'll ever go anyplace else.

  • 4/29/16

    To Whom It May Concern, I can recommend One Stop Automotive on Craycroft between 22 St. and 29 St. Very convenient location. The owner Randall introduced himself and both he and the other mechanic were friendly and professional. The office and the bays were cleaner than any I…
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  • 4/27/16

    Very honest, affordable and reliable shop. I won't take my car anywhere else. It's very hard to find high quality and trustworthy shops these days but you will get nothing less at One Stop. My entire family goes to them and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I cannot recommend them enough.

  • 4/24/16

    Honest, reliable and highly competent mechanics. I've been going to One Stop for almost 10 years and the service is consistently excellent!

  • 4/20/16


  • 4/18/16

    Went in with an air conditioning problem, it was diagnosed in 15 min and I was out in 1 hr. Service has always been great, and prices comparable.

  • 4/6/16

    I have been frequenting this shop for over a year now. I own 3 vehicles and will not take them anywhere else. The owner and staff have always been fair in pricing, courteous and professional. I often recommend One Stop Automotive to the tenants at the property I maintain as well as all of my friends.

  • 4/2/16

    Great work at a fair price, I find I can trust them to fix it right the first time and they stand behind their work. I take all my cars to them from an oil change to a trans replacement. Customer service is great, they will communicate with you.

  • 4/1/16

    After 5 decades of driving, I would have to say the quality of service at One Stop Automotive was one of the best. Also I am impressed by their knowledge, and fair pricing.

  • 3/30/16

    We took our 2000 Dodge Caravan in because it was overheating. We needed a new water pump and thermostat. We took it in this morning and had it back this afternoon. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The entire cost was less than $200.00. …
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  • 3/29/16

    Best mechanics and very professional!!

  • 3/28/16

    My car had a broken wheel stud and tail light. They quoted me a reasonable price and were very fast and efficient in their quality repairs. I would definitely recommend One stop to anyone who needs good quality service for their car.

  • 3/26/16

    I found this shop to be very professional. They gave me an estimate that was well below other shops in town and they completed the work in a timely manner. What I really appreciated is the fact that they didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. If your looking for and honest and reliable repair shop, look no further this is the place.

  • 3/24/16

    I brought my car in this morning to get the power steering pump replaced. I got my car back in the afternoon. I'm very happy with the service I received and how quickly it was done.

  • 3/24/16

    My boyfriend and I take our vehicles to this shop quite often. Especially when no one else seems to be able to figure out what's wrong. Randall and Matthew have always been honest with us and can figure out how to fix the problem. The prices are definitely very reasonable.…
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  • 3/19/16

    Over the years we have lived in many places and dealt with dozens of auto shops. In our dealing we look for the smaller and trusting places to turn to when our vehicles need that extra care. We decided to give One Stop Automotive a try because of…
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  • 3/13/16

    Great place, honest,good price, and only does what you need or want them to do. Been here a few times for 2 different vehicles and will return if in need of repair in the future.

  • 3/11/16

    I came in to get my check engine light checked, they addressed the issues within the same day and at a very reasonable price. They also kept in constant communication with everything they were going to do with my automobile. Will definitely return.

  • 3/9/16

    Known Randall for a long time. Always done good work; done in a timely and efficient manner. Went in for an oil change and a check engine light problem and everything was done smoothly- very good costumer service.

  • 3/9/16

    Wrong part ordered at first; but did a good job and very nice.

  • 3/8/16

    One Stop Automotive is the only shop in town I would trust with my vehicles. Would recommend them to anyone who needs an honest repair done right the first time for a reasonable price. There are a lot of shops out there with a lot of techs but only One Stop has been able to correctly diagnose my concern and get me back on the road everytime.

  • 3/7/16

    Went to get an oil change. I only deal with One Stop for all my auto needs. I had an accident in January, and they were able to repair everything including auto body. They billed my insurance and kept me apprised of everything throughout the whole repair process. I highly recommend One Stop Automotive for all your auto needs.

  • 3/5/16

    Both the owner and Mechanic are fabulous! ! My brake light keeps going out... wierd, but true...hopefully it won't again! I was a walk-in but i only had to wait for a little over an hour. :-) they also jumped my vehicle so i could drive it over…
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  • 3/4/16

    This was the best and I mean the best places I have EVER stopped at to get my vehicle fixed, I had several other places tell me different and trying to cheat me out of my hard earned money, but this place was honest and was excellent on top of…
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  • 3/3/16

    Very friendly and timely

  • 2/29/16

    This shop has been my shop of choice for several years now. And as always the work is done on time and as quoted. Thanks for your professionalism.

  • 2/27/16

    One Stop Automotive does excellent work! They are extremely courteous, professional and really care about the work done. Randall and Matt take the time to explain exactly what needs repair. All for a very fair price. I plan on taking all of my vehicles to One Stop,. Highly Highly recommend!!!

  • 2/25/16

    I appreciate the extra service that was provided.. I will definitely be back, thank you!..

  • 2/24/16

    You can't go wrong with One Stop Automotive. I've been taking my vehicles there for years. This last time was an emergency and I knew I would be in good hands. I have sent other people and their experiences with the team at One Stop have been excellent. Thanks One Stop!

  • 2/24/16

    I have been using One Stop Auto for all of my vehicles for over 20 years. Here's why: Trustworthy, integrity, know how & Never Trying To Overcharge Or Sell You Stuff You Don't Need! I highly recommend One Stop Auto!

  • 2/23/16

    Great service experience!! Low Price - High Quality - Done right the first time!! Matt & Randall are the best we have found!!

  • 2/22/16

    All the places I have lived in the continental US and I have to say that this shop here is the most professional, courteous and by far the best mechanic shop I have ever been to! These guys are very knowledgable with both my vehicles and I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on any of my vehicles!!

  • 2/18/16

    We just move here from out of state and my passenger side windows on both the front and back would not roll up. We picked this place by random, and they could not have been more helpful. Even though they were busy, they took the time to get my windows…
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  • 2/11/16

    took my car in to have fuel pump and check engine light fixed, got a quick and helpful diagnosis, and had my car back in less than half a day, the crew was friendly and helpful! thanks Randall, Matt and Angel you guys rock! I will definitely be back for all my auto fixes

  • 2/11/16

    This is the best auto repair shop I have ever been to. Mr Randall actually cares about his customers. I've used him now three or four times in the last month fixing up my Ford Flex. He even took time to drive my car around the block with…
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