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My Mechanic Maintenance & Repair, Tucson 85705

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 10/11/17

    I have been taking my car to Billy for a few years now. He has always taken good care of me and my car. He is always honest about what is the issue and his pricing is very fair. I have never left his shop thinking I could have gotten…
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  • 10/4/17

    Whether it's the convenient shuttle they offer or the courtesy diagnostic check they gave before we went to the emissions center, My Mechanic always goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. They are very friendly and nice people who seem to actually care about their customers. I would recommend them to anyone that needs work done on their car.

  • 9/19/17

    I "heart" My Mechanic! They fit me in, same-day, for an oil change on a busy Friday. They are always friendly and prompt. I think of them first, whenever my car needs service. You guys are the best!

  • 9/14/17

    I had a great experience. They whole team was helpful, professional and friendly. They completed my repairs on time and gave me a ride to my office in their free shuttle so I could get my work done while they worked on my car. A real thumbs up experience!

  • 8/25/17

    My second time at My Mechanic. They explained everything in terms I could understand. Quality work, trustworthy, good pricing, friendly staff. Will always take my car here. I highly recommend them.

  • 8/5/17

    My brakes started crying around 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon. So, I called My Mechanic to see about setting up an appointment. They asked if I'd like to pop on in. I said that I would be there in 15 minutes. Mind you, they close at 5. Most places would…
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  • 8/2/17

    I have taken my car to My Mechanic twice in the last 6 weeks - for separate repairs. Both times the team was responsive, helpful and patient. They also accept extended warranties. Shawn was particularly helpful every step of the way. I will definitely be using them again for repairs.

  • 7/25/17

    I took my car this morning for repairs to the bumper. I did not have an appointment, but they took me right in. They repaired the bumper an checked the car over. I needed an oil change, they did that and changed all the filters. They were very friendly and…
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  • 7/8/17

    We were selling a vehicle that had been in the family for 11 years. We knew it needed some work but wanted to minimize the amount we spent. They did a Complete inspection and identified issues and assisted in making recommendations. Their work is always excellent and they kept me informed regarding timelines. I enjoy working with Sean, Billy and Dena.

  • 7/6/17

    Awesome, friendly service!

  • 6/29/17

    i took my car in to have some work done on my car that I was certain it needed. After inspecting the car, they determined that the car did not need that work. There was no charge for that inspection. This shop has the most honest, professional, and accommodating…
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  • 6/24/17

    Billy (the OWNER of the shop) diagnosed the problem with my car. He asked me if it's still in warranty, I replied I don't think so. I made some calls and found out that it WAS still in warranty. He asked the warranty guy some questions, gave me a heads…
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  • 6/24/17

    I like My Mechanic because they get me in and out, quick. No surprises. Also, Billy and Dena are awesome...and Netflix in their lobby, also awesome.

  • 6/13/17

    First time visit with my Ram 3500 6.7l Cummins, and it was a great experience! Everyone was very nice and service was fast. Recommendations were made without pressure. Just found MY MECHANIC for my truck!

  • 6/6/17

    Excellent work for fair price!!! I highly recommend anyone to go here!!

  • 5/31/17

    I am constantly driving around for work and do a pretty good job of getting routine maintenance. I started feeling like I didn't have control over my car on bumpy roads though and would hear a weird noise when I backed my car out of the garage. I called My…
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  • 5/26/17

    I had such a fear when I came to this shop at first, being in need of an honest place and newly being back in Tucson, I had no idea where to take my car which was leaking oil. I originally was going to go to the dealership, but knowing…
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  • 5/26/17

    These people are wonderful...! I won't take our Dodge Ram truck anywhere else. They even gave me a free ride to Pappy's Diner, while they worked on the truck. :-)

  • 5/25/17

    The My Mechanic team was able to get me in for a much needed oil change, transmission fluid change, and air filter change...even with my crazy work schedule. I feel much more confident taking the truck out for our road trip. I wouldn't take my vehicles to anyone else.

  • 5/12/17

    I have 4 older vehicles. I depend on Billy, Dena Shawn and the rest of the crew to keep my family safe and on the road. My Mechanic is honest and friendly and dependable. Trust your family's fleet to the professionals at My Mechanic! Max Shemwell

  • 5/4/17

    Honest, polite, straightforward I recommend this group

  • 5/4/17

    This is the best auto repair shop in Tucson, AZ. Attention to detail, knowledgable, reasonably priced, excellent customer service, treat you fairly every time!! No baloney here.

  • 5/4/17

    This shop has some of the best mechanics in Tucson and will do their best to fix your problems economically and efficiently. I normally will not allow another person to work on my car besides myself, but this shop is the exception. Great service and jobs well done.

  • 4/25/17

    The employee's where very friendly, and professional. The garage is well kept up, and reminds me of Jimmy's Broadway Automotive, that has since closed down, I'm glad there is a shop in town that still has that old school feel.

  • 4/24/17

    I have had 3 vehicles repaired at this shop. Nothing changes...customer service and quality of work is always top notch!

  • 3/31/17

    A truly "great" experience (since I had to have work done....) The team at My Mechanic explained everything. Then after the diagnostic results...explained again what my truck needed. They did not try to load up other parts and do work that was not needed at this time. I was thankful…
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  • 3/31/17

    Gotta share with all y'all: Today I took the Kia in for routine 45k miles maintenance. Took it to My Mechanic on North Romero here in The Naked Pueblo. I was amazed! They changed the oil, air filter and cabin filter, pulled a big ol' screw out of the right…
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  • 3/30/17

    we have been going to my mechanic for over 2 years and Billy and Shawn have never done us wrong when they quote me a price that is what i end up paying and they don't recommend any thing i don't need and Billy is the only shop who does my Fiat oil change for just over $40 and every other shop wants 75-80

  • 2/5/17

    Best experience I have had regarding Auto repair service. The staff are all great and honest, especially when providing detailed information. They take the time to physically go over all items upon initial inspection and again when work has been completed. This is now "My Repair Shop" and thanks to my neighbor for the referral!

  • 1/6/17

    I had a leak somewhere in my power steering system. I’d been topping off the reservoir once a week or so for a few months. I was pretty anxious, because the last thing that I needed was to spend a bunch of money just before Christmas on a new power…
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  • 12/17/16

    I am an outside sales rep. who uses my own car to call on customers for a towing company. I was visiting shops in the area when my car started running terrible, i remembered how nice the people were at my mechanic when i called on them last month and…
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  • 11/27/16

    I bring all of my vehicles to My Mechanic for repair and Maintenance. This trip was for an oil change. They discovered my air filter was full of debris and brought that to my attention, so they changed that also. I always get the feeling that…
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  • 11/21/16

    My Mechanic Maintenance & Repairs is a fantastic shop. Everyone there is friendly, honest and no- nonsense. You will never be oversold and you can count on Billie and Dena and the entire staff to be 100% straight with you. Our family has 4 high mileage vehicles…
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  • 11/16/16

    Quick and easy repair. They are very trustworthy and honest, which I appreciate.

  • 10/16/16

    We also had our 09 Jeep Wrangler repaired. My husband and I really appreciated their honesty and professionalism. The entire staff were very friendly. We would highly recommend this auto repair shop.

  • 10/15/16

    Yep, I blew up my wrangler, but Shawn, Billy and the Wrangler whisperer Tommy got it all back together. It was great, timely service for a reasonable price. I can't say I enjoy going to a garage for repairs, but if I have to do it, this is where I'll be.

  • 10/9/16

    I have never experienced such great customer service. To be honest the last place I was expecting to be overall a great experience is a mechanic but this place is outstanding. I'm a college student so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and everyone here is so great.…
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  • 8/31/16

    We have several vehicles that we take to My Mechanic, but on this day we took our daughters Toyota Corolla in. We we were told by several people the repairs would be very costly. Since we trust My Mechanic we were prepared to pay what was necessary. …
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  • 8/30/16

    The staff are always friendly and honest! I can count on them to Fox my car, and Fox it the right way!

  • 8/23/16

    This shop is Amazing! It is hard to find a good repair shop but this one has it all. They are reasonable in price, honest and friendly. I am so happy and will be taking all my cars there even if it's just for an oil change. I highly recommend them.

  • 8/19/16

    Billy and his mechanics worked on my older car getting it quickly and finding parts for a Windstar is not easy but they did it and for a great price. This is the only place I will take my car now. The people are very friendly and willing to drive me home and bring me back to get my car. BESTS PLACE I FOUND TO TAKE MY CAR11

  • 8/18/16

    This was our first experience here. And we LOVED it. Shawn explained everything. Even as far as what was needed and not needed. Richard did a GREAT job on the van. Looking forward to doing more business with this awesome company.

  • 8/15/16

    Excellent customer service. They get you in and out in a hurry and fix it right the first time.

  • 8/6/16

    I appreciate the hometown small business appeal and I am very happy with the honesty, integrity, and pricing of My Mechanic Maintenance & Repair!! My car (turbo engine) was having an issue with lagging at take off, and it for some reason completely died on me while turning a…
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  • 8/2/16

    We went in thinking that we would have an expensive electrical problem with our car. Instead after checking the car, they found that one issue was the cause of another problem. They fixed it the same day. All problems solved! We have been here multiple times with 2 vehicles and…
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  • 7/26/16

    This shop does a great job. All the people are super to deal with. Thank you.

  • 7/15/16

    I highly recommend this garage. The staff is very professional, informative and take great care of their customers and their vehicles.

  • 7/6/16

    I love love love this mechanic , and it always has amazing customer service. My car was wonderful after visiting them, 10/10 for sure.

  • 6/20/16

    Great customer service! Fast, fair, and friendly! I would highly recommend My Mechanic.

  • 6/19/16

    My evening could've been ruined if it weren't for My Mechanic. When my car stalled in the middle of a u-turn and I was able to speak with Billy only moments later (after getting parked safely), it was a huge relief to me. He asked a few questions so that he…
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  • 6/12/16

    This is the second A/C repair that I had done at My Mechanic. The repairs were excellent, and they gave me a ride back to my home while they were working on my car and came and got me when the work was done. And I live 30…
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  • 5/25/16

    The folks over at My Mechanic are always on top of their work. They do great work and I don't think I have ever had a better experience at a shop before. I had the seals for my transmission replaced, which was not cheap even for a car like mine,…
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  • 5/18/16

    Bought a driver door lock actuator assembly from a dealer, and tried installing it, but ran into problems. Called My Mechanic, and they agreed to finish installing it. After installation, the lock still didn't work, so the door lock actuator assembly was removed, and it was discovered that…
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  • 5/12/16

    Trustworthy and affordable! I waited to post a review until after I had a few repairs and maintenance services done. They have been the best place in Tucson, for single women like myself, to trust and still be affordable! Besides being excellent at the repairs, they blew me away…
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  • 4/29/16

    Great honest work and affordable friendly staff

  • 4/20/16

    I really appreciate My Mechanic for what they do for me and my family. We have 4 cars and I trust My Mechanic to make sure they are safe and road ready. Prices are very reasonable and I appreciate the shuttle service. I highly recommend My Mechanic! Max Shemwell

  • 3/27/16

    Dena and Billy are the rock stars of auto repair. The whole staff is great, friendly and knowledgeable. Have had 2 vehicles in for maintenance. They saved me money, time and mind. Will continue to have them be My Mechanic!

  • 3/17/16

    I needed a control switch for the turn single/hazards/wipers/ & high beams, & Billy put that switch in. SUPER JOB!!

  • 3/11/16

    I have been To My Mechanic a lot of times for my oil change and they have always been great! Shawn has great customer service skills and Dena is always so great to check up with me and see how things are going! I tell all my friends and family…
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  • 3/7/16

    Dena got me to and from my job promptly. Shawn called me to check on something before proceeding...I let him know what my budget was and he and Billy made it work. The entire crew at the shop made me feel comfortable and confident with having my car taken care of at My Mechanic! Shannon Sanford (another chick who is vouching for their top-notch reputation!)

  • 3/7/16

    They offer the best service around. I would trust them with any kind of repairs.

  • 2/15/16

    Very knowledgeable and courteous! I think Billy new what was wrong with it before I could finish telling him the 'symptoms'! I took the Jeep in there and they had it done in no time! Runs great! Dena came and picked me up at work, took me to my Jeep.....paid a very reasonable price! Thank you so much! Recommend them HIGHLY!

  • 2/9/16

    These guys are great! They explain what they will do, how they will do it, and get it right. I will be taking my car there from now on. Their rates are reasonable, and have excellent customer service. Thank you.

  • 1/15/16

    If you need vehicle work done, Billy and Sean are the people to see. They do excellent work at a reasonable price. They take the time to diagnose the vehicle issue(s) properly so you're not paying for unneeded repairs. I recommend them highly.

  • 1/8/16

    You guys are awesome! Always excellent service, respectful communication and I super appreciate that you completed a large job in a short amount of time. My Mini Winnie (Toyota cab, Winnebago back) is not only my transportation but also my home, and you always respect that and get the job…
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  • 1/6/16

    My car had a check engine light on. I trouble-shot the car through multiple forums and narrowed it down to a camshaft actuator. (My Mechanic would charge me a little over $1,000 to replace the part). Upon arriving at the shop I requested they change the part. Shawn…
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  • 11/25/15

    Great service, excellent mechanics ,reasonable prices ,,friendly people, best repair shop in Tucson.

  • 11/24/15

    Always great service and very friendly staff. As a woman I never felt out of place when I come there with my car problem I truly appreciate that. I would recommend this shop to everyone.

  • 11/16/15

    My Mechanic is great they fix my diesel on a regular basis and always provide the best quality of work and customer service. I've never had any issues with any of the work they've done for me and my family! Great shop to deal with and I always recommend them to friends and family.

  • 11/12/15

    Wonderful and quick service. Very helpful and nice employees. Reasonable prices

  • 11/4/15

    The people at my mechanic are fantastic! They are all very friendly. Everything is always done right, and they won't charge you an arm and a leg!

  • 10/24/15

    As a Canadian visiting Tucson for my first time, I had the good fortune of finding this excellent car repair/service shop run by Billy and his excellent team. All I needed was an oil change but I had already purchased my oil and a filter so just needed the…
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  • 10/24/15

    What is to say...??? Their customer service is great. Their Knowledge is excellent. Their service is prompt. and, their approach to auto repairs is professional, encompassing and trustworthy...!!!

  • 10/23/15

    These guys do great and honest work. Twice they fixed small things on my car without charge. They always tell you what needs to be done b4 they do the work and let you know what the priority is of each repair. They also do almost everything same day.. I'm…
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  • 10/1/15

    Had to bring the Mini in again. This time it was just a tune-up, but as always Billy got me out the door quickly even though they had to drive to the other side of Tucson to pick up the parts. Thank you guys!

  • 9/8/15

    We bought our PT used and it had not been maintained very well, so we took it to My Mechanic and had to have several major things done. We were very pleased with the timely manner that the work was done and also the quality of work that was done.…
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  • 8/13/15

    Great service as always! Excellent customer service, and they are always liking it for your financial interests. If you are going to need to replace a part in the next few months, they will let you know and then they just keep an eye on it for you and let…
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  • 8/5/15

    After going to a competitor and paying too much for work I didn't really need, I found My Mechanic. Shawn and Billy listened to what I said, asked good questions, and treated me with respect. They let me know what needed to be done, did the job right, and got…
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  • 7/23/15

    Honest folks who really go the extra mile, here. Billy and Deena and team stand behind their work to make sure your vehicle is 'right'. I'd recommend them!

  • 7/10/15

    We have taken 3 of our Trucks to My Mechanic. Great service every time! After the found the problem they called us to go over what needed to be done and gave us the estimate. Work is always done on time and every one we have dealt with is always been very helpful and friendly!

  • 7/2/15

    We drove I. From Ohio and experience CED mechanical problems with me car. We had the car towed to Billy's shop. We could not be happier with the customer service. Billy,Shawn, and Deena went our of their way to make sure our car was fixed properly and we were …
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  • 6/3/15

    My Mechanic saved me 30% off the cost of a dealer estimated repair, and still used a genuine GM part, a door lock actuator. It took them just over an hour, while I waited. They have no fancy waiting room that serves food, no elaborate showroom floors with…
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  • 5/29/15

    They quickly found the problem and fixed it. Also preformed some standard needed maintenance I had requested. Both done for a fair price and quickly.

  • 5/17/15

    My Mechanic shop is the best auto shop in Tucson. Billy, Shawn and Deena go out of their way to give their customers top notch service, they're are honest and reliable. As a single working woman I was looking for someone that would provide good work without trying to…
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  • 4/17/15

    I recently had my brakes replaced by My Mechanic and even tho the service was good, my car started to make the same grinding noise about a month later. So I called the shop and spoke with Shawn, the manager. After explaining to him the problem, he said to come…
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  • 4/16/15

    Once again Billy and his wonderful team came to my rescue. I live west of Phoenix and was having issues with my truck so I took it to a local repair shop 3 times, they were unable to diagnose the problem. I had my truck towed to "My Mechanic" because…
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  • 4/1/15

    Shawn was super nice and very helpful. I needed some repairs done on my wife's car in a very urgent time frame. He was able to take the car in around noon and still manage to have it done the same day. The price was far less…
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  • 3/2/15

    Very pleased with the service! They are now 'My Mechanic' and I highly recommend them!!

  • 2/11/15

    My car and I were treated with first class service. Billy and his wife made me feel like I was family and took care of my car needs. The pricing was wonderful. In fact after going to 2 other mechanics and having them tell me an outrageous estimate and…
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  • 2/10/15

    Billie did a great job servicing my Jetta TDI. They are very straight forward, honest and know what the are doing. Very good at answering questions I had about my car. I trust these guys after one visit and will take all my work to them when in the Tucson area.

  • 1/12/15

    Great job replacing my brakes on all four wheels, including turning rotors. all done in a little over 1/2 day. Loaned me a vehicle so I didn't miss any app'ts. People & work suberb

  • 12/17/14

    Wonderful job! They were able to get my 'check engine light' off when no one else could. Very quick and cheap. I will be going back!

  • 12/6/14

    Outstanding workmanship. Humble and honest technicians who are highly qualified and always available. Fast diagnosis and solutions. Never overcharged. This is a mechanic I take all my vehicles to. Perfect business to entrust you fleet account with. Thanks

  • 10/19/14

    This will be my mechanic from this day forward!!! I was so happy with the people and the service...keep up the great work guys!

  • 7/30/14

    I had taken my truck to 3 other shops to get quotes. As a female, that is not that familiar with clutches, it was hard for me to know who to trust. I did my homework though, and when I took it to "Billy" and left it, I was…
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  • 6/23/14

    Billy has always been so awesome when we take my car and husbands car to him. Very honest, and will make sure that everything is right. The best thing is here him say that he guarantees his work. Will always comes back.

  • 6/10/14

    Good job no appointment, rolled in on the back of a tow truck,they fixed my work van 1 day good job guys thanks fair price also

  • 6/4/14

    Fair priced, excellent service, and got what I needed done by someone I can trust. Thats why I go to My Mechanic.

  • 6/3/14

    Fair, Honest,reliable and timely! This about sums up Billy and My Mechanic. I took my car to Billy by word of mouth. I was told about him and his services and was told that this is the place to go. I called Billy and explained my situation. Within minutes…
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  • 5/12/14

    I was in a bad situation. My check engine light had been on for a year already and I hadn't renewed my emissions tag in six months. If I didn't pass emissions then I would have to buy a one time waiver for 300, because I had court that Monday…
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  • 5/8/14

    Billy is very honest and reliable.I would recommend him to family& friends.

  • 5/6/14

    I've known Billy since he started his own shop and I can attest to this mans honesty. He looks out for the elderly and his business is growing because he cares about his clients vehicles. I take all my vehicles to him for maintenance and any work they need. I highly recommend him.

  • 4/25/14

    My car wouldn't start due to a dead battery, I called Billy and he and his awesome wife came to my rescue, jumped my car, gave me a ride back to his shop, and didn't charge me for that! now, I'm sure that isn't a service that he usually provides,…
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  • 4/10/14

    We've been going to Billy since before he had his own shop. We wouldn't go to anyone else. He's always honest and doesn't do anything that's not needed. DON'T GO ANY WHERE ELS!!!!

  • 3/21/14

    Billy just installed the front strut assemblies on my truck. His quote was the lowest I got and I am very pleased with the whole experience. He started working on my vehicle at the time we had previously agreed and completed the installation in a reasonable amount of time. The waiting area is clean and pleasant. I think I found my mechanic ;-)

  • 2/17/14

    Knowledgable, conscientious, and fair. What more can you say.

  • 2/13/14

    Billy has been my mechanic for years. He has worked on numerous vehicles for me in that time, always honest and fair. It is so important to have trust in a job well done... he does good work.

  • 2/11/14

    I have been going to Billy for my Camry's car upkeep and repairs for years. I will NEVER take my car to anyone else. He is honest and fair and his rates are the best in Tucson. I HIGHLY recommend Billy ... he is the BEST!

  • 2/4/14

    I am new to the area and actually work as an aircraft mechanic(prefer to not turn wrenches in my spare time), so my coworkers mostly do their own work and didn't really have any advice on shops . So when my vehicle needed fixin', I brought it to MyMechanic based…
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  • 1/27/14

    This is a nice shop to do business with. I had an oil change and had Billy check belts, tires, etc. since I had to do some out of town driving. I was referred by another happy customer.

  • 1/26/14

    I brought my 2000 Malibu in to check what problems were wrong with it. He was very helpful and low priced. I highly suggest this mechanic.

  • 1/21/14

    I just moved from Ohio and checked the web for a good mechanic. This site had the best reviews so I took my vehicle in for badly needed service. Billy gave me a quote of $202.00, but after checking the car out he found that the problem not as…
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  • 1/11/14

    I went to Billy at My Mechanic for my check engine light after reading really good reviews about him online. He more than met my expectations.He is a great, trustworthy and honest mechanic, and he will try to do whatever he can to help you. I would easily recommend him to everyone.

  • 1/3/14

    Go to billy. Got to billy. Go to billy! Don't ever go anywhere else! My uncle introduced me to billy and I haven't gone anywhere else since! He is very honest, fair priced and is willing to go the extra mile to help you with your car. I had all…
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  • 1/1/14

    I too was referred to Billy by a friend and do not want anyone else working on my car. Billy is an honest, reliable mechanic that knows his stuff. It is hard to find a mechanic that truly cares about your safety and not your wallet! Billy has reasonable…
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  • 12/18/13

    Don't go to another shop. Billy will treat you right. He is honest, beyond fair in pricing. Oh and an unbelievable mechanic. When other shops can't fix it or ruin it Billy will get it done right.

  • 11/20/13

    Billy is so nice and honest! My check engine light was on, he took the time to look into it, rewire some things to see what needed to be done! A volkswagen is a difficult vehicle to deal with and he was 100% honest with his evaluation and advice! I would go to him and recommend him to anyone!

  • 11/13/13

    If you are looking for a knowledgable professional that won't rip you off, look no further !! I can't say enough about Billy, I have been his customer for about two years, during this period of time he has taken care of not only my vehicles but several of my…
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  • 11/10/13

    honesty and cost of work

  • 6/29/13

    I was referred to Billy by a dear friend after I noticed a few warning lights suddenly came on. Not only was the problem fixed in one day (he knew I was traveling the next morning) the cost was unbelievably fair!! I FINALLY found a TRUSTFUL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE mechanic.…
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  • 6/27/13

    After getting an expensive estimate from my usual close by mechanic, I looked up other local garages here and My Mechanic undercut everyone else significantly. I brought my car in the next day and Billy looked over the car again, told me which repairs could wait, and did the work…
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  • 6/23/13

    Billy services my fleet of trucks. Being a service company,when one of my trucks is in the shop, its not on the road making money. Billy does what ever it takes to fix them in one day. More than fair pricing and A1 service.

  • 6/18/13

    I love Billy the mechanic,he is the only mechanic I'll go to. He is always very patient when he explains what needs to be done to my car. I'll always use Billy

  • 6/15/13

    I finally found a wonderful auto repair shop that I trust.

  • 5/23/13

    Best price I've ever seen for an inspection. Friendly, professional, quick. No complaints, a positive experience all around.

  • 5/1/13

    I took my 2003 neon to see Billy at "My Mechanic" for some very much needed TLC. I am very very happy with the work. He is honest and truly cares about his work and gives it 110%. Go see him, and you will be very happy with the results. I have now found my mechanic and will recommend him everyone.

  • 4/27/13

    This man...go to this man. Billy is by far the best mechanic experience I've ever had. My check engine light had been on forever and I'd taken it to countless places, each telling me a different thing. I'd put hundreds of dollars into it to no avail, and was treated…
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  • 4/26/13

    I found My Mechanic at Billy was very knowledgeable about my vehicle and friendly; He worked quickly and was very reasonable. I will definitely take my car back to My Mechanic as well as recommend him to anyone needing repairs.

  • 3/26/13

    I found "Billy" at My Mechanic to be honest, efficient, organized, generous, and best of all skilled! He replaced my A/C Blower motor, front brake rotor/pads, changed the oil. I will be going back, have sent him a new customer, and will refer him every chance I get.

  • 3/19/13

    (Hope this helps anyone looking for a really good mechanic) I'm one of those guys who has the misfortune of owning a sometimes Very finicky Ford F250 6.0 diesel engine truck. The truck has had all the usual problems associated with this particular engine. Each time something has gone wrong from…
    read full review

  • 3/17/13

    I was referred to My Mechanic Maintenance & Repair by a family member. I was very pleased with the service I received. Billy was friendly and professional. I felt that he was honest with what needed to be done and I was not given the run around. I needed a…
    read full review

  • 3/17/13

    Mechanic accurately diagnosed malfunction and provided a thorough explanation of defective parts, pointing out their location on the vehicle. This was done in a timely manner; diagnostic codes from the engine computer were included on the invoice as well as a clear definition of parts and labor. Mechanic was courteous and easy to communicate with. I would use this shop again.

  • 3/16/13

    I was referred to Billy by my brother and we couldn't have been more pleased. He was very knowledgable, professional, and reasonably priced. I will be using him for any future repairs and 100% recommend him to anyone needing car repairs or service.

  • 3/11/13

    This is actually the second vehicle I've brought to Billy in the past 30 days, both for routine maintenance. After a couple of overpriced and under-informed experiences with other repair shops, Billy's honesty, straight-forward manner, and very reasonable prices are a breath of fresh air. It's nice to…
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  • 3/11/13

    My Mechanic is the best. He is the most honest person you will ever meet. I have sent him several people. He does excellent work. I highly recommend Billy. He is MY MECHANIC

  • 3/10/13

    I have been working with Billy for 2 years where he has worked on 3 of my used vehicles. He has repaired two of them at very reasonable rates. The 3rd vehicle, a 96 Audi couldn't be diagnosed, whereby he did not charge for Service. I took it to a…
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  • 3/9/13

    Hi, Billy is been taking care of all the car that I own, and He is a good mechanic, honest and very reliable, ever since I met Him I don't go anywhere else. I'm very happy with Him & I definitely recommend Him.

  • 3/2/13

    Fast, affordable and effective. Will definitely be returning when more work is needed.

  • 2/27/13

    Hi, my name is Shannon and Joe has been my mechanic for about 8 years now. As a single woman I really appreciate the honesty, the hard work that he provides to making sure I am safe on the road. I would highly recommend Joe Ganje to be your mechanic. He is someone you can count on.

  • 2/27/13

    I would like to Express to All that Billy @ (My Mechanic Shop)in Tucson has Always been affordable,reasonable,considerate& Very Profesional.Billys Reliable Work He has done for Me has made ME Very Confortable driving My Vehical anywhere.& just Very Confident in His Work, & I Highly Rate Billy..... Thk You!:-)

  • 2/27/13

    Billy has been my family's mechanic for years, and for good reason. His attention to detail, integrity & honesty, as well as flexibility reflect his passion for his profession. I not only highly recommend "My Mechanic", I depend on them!

  • 2/27/13

    I Highly Refer Billy @ His AutoShop(My Mechanic)I have known Billy for 10+years & have had nothing but Good results...He Even went out of His way to come replace a Rack & Pinion on a Honda Accord an hour away from Tucson.& now I drive My 1992 Blazer to Billy…
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  • 2/26/13

    Billy was very nice and explained everything he was going to do to the car in order to get it fixed. He was very honest with everything that needed to be done and even let me go to an auto parts store to get the parts for cheaper. I highly recommend him to anyone that has a car and needs anything done to the car, including oil changes.

  • 2/25/13

    Billy has worked on my family's vehicles for several years. We've always relied on him, and he's always looked out for us. He won't sell you what you don't need.

  • 2/25/13

    My wife and I have been going to Billy for a couple of years. Billy has always been fair and straight forward with us which is refreshing to have out of a shop in Tucson. Billy recently installed a lift on my Tundra. It was completed on time and we have had no issues at all. I would recommend Billy (My Mechanic) to anyone.

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