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Martin's Auto Repair, Phoenix 85016

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 11/1/17

    Martin auto is the best. I have taken my car there for the last 10 years and I now have over 200,000 miles and still running strong.

  • 7/9/17

    I've been a customers of Martin's Auto Repair for 3 years and have always found them to be thorough, honest and fare with their fees.

  • 6/19/17

    I've been taking my car to Martin's for about 10 years now and what I love most about them is their honesty and commitment to great service. They always take care of me and are honest about what to expect. When it comes to auto shops they are the best.

  • 5/18/17

    I've been coming here for a few years now ... Martin's has the most honest and trustworthy team that I've EVER met! They keep my 2005 GMC Yukon XL running like new and they saved me a lot of money by suggesting which repairs are immediately necessary vs. those…
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  • 11/29/16

    Martin's Auto Repair is "hands down" the best auto shop in Phoenix. I have taken my car there for several years now, and it is running strong. I would like to keep my car running for years to come, as I travel by car for business. It…
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  • 4/22/16

    Martin's has been my repair shop for many years. They stand by their work. My car died without warning and I had my car towed to Martin's. Though I didn't like being billed for the time they spent to diagnose the reason for my car's failure…
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  • 4/21/16

    Martin's Auto Repair have been taking care of our cars since the middle 80's and have done an excellent job. When presented with a custom built street rod they have done their usual excellent work.

  • 4/15/16

    Truly one the finest local businesses in town. Upon meeting them for the first time, you realize Dave and his team are there to solve any mechanical situation and to secure your trust. If I had a daughter, I would send her to Dave Martin.... Trusting them ( unlike many others) for an accurate description of the problem.... Not one of taking advantage. A true hometown favorite. !

  • 4/6/16

    Martins Auto always does such a great job with my car. I know my car is in good hands whenever I bring it in. They are fast, friendly, and convenient!

  • 3/3/16

    If you want your car to be maintained or repaired with no hassles and with the best customer service, take it to Martin's. They work on our work fleet and my personal vehicles simply because they are the best. Their prices are reasonable and they won't perform unnecessary repairs. Ask for Glenn.

  • 2/29/16

    I was pleasantly surprised with Martin's Auto Repair. The entire staff including David and Glen are super nice and professional and the pick up/drop off from work was an added bonus. Their prices are fair and the service time was as they stated. I appreciated the great detail they provided…
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  • 2/26/16

    I was referred to Martin's Auto Repair in 2011. The "check engine light" came on and another shop in my area wanted to charge me $250.00 to check it and I knew this was way too much. A friend referred me to Martin's Auto Repair (a family owned…
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  • 11/3/15

    It is always scary choosing a mechanic, but Martin's can relieve that worry. They are honest and reasonable. You are going to get what you pay for and you can trust that they will stand behind it.

  • 11/3/15

    First time at this shop and it was very female friendly. Thank you to Glenn for all his help, gave me more information than any other shop I've ever worked with. I'm now a customer for life.

  • 11/3/15

    Martin's Auto Repair has provided excellent service to me and my family the last 3 years. They are very pleasant and easy to work with and take time to explain things. Thank you, David, and your staff for taking care of our cars!

  • 11/3/15

    hey Martin's, love you all

  • 9/9/15

    Martins did another outstanding job on the car I brought in, this time it was my daughters car. They did a thorough inspection on it and took car of all the pending issues to keep the car operating at it's highest level! They have been servicing my cars for almost 15 years and would highly recommend them for their integrity and professionalism!

  • 8/4/15

    Martin's Auto is such a trustworthy place to take your vehicles. They are friendly and will do the right thing for your auto. They won't cut corners but will also not sell you anything you do not need or want. We have been going there for years with many makes and models and have always been pleased with their service.

  • 8/4/15

    Love this place

  • 12/18/14

    I have enjoyed the service here repeatedly! All the women who come to this shop will love it. Men, of course, you too. There are 2 beautiful women in the front to great you. It is such a friendly and safe environment. The magazines are great…
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  • 12/3/14

    Great Experience! I have been here twice! The first time was right after I bought the car and they inspected it and gave me a list of everything I could do and prioritized it- but said it looked good and nothing needed to be done at that time. This…
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  • 5/5/14


  • 6/25/13

    Needed a quick oil change. Dave and Glenn did a complete inspection for free and found my battery was on borrowed time and rear brakes at only 20%. Will have work completed next week...saved me from getting stuck on the road.

  • 11/20/12

    This is definitely a top notch shop, they matched a competitors price, provided a 2 year warranty on the work, and even provided extra service at their own expense in order to stick to the quoted price on my clutch replacement. Not only that, but they were friendly, and very straight forward about answering all my questions. These people have definitely earned my repeat business

  • 10/1/12

    Everyone is very helfpul here. Glenn is great to work with and they are very thorough in their work. They can run high in their prices, but it is worth every penny. Thank you.

  • 2/5/12

    I wrote a quality review for Martin's Auto Repair back in 2007 when I was taking my car and also my daughter's car to Martin's, giving them an outstanding performance in their service,and I just want to update my status with them. As I was getting ready to watch the…
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  • 11/12/11

    My vehicle had two broken window regulators that raise and lower the window. I was able to get an appointment promptly, the service was done in one day. I had transport to and from my work place. There's also a two year guarantee on the parts!

  • 9/24/10

    Martin’s Auto Repair located on the NW Corner of 16th Street and Osborne is a class act. They do a comprehensive checkup on your car in less than 45 minutes and offer a detailed estimate of each item that needs to be fixed. They honor the quoted price and do the…
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  • 7/14/10

    My daughter is new in Phoenix and her engine was over-heating. Dave at Martin's could have said any number of things were wrong. He didn't. He tested and diagnosed and found out that the cooling system was really working properly, despite what the gauge said and therefore, didn't end up…
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  • 7/5/10

    this has got to be one of the best experience I've had so far. the people there were very friendly and straight forward. they were also very timely, in before noon out before 5pm. its awesome to see a family run business in these times running so smooth and honest. please keep up the great work you all do. Thank you I will definitely be using them again. once again "THANK YOU"

  • 2/19/10

    As a shop goes, you can see the second you walk in the door this is no regular Auto Shop. The place is immaculate and everyone there looks at you ready to help. As far as servicing my vehicle, I have been using Dave's business now for 4 years and…
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  • 11/23/09

    Went to Dave Martin for a 30,000 mile service for my vehicle. Dave and crew did a great job on the vehicle at a price much lower than the local dealerships. The car was ready when promised and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend giving Martin Auto Repair a try for your next repair or maintenance needs

  • 6/27/09

    I was experiencing issues with my A/C in the middle of June in Phoenix. Needless to say, with the temp being 105+ outside, the problem needed to be fixed immediately. I made an appointment at the nearby dealership early in the morning and was expecting the bill to be approx. $500.…
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  • 6/27/09

    Have to use these guys! It was a Saturday at 11 a.m. They close at noon. I had a dead battery. Dave said he was busy but bring it on down. 6 mile drive. Left my business in company delivery vehicle at 11:15. Back with new battery just after noon! They are awesome! Thanks Dave!

  • 3/19/09

    I was looking for a reputable company since I recently had a bad brake job. I found Martin's Auto Repair online and went to the BBB to check their rating which was an A+ and had NO COMPLAINTS. I like to support family-owned businesses and from what research I…
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  • 3/9/09

    I recently found Martins Auto Repair on Google and couldn't be happier. The price for repair was VERY reasonable. But price is not why I am writing this review. I just want to comment on the friendly and knowledgeable staff. These guys are COOL. My past experiences at auto shops…
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  • 2/17/09

    Ok, so I'm a little late in posting this review, but I promised I would, so here it is. Several months ago I was experiencing problems with my brakes. I took the truck to a nationally know brake shop with a golden name. I got a quote…
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  • 1/17/09

    I'm a single woman and I felt very comfortable coming into the shop to get my Trailblazer fixed. The owner came and spoke to me directly and listened very carefully to my descriptions of the problem I was having with my vehicle and even helped me to understand how things…
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  • 12/13/08

    The staff could not have been nicer and more professional. It's always a good sign when the front office is clean and organized. The work the shop performed was very good. I appreciated the fact they didn't try to "up-sell" me on work I did not need…
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  • 12/10/08

    These guys are awesome. The shop is clean, they are honest and fast and have a friendly attitude. I will come back to Martin's!

  • 12/8/08

    I have done work with the Martin's for over 30 years and have never had any problems with there work.

  • 12/4/08

    Martins had a nice waiting area and they were very prompt in getting my car done so that it was ready when promised. I felt that they were honest in telling me what really needed done with my vehicle. Thanks Martins

  • 12/1/08

    GREAT Service!! They assisted in getting the best solution and price for me. Owner of the company personally picked me up at my home to return me to my car at there shop. Offered suggestions and alternatives to my price range! IF there were more business like Martins I know the Pepboys and Goodyears would be out of business. Customer service satisfaction indeed!!

  • 11/24/08

    This was my first experience with Martins but not my last. The owner Dave Martin was helpful and very competent. So was his coworker Scot. They gave me an over the phone estimate based on the symptom I described. My passenger side window stuck in the down position. Scot ordered the part ahead of…
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  • 11/19/08

    I brought my vehicle in for its 7500 mile scheduled maintenance. They gave the truck a thorough inspection in addition to the oil change, all at a very reasonable price. The shop was clean and neat and the personel curtious and professional. I expect I will be turning over my truck's maintenance to them.

  • 11/17/08

    Took my Prius in for the 1st time. Garage is clean, employees courteous, work was done efficiently and timely. It's a definite recommendation from me!! Carol West

  • 11/16/08

    Dave and his staff are the most reliable and honest auto repair team that I have ever used. I have referred several people to Martin's Auto Repair and i will continue to do so.

  • 11/14/08

    extremely satisfied with the overall service, no B.S. from the counter people. they told me what exactly was wrong with no up-selling. very prompt turn around and very proffessional. replacement parts were top of the line. Martins was willing to work within my budget, I feel I received top quality service for very little money

  • 11/14/08

    I’ve been having my vehicles serviced at this shop for over 20 years with outstanding, fast, reliable, quality, efficient service each and every time. It has always been a pleasure doing business with Martin’s Auto Repair and I would recommend their services to everyone…!

  • 11/14/08

    Not my first time using Martin's Auto Repair. Have always been impressed with the owner's and all staff members there. They care about your car and your safety. I am a single mom and I usually check out the oil change after I've had one done to make sure there's…
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  • 11/4/08

    This is the BEST, most reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop that I have found during my 10 years in Phoenix. Price-wise they can't be beat-- their repair costs were $300 less than other places. I highly recommend them for their very reasonable prices, thorough workmanship and excellent customer service. I would particularly recommend Martin's Auto Repair to people who have older model vehicles.

  • 10/27/08

    Dave and his team did a wonderful job! Only one store had the part they needed in the entire metro area, and when they found out I needed the car that afternoon they ran over to get the part to ensure I received the car back the same day.…
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  • 10/16/08

    I was totally amazed and impressed with the guys at Martin's. My car didn't pass emissions and not only did they take care of the issue, for half the price the dealership wanted to charge me, they took my car through emissions for me! Everyone there was so nice…
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  • 10/2/08

    I had an old car that I needed to sell. Dave made sure that it was road worthy and that gave me peace of mind. He was honest in his assessment whether I should keep it or not. I trust his opinion. I will definitely refer all my friends and family to his business. Thanks Dave.

  • 9/27/08

    You want reliability this is the shop to go to! I gained 4 miles per gallon which is incredible after Martin's auto repair did an oil change, air filter replacement, standard checkup, and added new brakes. It was worth every penny! The best is that you actually get to talk to the owner. Thanks Dave Great Job

  • 9/17/08

    Thanks to Dave and his professional/knowledgeable staff. I took my 97 sentra in for an a/c condensor repair, I shopped around and found that Martins was priced 350-450 less than the others, and better still they fixed it in the same day!! If you are looking for good honest auto…
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  • 9/4/08

    My old car needs tender loving care. Scot at Martin's told me that my car needed new front brakes because I had basically 10% of wear left. He gave me an estimate of the cost,which turned out to be correct. I brought the car in in the morning, and they…
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  • 8/19/08


  • 7/11/08

    Service was prompt. They called to confirm that they received the car from the tow company. They called with an extimate. They called to let me know when it was done. They also

  • 7/10/08

    I moved to Phoenix 3 weeks ago only to have my car die on me the other day. Being new to the city, I had no idea who I could trust to be a reliable repair shop. After reading the glowing reviews on this site for Martin's Auto…
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  • 6/5/08

    I've been a satisfied customer of Dave and Dennis Martin's Auto Repair for 25 years and have never had a bad experience there. They're honest, competent, and helpful. They do the job right, on time and for a reasonable price. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • 6/4/08

    This is the best auto shop in the valley. the staff is so helpfull and expained everything in a way that I could undershad the problem with my car.

  • 6/1/08

    Dave and his crew rock. Preparing to make my truck, a high mileage truck because of increasing fuel costs, I was given options of what would be best to do to prepare it for the next 70,000 miles. I would and have referred my business to this shop. Thanks for everything guys. Pete F.

  • 5/28/08

    Went into Martin's Auto Repair with a sick car and left with a well running one within a short period of time. Shop was immaculate and the people were friendly. Definitely will recommend to anyone.

  • 5/28/08

    I brought our tired old lady into the garage for a check-up and got what I needed - the straight truth about how old and tired my car was. I was talked out of spending any more money on her and, while sad on the news, relieved that…
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  • 5/24/08

    My husband and I started taking our vehicles to David several years ago, and because of the excellent customer service and quality of the repair work performed on our vehicles I wouldn't go anywhere else. David, his father Dennis, his wife and the the rest of the crew are…
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  • 5/23/08

    My Envoy has over 103,000 miles on it and I brought it to the guys at Martin's auto. They did a 41 point inspection and advised me of some minor repairs. I picked up my Envoy a day later and it drove like it did when it was…
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  • 5/19/08

    Martin's Auto Repair has consistently provided top quality service for my 2004 Lexus. My husband and I have taken our vehicles to Martin's for the past 8 years and we've always received honest and reliable maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting. The techs are always very knowlegeable and friendly. …
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  • 5/8/08

    Awesome customer service. Comfortable waiting room, clean environment, friendly staff, and free drinks just for customers. The shop owner is knowledgeable and really fair about pricing. It's a family run business, and they treat you like family there. I was dropped off at work by their driver…
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  • 5/8/08

    The attention and care that was recieved was extremely refreshing. I will bring my auto's back anytime that I need service.....

  • 5/7/08

    Dave and his team did an outstanding job from beginning to end. The shop is could eat off those floors! In and out, with incredible service and a great, friendly atmosphere! You will not beat this shop.

  • 5/2/08

    Im happy. Prices seem fair, and they found and fixed the problem right away, where a big name shop had failed to even find the right problem. They wanted to sell me various extra preventive maintenance procedures that they could do, new tires, etc... that I hadn't come in for,…
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  • 7/8/07

    I have been doing business with Martin's Auto Repair for over fifteen years. Dave and the gang have done a great job taking care of my vehicles. They have a friendly atmosphere and i feel very comfortable doing business at their shop. Their shop is one of the cleanest i have ever seen

  • 4/11/07

    I have been taking my 2 vehicles to Martins for 4 years now and they have always done the repairs professionally and accurately to the estimation given. They are always accurate when recommending service or repairs needed in the future. I have found out a couple of times the hard…
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  • 1/17/07


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