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Larry Harker's Auto Repair, Phoenix 85019

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validated reviews (186)
Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 9/16/17

    Listen to you and talk to you. They have obvious integrity and really care about your vehicle and your needs. I'm glad I found them!

  • 8/2/17

    Alway take my vechial there everynbody is helpful and kind

  • 7/31/17

    The people were up front and honest right at the beginning of our visit. All the employees were very friendly and helpful. I would definitely suggest them to my friends and family.

  • 7/31/17

    I have the utmost confidence in the services and repairs provided at Larry Harker's Auto Repair. The workmanship and quality done on both of my cars are excellent. Bob and Ellen do a great job of communicating to me not only the costs, but immediate repairs versus future repairs in order to keep my cars running in great condition.

  • 7/28/17

    Just picked up my car today and I had my Waterhouse replaced and my compressor on my ac fixed. What an excellent job they do here and always, always, honest. My family has come here for 20+ years to get are vehicles serviced and we are always completely satisfied with their work. Bob, Ellen, and their entire crew are top notch! Highly recommended!!

  • 7/26/17

    I brought my daughter's 1999 Malibu in to check the A/C, and Larry Harker's found the problem and fixed it quickly and economically, They also recommended a couple of other items that need attention at some time, but they never pressured me into getting the work done. I really appreciated that. They are the auto repair shop I recommend to anyone who asks.

  • 7/26/17

    Whether it is our personal vehicles or our work trucks, we can trust that when Larry Harker's Auto Repair works on them, it will be done right. They have excellent quality and service both in the shop and in the office. Thank you Bob, Ellen and staff for another great service experience!

  • 7/25/17

    Larry Harker's Auto Repair continues to be our go to place for any of our car/truck repairs. Their quality service and integrity keep us coming back and referring others to them. Thank you Bob and Ellen!

  • 7/25/17

    Good Customers Services

  • 7/18/17

    The best place around. Honest people and GREAT service!!

  • 7/14/17

    Excellent service!! We have been a loyal customer to Larry Harker's for quite some time. We couldn't ask for more of a reliable and honest repair shop!

  • 7/12/17

    I got a key stuck in my faulty ignition column. I called Larry Hawker. He said he would look at my truck the following day. He gave a pretty accurate estimate. The next day the truck was ready as promised. The work was fantastic and the price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend them.

  • 7/5/17

    As usual very precise diagnosis, very courteous service and fast repair, good pricing in the end. Shop is very clean and organized. Will be my go to shop for repairs I won't tackle myself.

  • 6/29/17

    Just had power steering repairs and left transaxable replaced. The car drives and rides like a dream. Thank you Bob and Ellen for keeping my car in good running order. Thanks Christian for giving me a ride home and picking me up. Yours Truly... Edie

  • 6/27/17

    Great Service will like to come here again !

  • 6/20/17

    I have been a loyal customer to Larry Harker's for quite some time. Bob's and Ellen's customer service is superb. I couldn't ask for more of a reliable and honest repair shop!

  • 6/19/17

    My parents an I have been taking our vehicles to Larry Harker since the 1970s. I will not take my car to any other mechanic. They do great work!

  • 6/5/17

    My car overheated and wouldn't start in an unfamiliar neighborhood and I had to tow it somewhere close the next morning since the tow guys charge per mile. I called one place, but they said they were too busy and they recommended Larry Harkers. So I called them…
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  • 6/2/17

    Great Service. This service shop was recommended by 2 neighbors. It is worth the drive. I took my vehicle in for the 100,000 mile service. They checked hoses, fluids, etc. diagnosed problems and provided an estimate to repair the AC system and water pump. The final invoice was less than the quoted estimate. Car runs great.

  • 5/30/17

    We give Larry Harkers an overall rating of 5. We have taken our vehicles there before & they have done a great job. We have never had any problems.

  • 5/30/17

    Larry Harker's is great! They take care of you and don't ever do anything to your car that they don't clear with you first. I regularly come out of there not only with a wonderfully working car, but also having paid less than I was quoted. I use them all the time.

  • 5/17/17

    I have been here (favorably) prior to this visit - which is why I chose to return. For the most part, I was satisfied with the service again. One glitch, however. This was for an oil change. I have always used Valvoline. Previously, Larry used it also. This time, he…
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  • 5/12/17

    I had a problem with my Jeep, it wouldn't start. All signs pointed towards the fuel pump. After a few days at the mechanic, they couldn't find a mechanical issue. So we sent it here, and within a few hours, they had my car diagnosed and repaired. They were very quick and efficient.

  • 5/10/17

    6 years ago we moved here from the east coast. Our search for a reputable mechanic looked grim at times. We needed work done and found this shop. Workmanship has always been commendable and communication between the vehicles "true repairs needed" and "what could wait" have been honest. Although pricing…
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  • 5/9/17

    very thorough repair on an older truck. tracked down the parts that are difficult to find, and did a good job with install. I have used them in the past and I am always satisfied with work

  • 5/5/17

    Amazing job on my truck! They were very nice and worked extremely hard to fix my car up. very happy with the results.

  • 5/4/17

    They are great. They are focused and get things done. While I was in there another garage in the area brought in a bus for them to fix!

  • 12/21/16

    We've always had good work done by Bob & Ellen. Wouldn't go any where else because you can't get quality work at other places.

  • 12/17/16

    This shop is always a pleasure to do business with. We took in our son's Eclipse. They were able to diagnose the issue and resolve to the best we can in the time frame we had. Very happy with the outcome and will not hesitate to bring our other vehicles in when we need service.

  • 12/9/16

    This is the best auto repair shop in town! They are very professional and do quality work for a fair price. We bring both our personal and work vehicles to them, and we recommend them to anyone we know who is looking for a trustworthy and quality repair shop. Owner's, Bob and Ellen, conduct their business with honesty and integrity. Thank you for the many years of great service!

  • 12/3/16

    Always prompt, friendly and professional service. They have been servicing our cars for many years. Highly recommend them!

  • 11/30/16

    A family-owned shop that takes pride in all they do. They are professional and fast. I will only go there from now on. They are knowledgeable and courteous. They are worth the drive even if you are an hour away

  • 11/22/16

    Hardest thing to diagnose, electrical issue. They explained what was going on and gave me options. Very willing to talk to me about my car problem.

  • 9/6/16

    Outstanding work on the Heater Core. I was impressed by the fact it was completed without any errors and in a short amount of time (1 day). The service was very exceptional and I applaud the individual who referred me to them. I highly recommend them.

  • 9/3/16

    we love Larry Harker's, Ellen and Bob are the best, they are honest and trustworthy. we have been going to them for over 20 years, multiple vehicles, they always give us results we can trust.

  • 9/1/16

    Down-to-earth, extremely honest dealership. My parents, and now my husband and I, have been taking in our cars to this dealership for decades. Whenever another garage has told us we have to get work done, we take our cars into Bob for a 2nd opinion, and he always tells us…
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  • 8/31/16

    I was so happy to be able to get my car serviced by an approved Alcolock service provider so that I did not have to pay for the repair code. The staff was friendly, they got me in the same day that I called, and the prices were very fair. Highly recommended!

  • 8/30/16

    I've been using this shop for at least the last 15 years. Several of my cars have been serviced at this shop. Might be a little pricey, but what you get is reliable,HONEST and very courteous service. No work is done until they check with you,explain the problem,…
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  • 8/30/16

    I always have a great experience and completely trust there business.

  • 8/29/16

    Bob and his staff of professional mechanics do a wonderful and thorough job on our cars each time we bring them to Larry Harker's for repairs, even when we have no idea why the auto or truck is not performing as it should. They make a great effort to…
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  • 8/29/16

    They are pricy, however work is guaranteed and I have found Larry Harker's Auto Repair quality work. I never have needed to bring any vehicle back to have same repair work done. They call prior to repair work to let me know cost in advance.

  • 8/26/16

    Honest, fast and friendly service. A refreshing experience for a female seeking car repair. No high pressure urgency just fair and honest auto care. Will definitely recommend and return.

  • 8/26/16

    I love these guys! I've been going to them since I first got my truck, now almost 100,000 (230,000 total on the vehicle) miles later and its still running strong thanks to the work they have done. I've had the AC system fixed, engine hoses replaced, power steering fixed, and many…
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  • 8/26/16

    Fast, accurate, thorough, and also very nice, I'm now a fan. My Tahoe is running great! Excellent job!

  • 8/24/16

    Excellent Customer Service. A trustworthy business, a job well done on my vehicles.

  • 8/23/16

    They found a coolant leak driving me crazy. A master cylinder was failing, it didn't seem right but don't drive the car much as it is my wife's. Very happy with the service, and the car is much safer.

  • 8/22/16

    Larry Harker's Auto Repair Shop has been our exclusive Auto Repair Shop for years. Our whole family depends upon their reliable, fair and honest advice and repairs. We trust them with all of our auto - and truck - repair needs. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends for their auto repair needs.

  • 8/18/16

    We wouldn't take our vehicles anywhere else. they are the best at what they do and couldn't ask for a more friendly mechanic shop!

  • 8/18/16

    We have used Larry Harkers automotive for our entire fleet of trucks throughout the years and just recently had my engine in my Tundra take a dive after 223K miles and he had it replaced and on the road in less then a week. Thanks for always giving us great service.

  • 8/17/16

    we were 100 miles form home when we broke down in Phoenix, we got our car repaired in a couple of hours and went on our way. we are pleased with the courtesy and quick service we received. if we have the same luck again we will use the same shop.

  • 8/16/16

    I made the switch to Larry Harker's about a year ago. I now have all my vehicles serviced there (4). They are a top notch facility and I have used many. Bob and Ellen are very professional along with all their mechanics. What is most important to me is they…
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  • 8/6/16

    Thank for working with me and working hard trying to get my car fix and u did get it fix.

  • 8/5/16

    Excellent service as always. Thank you very much Larry and family.

  • 8/4/16

    My parents have been using Larry Harker's Auto Repair for approximately 30 years. I started using them about 15 years ago. They have always been professional, clean and very friendly. I have never had any problems with them. I always recommend them when asked about what mechanic I use.

  • 8/4/16

    I have been using and recommending Larry Harker's for years. Bob and Ellen are the best!

  • 7/30/16

    I have been using Larry Harker's Auto Repair for approximately 15 years. They have always been professional, clean and very friendly. This business is very honest. It may not be the least inexpensive but they are fair, honest and very very reliable. Highly recommend this auto repair business....

  • 7/28/16

    the clips underneath my grill had come off they put the clips and screws in was only there for a half hour very happy with their service will go back again

  • 7/28/16

    My family has been using Larry Harkers Auto Repair for 10+ years and have never once felt as though we were being over charged or sold on something that wasn't necessary. Bob, Ellen & staff are very fair, courteous and extremely nice people. I have recommended them many times.

  • 7/27/16

    I took my car in to repair a recall item. The communication was excellent. My car was returned in good condition. I have used this company many times. I have always been pleased.

  • 7/26/16

    This is a well run clean shop. The husband and wife team owners are Very knowledgeable and HONEST. Their prices are reasonable and they never try to sell you or do more than you need.

  • 7/26/16

    The car would not start and needed to be towed to shop. I have been going to Larry Harker's for many years and trust there judgement. As it turns out my battery was over three years old and in our summer heat it just gave out.

  • 7/25/16

    This Garage truly cares for your safety on the road. My thanks to Bob, Ellen and their team of mechanics.

  • 7/20/16

    I was very pleased with the service I received from Bob and Ellen at the repair shop. Also Jake was excellent when he drove me home.

  • 7/15/16

    We took the car in because my A/C was not working on all settings. The first diagnostic came back with a faulty module for all the controls which would have to be replaced, but the mechanic double checked once they had the module out. It turned out to be…
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  • 7/14/16

    My family has been using Larry Harker's Auto Repair for several years. Our vehicles are always fixed the first time and usually within a few hours and at a very reasonable cost. Ellen and Bob are great to work with and we wouldn't take our vehicles to any other shop! We highly recommend this repair shop!!

  • 7/9/16

    Quick service, reliable, and trustworthy. The diagnostics are a little expensive. I wish they would charge less for the diagnosis, especially for large repairs.

  • 7/5/16

    If integrity means anything to you, Larry Harkers has it in spades! Top notch work, quick and completely computation crew. If you want the cheapest ( move along ) this is not it. If you want your car fixed right the 1st time. Call Larry Harkers! Tell Ellen and Bob I sent you.

  • 7/4/16

    Brought vehicle in for noticeable lack of power upon turns and straightaways from a stopped position. Bob's team of mechanics quickly diagnosed the problem, a leaking fuel pump assembly unit, and replaced the unit. Also noted a small lengthy crack in the exhaust manifold, this could also be a byproduct…
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  • 7/1/16

    I love this shop! I just moved here for college about a year ago and when my car didn't start one day on my way to work, I had it towed to Larry Harkers. I've been going there for checkups and oil changes ever since. They're honest and efficient and…
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  • 5/4/16

    Had my oil changed, was in and out within an hour. one of the best auto repair shops i have experienced. I have been going there for years and Bob and Ellen have always gave taken good care of my vehicles. Highly Recommend.

  • 5/2/16

    Very satisfied. My family has been taking cars to Larry Harker's for many years. We have always received reliable advice and great service.

  • 4/22/16

    larry harkers auto repair is the best place in mid phoenix,az to get youre car,truck,suv looked at and repaired. they always give you an honest opinion on what really needs fixed now, and what can wait a little while . they are good people over there, and provide quality service when you need it.....

  • 4/15/16

    I have been taking my vehicles to Larry Harker Ellen Bob always very pleasant tell me exactly what's wrong with it explain it to me so I know exactly what's going on with it they're very prompt at getting it back to me on time I really appreciate having them as my auto mechanics

  • 4/15/16

    The A/C had broken down and needed a new compressor and other parts, like the HVAC Control Assembly. Expensive but it was done in a timely manner and now the A/C works like my car was brand new!

  • 4/15/16

    I have always trusted Bob at Larry Harker's Auto Shop. I know he will be honest with what is wrong with my car and give me the recommendation on what needs to be done to have my car running in it's best possible way. It's…
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  • 4/12/16

    We were told exactly what the problems were, and the prices of the repairs. And the repairs were made accordingly. Highly recommend this repair shop, as they are honest and direct, with reasonable prices.

  • 4/6/16

    Honest and liked that everything was explained to me an no pressure. Thank you

  • 3/25/16

    Had my regular oil change and car checkup and as usual. Was able to get in and out with expediency. The service is always professional, friendly and satisfactory. Bob has serviced my cars for over 30-years and I would not have anyone else do any mechanic work except Larry Harker's Auto.

  • 3/17/16

    Larry Harker's the only shop we go to. Took the new(ish) Tahoe in for HVAC actuator. In and out in a couple of houirs.

  • 3/7/16

    Bob and Ellen and all the guys have been nothing but wonderful to us. Been doing service with them for over 20 years!!!!!

  • 3/5/16

    We have always used Larry Harker's for their reliable service and knowledgeable staff. We can always count on them to provide fast service.

  • 1/18/16

    Outstanding service. I live quite a ways away from the shop and they go to great lengths to get me in and out in one day. I have been coming here for years and they have not failed to do so yet. I have been told on a couple…
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  • 11/30/15

    I highly recommend Larry Harker's Auto Repair! I have been coming here for over a dozen years. Bob and Ellen are helpful, honest, trustworthy, and very reasonably priced.

  • 11/18/15

    Excellent service and repair as always. Bob and Ellen kept me informed throughout the process.Personable and helpful owners and staff. HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing automotive repairs or service.

  • 11/17/15

    Good work, kind of expensive

  • 11/16/15

    great service. very reliable and trustworthy

  • 11/14/15

    I have been taking my cars to Larry Harker's for a number of years. They have always done excellent work for me. Checking updates on one of my vehicles saved me an unnecessary repair and $$$. Best place for repair in the valley.

  • 11/12/15

    Prompt service. Completed the necessary work in less time and more efficiently than the repair guide recommended. Saved me $$ Thanks !

  • 11/8/15

    My husband and I always receive excellent advice and service from the owners of Larry Harker's Auto Repair, Bob and Ellen. We appreciate the fast and efficient service we receive.

  • 11/6/15

    Friendly people did work a lot of work fairly quick

  • 10/22/15

    Very experienced and always excellent customer service. My Dad and I have been going here for years.

  • 9/15/15

    The same friendly and conscientious service as always. I will continue to bring my car here!

  • 9/14/15

    I love almost everything about Larry Harkers. I know nothing about cars and I make it no secret that I know nothing. Larry is the first mechanic not to try to sell me some nonexistent part. If he were open more hours I would still go to him but I work during his business hours.

  • 9/9/15

    Larry Harker's Auto Repair is a 100% honest shop! I've dealt with them on many occasions, and they are always fast, efficient, knowledgable, courteous and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to everyone.

  • 9/5/15

    Been taking my vehicles here for many years. I have always had excellent service and know that what they fix is fixed right.

  • 9/3/15

    I loved the service it was fast and friendly. They were able to diagnose my car and tell me what the problem was. They also told me other recommendations and parts that were going bad.

  • 9/2/15

    Bob and Ellen Frisby of Larry Harker's Auto Repair perform excellent work and provide extraordinary service. Their repairs are done on time, or earlier, and the cost is as the estimate was quoted. Their professional opinion of the auto problem is accurate, and quality, guaranteed work is performed. My husband and I have recommended their Auto Repair Shop to family and friends for years.

  • 9/2/15

    I always feel confident here. Fair pricing and they don't try to up sell you services you don't need. They are a shop you can trust.

  • 8/29/15

    I knew this shop was going to be outstanding the first time I saw it because they were so clean and organized. I had some major front suspension work done on my truck and they were very informative and a pleasure to work with.

  • 8/26/15

    They knew what to do, and they saved me a lot of money.

  • 8/15/15

    I took my son's mustang in because the AC had stopped working. Larry got it fixed in record time at a very fair price. I've done business with him before and have always been happy with the fair, honest service i have received.

  • 8/4/15

    I had Described a noise coming from my truck to Bob and he quickly diagnosed it to be my belts needed to be replaced. After the repair was made i had no more noises coming from the truck. The repair was completed for the estimated cost and i was back on the road. Thanks Bob!!!

  • 7/14/15

    Everyone is very nice, and informative. Great, honest, and reliable service.

  • 7/13/15

    Great place! I have been taking my vehicles here for years and have always been more than satisfied.Very friendly and competent folks. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • 7/10/15

    We have been searching for a great auto repair shop for the last 3 years. We are big on buying local and spending local so we have tried multiple small business shops. We own a Gourmet Food Truck and as such, this vehicle is our livelihood, so when…
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  • 7/9/15

    I have been using Larry Harker for auto maintenance and repair for over 30+ years and have continually been satisfied with service and work performed. They are very thorough in diagnosing repair needs and stand bhind their work. I am very confident in bringing my car to Larry Harker Auto Repair and recommending others who want an honest and service oriented shop.

  • 7/8/15

    Checking on a problem and now the problem is not happening anymore. This shop is amazing, Thank You Guys!

  • 7/8/15

    The work was tight as in excellent. I asked Bob for advise on some things I needed and my vehicle rides much smoother and I need to say Bob is the man !

  • 6/23/15

    The work was First Class and Excellent. My vehicle runs smoother and what is wonderful every time I have Bob & Ellen do something I want done, my vehicle runs smoother still. TOO COOL !

  • 6/1/15

    We came in late and had to leave our Lexus overnight. They gave us a ride home, and picked us up the next day when it was ready.

  • 5/28/15

    Excellent service. Timely completion. Friendly staff. Explain repairs needed and completed. Trustworthy people! Recommend MOST highly !

  • 5/22/15

    Bob & Ellen & Jeremy & the other Techs too are all very wonderful people and their work is very clean and excellent. They stand behind their work and you can trust that they will get the job done right. I know I myself can be too picky sometimes and…
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  • 5/20/15

    Bob and Ellen run the perfect repair facility. Brought our Aspen in for a mystery intermittent check engine light and oil light which had just come on. As in the past...they quickly made a accurate diagnosis and advised what needed replacing along with a clear breakdown on pricing. A few…
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  • 5/19/15

    I can't say enough good things about these folks. This is the only auto repair shop I trust. They always do superb work and do what they can to get you right in. You will never see a more professional shop anywhere.

  • 5/15/15

    I am totally appreciated of what work and ethics that Larrry Harker Automotive has especially Bob and Ellen. They have a true understand with the customer as well as having such profession people that work for them the truly make the experience worth coming back too. Having two of…
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  • 5/10/15

    I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. I have always trusted them , and they have never let me down ! I now live about 45…
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  • 5/9/15

    We have taken all our vechiles, including friends to them and have been very satisify with their work and their personnel are very courteous. Been going to them since 1993 and we would highly recommend them. Work is never started until they have discussed it with you and give the go ahead to do the work.

  • 5/1/15

    We highly recommend Larry Harker's Auto Repair for your car repair needs. We have been bringing both our personal and business vehicles to them for many years and have always experienced the highest level of service and care. We trust their knowledge and skills, and appreciate their honesty and integrity.…
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  • 4/29/15

    Love these people. They fix your vehicle right the first time. Have recommended them to co-workers and they were impressed also. Price is fair and upfront before any work is done. My car was running rough, and needed emission testing so, I took it to them.…
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  • 4/29/15

    I give them a five plus rating.. they are the best people ... they've taken care of my car for over 30 years now, I think ... good deal. A good place to go for all your car care.

  • 4/27/15

    great job

  • 4/24/15

    These guys were so friendly and very helpful. They took the time to explain each repair to me and instead of trying to sell me more gave me honest opinions on what really needed done. The repairs were done quickly and my car is back to normal again. I will be taking my car here for any future repairs.

  • 4/23/15

    Larry Harker's always does a great job on my vehicles. I have been using them for years with jobs both big and small. They tell you straight what is truly needed for your car. Turn around times are very good as well.

  • 4/21/15

    Best and most trusted shop I have ever used. I can always count on the repairs being done correctly.

  • 6/8/14

    After I had a stint where my brake problems were insufficiently handled at another shop, I brought my car to these guys; glad I did. The staff was great, showing me in detail what the problem was while the car was up-hoisted and not peppering it with obfuscating car talk…
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  • 5/21/14

    I first started coming to Larry Harker's Auto Repair back in 2003, when I owned a 1976 Chevy Silverado because it wouldn't pass emissions after going to many other auto repair establishments, well Larry Harker's is the only place that got it right at a fair price too. I have…
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  • 4/26/14

    I have an old vehicle that failed emissions and was impressed with the knowledge and service provided. They even took my vehicle for a retest and it passed. Great Service!

  • 3/27/14

    I've been bring my car to Larry Harker's Auto Repair for over a decade. Bob & Ellen have always been considerate of my emotional distress regarding the repair of my old, old car. Bob has always provided me the options of repair available so I am able…
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  • 2/28/14

    Was told to bring my car in first thing in the morning. Did so and received the fastest service I have ever experienced. A very clean shop ran by very competent and friendly people. Will be going back to this place for sure!!

  • 1/21/14

    They are the absolute best and honest mechanic shop I have ever been to. They are very friendly and explain everything so you can understand and they show you what is wrong instead of just telling you. I would highly recommend them to anyone that's looking for a trustworthy, friendly, honest mechanic!!!

  • 9/3/13

    Honest, thorough, helpful and professional. For many years and our several . They are the best!

  • 6/28/13

    Honest, Reliable and Affordable, It's hard to find in an Auto Shop. We found it with Larry Harker's Excellent Service, Highly Recommended.

  • 2/3/13

    Bob and Ellen run an excellent repair shop. The techs are very knowledgable. Everyone is polite. I drive out of my way to have my truck serviced by this outstanding team of professionals. Take tour vehicle to Larry Harker's - you will be pleased with the service!

  • 4/5/12

    There are two things that keep me up at night about taking my car in for a repair. The first of which is the honesty of the repair shop, and the second of which is the repair itself. Was the repair I paid for correct, and did it…
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  • 10/21/11

    I found these people to be very courteous, competent and extremely reasonable. They run a clean facility with up to date equipment; and repairs were performed professionally, without any attempts to peddle any not needed parts or repairs. It is a relief to discover that integrity still exists in this type of business.

  • 10/3/11

    Larry Harker's is the best auto repair shop! My family has taken all vehicles there since I can remember. They are very trustworthy and fairly priced. I have never left feeling unhappy. Bob and Ellen are wonderful people!

  • 6/8/11

    I have been taking every car you can think of to Larry Harker's over the past 20+ years now. Bob and Ellen have always made the needed repairs at the lowest price. Every time. No unnecessary repairs or add-ons. No returns to the garage for faulty…
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  • 2/7/11


  • 6/16/10

    Front blower stopped working. It's June, about 108 degrees and I have 5 year old twins. I REALLY needed my AC to be working. I had my very tired, active boys with me, I was hot and frustrated, they were kind and patient. They quickly arranged…
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  • 5/4/10

    very talanted shop, had them install factory rear section air in my e350 cargo van using supplied bone yard parts. very careful install.

  • 4/29/10

    It is hard to find good,fair,and knowledgeable auto repair companies who are not out just for the money. Larry Harker's auto repair will go the extra mile with a friendly smile. I will recommend them to all of my friends.

  • 3/28/10

    I've been bringing my vehicles to Bob and Ellen for about 10 years. I used to bring my Crown Victoria here and always had great service. They've replaced a lot on my Mountaineer and I've always been very happy with the service. A very professional and trust-worthy place, and nice people too.

  • 3/12/10

    This is the shop my family has gone to for years. They take care of their customers and have always been fair about their prices and gotten repair work done in a timely manner

  • 12/17/09

    My vehicle would not run and was in two shops. One shop tried for 2 days to fix it without sucess. The second shop (a dealer) had it for 2+ days without sucess. I took it to Larry Harker's in the afternoon and they diagnosed and fixed the problem by the…
    read full review

  • 12/1/09

    Been dealing with Bob and Ellen at Larry Harker's for years and years. These guys are honest and totally capable. They do a terrific job. On the very rare occasion when there is a problem, they stand behind the work 100%. And they're really nice people, too.

  • 11/9/09

    I'll be taking my vehicle in for service soon but I thought you would all like to know that these guys have an A+ Rating with the BBB.

  • 11/4/09

    I am so glad that I found Larry Harker's Auto Repair. My first experience with them saved me from having to have an engine rebuilt or buy a new vehicle. They are people you can trust. Every time I have been there, they give the best service at…
    read full review

  • 11/4/09

    Excellent service!! They were quick, polite, and reasonably priced. I am a repeat customer.

  • 10/31/09

    I mostly do my own auto work, but every so often it gets beyond me for one reason or another. Usually if it goes into the electrical/computer system, or is transmission related. And usually when that happens, I anticipate a catastrophic bill. In this case, the problem was a…
    read full review

  • 10/12/09

    ALWAYS excellent, prompt, friendly service.

  • 10/11/09

    Competent, honest, fair, and communicative. Top quality. Five stars!

  • 9/29/09

    AZ State Emms test said my truck failed pressure portion. Harkers ran the diagnostic test and found my truck to be in specs but that the gas cap was bad. They took the truck to EMM's, had it retested with a new cap and it passed. This…
    read full review

  • 9/15/09

    I have taken all my vehicles to Larry Harker's for the last few years. They have always provided me with phenomenal service! They are a shop you can trust and are owned by VERY honest people! I just purchased my 06 Lexus and I was sure to take it over…
    read full review

  • 5/15/09

    My 1998 Plymouth Neon is about 11 years old and as all cars age, they start having problems. It had a pressurized oil leak, which made itself visible after driving. I had to put oil in it almost every day. As a recent college graduate with no…
    read full review

  • 4/3/09

    This is an excellent repair facility. Clean facilities,knowledgeable staff. Car was repaired and ready within the timeframe promised. I would definitely seek out this facility again.

  • 2/4/09

    I drive from Las Vegas every two and one half to three months to have an oil change and required repair service as needed, It is like going to a doctor for a check-up to keep myself healthy ... needless to say, my vehicle is very healthy in our…
    read full review

  • 1/22/09

    I love this place. They are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. These are not techs straight out of school fixing parts because a little computer told them to, they are TRUE mechanics who know what they are doing. They can fix anything on a vehicle, and I do mean ANYTHING!

  • 1/3/09

    I have been using Larry Harker's Auto Repair for the past few years. I recently took my vehicle to a different garage that was recommended by a co-worker because it is much closer to my home. I had to have my car towed back to this shop three…
    read full review

  • 12/24/08

    We have been using Larry Harker's for our business and personal vehicles for the past 4 yrs. They are extremely professional, knowledgable, and fairly priced. We have never walked away feeling we were overpriced. We highly recommend them for any type of job.

  • 12/19/08

    I've experienced superb mechanical auto check up and excellent customer service at Larry's Auto Repair Inc. I'll give this business excellent recommendation, and, have chosen Larry Harker's for continuous auto service for my car.

  • 12/10/08

    very fast efficient and friendly service never a problem.

  • 12/4/08

    I have done business with Bob and Ellen for years and have always be treated wonderful. Bob and the staff are a team I have put my trust in and never has been the wrong thing to do. I have recommended them several time to my friends and family and everyone has thanked me for putting them in touch with a honest repair shop.

  • 12/3/08

    Love Larry Harker's Auto. Honest, clean shop and great people.

  • 11/25/08

    In and out pretty fast and staff was very kind and helpful. Office staff had every answer for you and no guessing. Highly recommended no problems what-so-ever. Excellent. Thank you so much.

  • 11/25/08

    This is a great shop! It was clean and the techs were honest and great to work with. They explained all my options and got the job done in two hours!

  • 11/22/08

    They were very polite and fast. I will use them next time I have any trouble.

  • 11/19/08

    Over the past number of years Bob and Ellen have been great. They have worked on four vehicles for me. They have been professional, reliable, honest and priced well below named brand dealer prices. In one case they saved my life with a gas leak on one vehicle. Love them!

  • 11/19/08

    The folks at Harkers Auto Repair went above and beyond to help me with my car woes. They fixed my brake problem in a timely manner and I feel confident they would take care of any problem I might take them.

  • 11/18/08

    This repair shop has been consistently helpful and reliable in their service of my vehicles. I've been coming back for at least 7 years.

  • 11/18/08

    Harker's are the best and we trust them. We been a customer for years.

  • 10/23/08

    I have been going to Harker's for many years. I have always found them to be very honest. The repair work is excellent...They are a family owned business. I have referred many people and they have continued to use their services. They could have taken advantage of…
    read full review

  • 9/24/08

    Our car failed the emission test. We went to Larry Harker's for repairs and they were fast, thorough and friendly. Thanks for the great service. Karl & Pat

  • 8/21/08

    Larry Harker's Auto Repair Inc has previously done work for me. My car is an old vehicle and their expertise has kept it going on the road.I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs auto repairs.

  • 8/18/08

    My husband and I have been taking our cars to Larry Harker's repair shop since 1990 and have always had excellent service. Bob and Helen go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right the first time. In this day an age you want to keep your car running for a long time by taking it to Harker's that's guranteed. thank you

  • 8/15/08

    Ellen is a very nice person to talk to there. Very good customer service. Competitive pricing. Always treat customers right.

  • 7/23/08

    I had taken my car to get tested for emissions and it failed. I was very frusterated. I found Larry Harker's Auto Repair shop on the county website with a program to help me pay for getting my car fixed. I was so happy with Larry Harker's…
    read full review

  • 7/19/08

    I have taken our family vehicles to Harker's for approximately 7 years and have never been disappointed. They are honest, reliable and dependable. They make repairs in a timely manner and always explain what needs to be done before work is completed. We have even had them…
    read full review

  • 6/28/08

    We have been going here for years. Always have had honest and fair service. Work is always done in time frame stated. Checks auto and finds problems before a break down. Always advises what is found before doing anything. Would recommend them to all.

  • 6/24/08

    Very courteous, shop is clean, got me right in. They did what they said they were going to do. There was no "high pressure", just the facts. Pricing is fair.

  • 2/11/08

    Larry's repair shop was wonderful. I was there because my car had failed emission test twice, so I took it to Larry's. I was really impressed with this shop. I dropped off my Monday morning and my car was fixed the next day by lunch.

  • 10/29/07

    work done as promised, within the estimate neat, clean garage. polite people. woth the little bit extra money.

  • 8/1/07

    excellant service, quick turnaround

  • 7/28/07

    Larry Harker Auto was recommended to me by our old mechanic when we moved to the west side of the valley. We took two vehicles to Larry Harker and they did a fabulous job. They were fair, called us before they did any work with a quote, and were thorough and quick. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • 7/23/07

    First rate shop and mechanics. They have taken care of six cars for us over several years. I recommend them highly.

  • 5/14/07

    Our 1982 Toyota Corolla we brought to Larry Harker's Auto Repair was handled with professional care and done in a timely manner.

  • 2/21/07

    I have taken my car into Harkers several times. Everytime the car was ready when Bob said it would be and given to me cleaned. All of the repairs were done properly and the price is more than fair. I recommend this shop to all of my employees.

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