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Larry H. Miller Collision Center Peoria, Peoria 85382

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Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 8/26/16

    Rick was very helpful handling typical insurance company cost cutting tactics. The repair work looks great. This is the second time I have had work done at this facility.

  • 7/6/16

    We had a great experience over at Larry miller collision Center the gieco adjusters were awesome and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the car business and would refer this shop to all my friends and family thanks very much.

  • 5/2/16

    Everyone at Larry H. Miller was personable. Very prompt and estimate was spot on. The car looked great! The turn around was fast and efficient.

  • 4/8/16

    Service was great! Johnny Shelton was very knowledgeable and very helpful with customer service. I appreciate his help on this stressful day. Im thankful for service in one day.

  • 4/7/16

    Steve was great after a few problems dealing with the insurance company he got me in immediately. My car was fixed 3+ days before the estimated repair date and I was out of my rental and in my own car. Highly recommend this place, one it is an extension of…
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  • 6/29/15

    Imagine having bought your first new car in over 10 years and not even 6 months later, BAM, rear ended! I cringed at having to find a reputable repair shop for my RAV4. I wanted the team at Larry H Miller because I bought the RAV from their Toyota dealership…
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  • 2/16/15

    From the beginning, Mr. Stratton was informative and in constant contact with us. I had left, in my car, when dropping off my vehicle, a folder with an appointment for that day. He called me immediately, so I wouldn't miss it. He was extremely diligent. He gave me time deadlines that he met. This enabled me to avoid a rental car. We have never had such professional service before.

  • 1/22/15

    I would give a 10 rating if I could!! Everyone there was very nice and helpful..but Steve Adams was my super hero. My claim was paid by a insurance company who fussed about paying for repairs. But Steve got it taken care of. My car looks great and drives super. no aftermath signs of the accident at all. thanks again Amy

  • 12/17/14

    To whom it may concern Jenny Kramer was an outstanding customer service she always kept me informed and honest Thank You Jenny for being a professional person at what you do

  • 9/12/14

    Received the best service. Car was taken care of in the estimated time frame with weekly updates on the progress. Andy was great-efficient and courteous. This is the only place I would go to for collision work. Highly recommended!!

  • 9/12/14

    We are truly happy and satisfied! Great service, great looking repairs. Stephanie, our Larry Miller "agent" made us feel as though we were her only clients and she did a fantastic job---excellent communication and knowledge. Very impressed with everything.

  • 9/10/14

    Excellent service from Larry, Theresa and Steve, could not begin to expect a better experience. Best of all, no longer any evidence of the rear ender that made the new car no longer feel new, thanks to the team at LHM Body Shop our Accord is brand new again. This is the only shop I refer my family and friends to. Ed N

  • 9/1/14

    Best service ever. Steve Adams was great to work with and everyone went the extra yard to get this job done. Great workmanship.

  • 8/8/14

    WOW! I got into an accident 4 weeks ago. Luckily only the back quarter panel was damaged. My car has now been returned to me and I am beyond impressed and happy with the work Larry Miller provided. The attention to detail is outstanding! Larry Miller is all about making…
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  • 5/19/14

    This shop was also recommended to me by the insurance company handling the claim, USAA. I checked them out as well and was comfortable having them do the repairs - I thought wrong. When I dropped off our 2014 Subaru to be repaired from a rear collision, the initial repair…
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  • 10/2/13

    Steve and everyone there were very accomodating and professional. Very thorough and patient while we took forever to decide to just get rid of it instead of fix.

  • 8/9/13


  • 5/31/13

    This is the 2nd time I have had my car repaired at Larry H. Miller Collision Center in Peoria. Both times I have dealt with Ric Stratton and could not have been happier with the professionalism of Ric and the quality of the repair. Ric went a step beyond and…
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  • 5/23/13

    I was originally told back around 4/15 or so that the repair estimate was about 9800$ and would take 10 working days. As you can see it is 5/23 and I am picking up my vehicle. The communicaion between the bodyshop/geico/me has been horrible. Everytime I spoke to someone I…
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  • 12/24/12

    After our Ridgeline was T-boned, we were happy Larry Miller Body Shop would handle the repairs because they have done consistently fine work for us on various other cars over the years. However, we particularly appreciated being assigned Leah Wright to oversee our repairs this time around because of…
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  • 11/17/12

    Absolutely outstanding customer service, my third time here in the last 8 years and every time I was impressed with the efficiency of the entire operation and the courtesy of the assigned Estimators, representing the USAA Insurance Company at the Collision Center. In particular, Ms. Leah Wright was very helpful, arranging for the body shop service and the rental of a vehicle while my van was being worked on.

  • 11/10/12

    A coyote came out in front of me as I was driving down a dark road. I took my Honda to Larry H. Miller Collision Center and had Leah Wright as my estimator. I was stunned to find out how much it was going to cost me to…
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  • 9/27/12

    Leah Wright and Stephanie Maness made my experience the ONLY good one I have EVER had at any auto repair shop. The customer service was exceptional, the estimate was almost to the penny, the car was ready before the promised completeion time, and they even followed up with me after…
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  • 9/14/12

    Excellent service. Attention to details.

  • 8/14/12

    The repair of my Tundra was superb and would deserve the highest ratings. However, the customer service could not have been much worse. After drop off of the vehicle the estimator left a message that they needed to talk to me. I called seven times, leaving messages.…
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  • 8/4/12

    Needed major repair - essentially all panels repaired or replaced: everything except roof repainted. Picked up vehicle today - 5 weeks of work. All panel seems true and spaced correctly. Painting appears flawless. Communication with our estimator, Ric Stralton, was excellent throughout the repair. The people at Larry Miller Collision make your life easy by handling all the details. I highly recommend them.

  • 4/11/12

    Friendly, professional and work was of the highest quality. Very pleased and recommend using their collision center service. Ric, company representative kept me informed in all steps through the work process. Car delivered cleaned inside and out

  • 4/5/12

    Dropped my car off for body work on 4/5/2012 and was promised that it would be ready in 7 - 10 business days depending on what they find when they get everything off. The car was ready in 8 days. The work done was very good. I…
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  • 4/3/12

    Very good work. My truck is actually in better condition than when I perchased it. Ric Stratton was very friendly and professional. He kept me in the loop the entire repair process and was informative. He was also firm with the insurance company in getting me what I wanted. I would recomend Larry Miller collision center to anybody.

  • 3/31/12

    We are so happy with the work that Larry Miller did with our car. Service advisor, Richard Stratton, was amazing and helpful. We recommend anyone to go to Mr. Stratton and Larry Miller to do their business. Thank you Ric. Glenn and Rita.

  • 3/31/12

    The work was done on time and the quality was excellent.

  • 3/30/12

    Made it brand new. Thank you Ric &Theresa.

  • 3/30/12

    I have all my body work done at Larry Miller . I had my 03 mustang covnt, my 03 Chevy pick up. my 2010 f 150 worked on. Johnny Shelton

  • 3/30/12

    In January I took my Lexus in because I was in an accident. I had to leave it there for 3 days. Rick made feel comfortable leaving it there and made sure that they had a rental car available for me at the time I needed it. …
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  • 3/30/12

    one hundred percent -courtesy - concern - communication great etc etc

  • 3/30/12

    Excellent repair! Ric Straton handled my car from start to finish. Great job! Perfect!

  • 3/30/12

    After the birth of my child, I wasn't getting much sleep which resulted in me getting in an accident. I had my car towed to Larry Miller Body Shop because it was close to my house but little did I know the great service I'd receive from my Service Agent,…
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  • 3/29/12

    Thanks for an excellent repair job and on time completion on my car. Kudos to Richard Stratton and all involved. Ron Palmer

  • 3/29/12

    Johnny Shelton provided great service and the job was finished on time and looks good. Thanks

  • 3/29/12

    I am very pleased with the excellent service and completion of work as promised. Kudos to Richard Stratton and others involved.

  • 3/29/12

    Johnny Shelton at Larry Miller Body Shop did a great job on the front end repairs to my 4runner. He kept me up to date on the schedule and all work was completed on time. Great job.... Hopefully I won't need to, but if I do, I will bring it back to Johnny and his team.

  • 3/29/12

    We have had the occasion to use the Larry Miller Collision Center this month, and a couple of times in the past. We have always received excellent service, well beyond the call of duty. Although we know that it takes a team to do such excellent work, we…
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  • 3/29/12

    I have had 4 services done from Larry Miller Body Shop & it has been a an experience of a family enviroment they made me feel special, the likes of people that really care like Kevin Collision Center Mgr., Larry Collision Center Dir., Mike Collision Center Production Mgr., Trever, Teresa,…
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  • 3/29/12

    I thank Johnny shelton for the great job he did on my daughters truck. The truck looks great. I don't remember the exact date of service.

  • 3/28/12

    Our Rating for Johnny Shelton is #5... For the Best. We knew the minute we walked thru the door He really cares about his customers and always goes the extra Mile for 100% Satisfaction of each and every customer who come in to see him. The…
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  • 3/26/12

    Larry Miller Collision Center of Peoria did an excellent job on the repair of my back bumper. The adviser was courteous and knowledgeable, and got my car back to me at the exact time he promised. The bumper looks like it came brand new from the factory, and the price was very competitive. Highly recommended!

  • 3/23/12

    My husband and I were very pleased with our experience at Larry H. Miller Collision Center. Rick Stratton and the office staff were very helpful and professional. Everything was explained to us before we left our Honda there for repair and the car looked great when we picked it up. We would definitely recommend this repair facility.

  • 3/23/12


  • 3/19/12

    Fantastic Service and amazing paint & body work. I am not sure which part of my car was painted and which part was not. The match and blending was way beyond my expectations. They also helped me secure a rental car and took the worry out of that by saying,…
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  • 3/16/12

    Johnny did an awsome job. Could not have ask for a better experience. I would recomend Larry H. Miller Collision Center to Anyone!

  • 3/7/12

    I received professional service on a insurance covered collision. Leah Wright was friendly, easy to deal with and prompt returning phone calls. The shop worked with a nearby Honda dealership to assist in an oil change/timing belt replacement that was able to be accomplished when my car was getting a post accident allignment. The vehilce was delivered earlier than promised and with excellent results.

  • 3/3/12

    I was recently involved in an accident which caused approximately $8000 damages to my 2010 Chrysler van. Being a winter resident with no prior collision repair contacts in the Phoenix area presented a real challenge. I visited the Larry Miller Collision Center based on favorable comments from my…
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  • 3/2/12

    Awesome work. This is the second titan they have fixed for me and both were great examples of quality work. Customer service is also fantastic. They called me with updates and keep me informed which was great. Ric is great, he helped me with both vehicles and I will deffinitly go back to him for future work.

  • 2/25/12

    Excellent job with the body repair work. Went the extra mile when after market parts didn't fit properly to get the insurance company to approve genuine Toyota parts. Good job and looks great!

  • 2/21/12

    Absolutely Superior Workmanship / Professionalism / Customer Service - Mike Kist, Collision Center Production Manager, called with updates during the entire process - This level of Customer Service is way above/beyond anything I have ever encountered and expected - The work itself was flawless - I cannot recommend strongly enough The Larry H. Miller Collision Center: These Folks are Pros!!!!

  • 2/20/12

    We took our Sienna minivan in today (Feb 20th) to get an estimagte for some minor body repair. Our estimator was a gentlemen by the name if Johnny Shelton. He was up front and honest with us and we appreciated that. If we ever need any body…
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  • 2/18/12

    We've worked with Johnny Shelton on several occasions over the past few years. Everything done in a very professional and timely way. We would highly recommend Larry Miller Body Shop & Johnny Shelton.

  • 2/16/12

    Let's see... repair was perfect, cost was less than expected and work was completed a day before promised. I don't know how the experience could have been any better. Thank you Leah and all the technicians who's names I do not know. Mike

  • 2/16/12

    Very Professional communication & customer service! We are very pleased with the repairs especially the new towbar replaced after the accident. Johnny Shelton did everything with in his power to return our car 110% even with back ordered parts! He offer to pick up the extra charge for our rental…
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  • 2/15/12

    As a result of a recent vehicular accident, I had my vehicle repaired at Larry Miller Collision Center located in Peoria, AZ. Leah Wright, Collision Center Estimator, was extremely helpful in orchastrating all the appropriate required actions to complete the repair process. Her follow up skills are commendable. The professionalism exhibited by…
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  • 10/28/11

    This is our second visit with Larry H. Miller Collision Center in recent months, and I have to say they are very professional. Our repairs were taken care of in a timely manner. The service adjuster was very friendly and kept me informed with details. They have a rental…
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  • 9/16/11

    We would recommend Larry Miller to anyone who is looking for a body shop. They are professional, do great work and the work is guaranteed for as long as you own the car. What more could you ask for. Our rep was Andy and it was a pleasure dealing with him.

  • 6/7/11

    Larry Miller Collision Center was the best!!! They kept me informed during the entire repair process, explained everything in detail, had the car ready even before they promised. The drop-off was painless as was the pickup. My service person Ric was wonderful and answered all my questions.…
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  • 5/5/11

    I would recommend Larry Miller Dodge Peoria Collision Center to anyone needing body work performed on their vehicle. My experience with them has been excellent. I can not say enough about their personnel, especially Mike Kist and Bob Fox. They handled everything in an acceptable and professional…
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  • 4/22/11

    Outstanding!!! Ric Stratton is a true professional as well as the office staff up front. The repair returned my Priusto mint, showroom condition. The vechicle was washed and as clean as when I dropped it off. Again, true a pleasure to deal with another branch of Larry Miller....overwhelming pleased!ly

  • 2/8/11

    great job!!!!thank you ric stratton for your great service and repair work. I would recommend everyone to your shop.Professional, courtesy, workmanship etc. Again thanklarry miller collision

  • 6/21/10

    Repairs to my beautiful Hyundai were outstanding. Restored it to "like new" condition. Ric Stratton made the process easy for me; thanks, Ric.

  • 6/15/10

    This the fourth time I've used them and as every time before the repair on my wife's van was done very timely. The communication by the service writer was great and the color match was not noticable at all. They did such a good job that I had…
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  • 5/4/10

    Andy Meyer was very curteous and explained the repairs that were done. Work was done to my satisfaction, at the price that was originally quoted. Work was completed ahead of schedule by one day. Good shop, very professional and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get their vehicle repaired after an accident.

  • 3/30/10

    good repair job on my car. Ric. Stratton was my body shop advisor.He did a very good job handling my repairs.He keep me informed and the car looked like new.I would recommened Larry Miller's body shop to my friends.

  • 3/14/10

    Andy Meyer did an excellent job of taking care of my vehicle, keeping me informed and was most professional. Overall, the body shop did a fantastic job on the repairs.

  • 2/12/10

    Staff was friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Repair was to a defective door check on the driver's door. Toyota offered to share cost ($929 ea.) but required a new door to be installed. Larry Miller welded the door and installed a new check for $448, including paint and a lifetime warranty. Work…
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  • 1/22/10

    Great Experience ! Ric Stratton went above and beyond what I was expecting . Stella Snyder

  • 1/9/10

    Ric Stratton was very professional while dealing with our problem. He gave us an estimate in a timely manner and kept us informed while the car was being repaired. The car looks great and the experience was extraordinary! Highly reccommend this facility.

  • 12/15/09

    Richard Stratton and his technician Bill were very helpful in assessing the damage to my vehicle and were also very considerate of the fact that I had just inherited someone elses problem when I purchased this vehicle. The repairs were made as best as could be done since the initial…
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  • 9/17/09

    My experience with Ric Stratton was the best experience I have ever had with an auto shop of any kind other than than Larry Miller Hyundai with Terri. Ric treated me very well,was business like while being friendly and did everything and more to please me. My auto was in…
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  • 8/28/09

    The receptionist at the front desk were courtious and attentive. Ric Straton my Advisor was great. He was very knowledgeable. He explained everything in easy to understand terms and put my mind at ease. When I picked up my truck I was very pleased with the results. Every component was put back correctly and the repaint was outstanding. The truck looked showroom new. I would recommend them to anyone.Greg C.

  • 8/13/09


  • 8/2/09

    I brought my truck in for a minor bumper damage from being backed into. I called and they got me in right away. They did a great job! Everyone was very friendly.

  • 6/3/09

    Customer service was excellent. Finished repairs were excellent as well. Ric Stratten was fantastic to deal with. The few times that I need to ask him a question, he came right to the phone, no voice mails to have to deal with. Hope I never need body work again, but if I do, I’ll be dealing with Larry Milley & Ric Stratten. Thanks, Jay

  • 4/2/09

    Larry Miller did an excellent job keeping me informed on the status of the parts and repair. Ric took care of everything they should have and then some. I had paintball on the vehicle that was just about permanenly atached, and they were able to remove almost all of it without me even asking them. The repair was flawless, looks as good as new.

  • 1/14/09

    From our first visit to get an estimate to picking our beautifully repaired car up today, Rick Stratton gave us very good advice, kept us informed about the progress of the repairs, and was a total pleasure to work with! It's wonderful to have such pleasant interaction with Rick and the…
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  • 1/7/09

    I cannot say enough about the customer service at this location. especially Ric Stratton the rep. that has assisted me on two seperate occassions. The professional manner that is displayed, the concern for the customers satisfaction is so hard to come by these days yet Larry Miller does it everytime.…
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  • 12/11/08

    If you are in unfotunate situation the you car needs body work there is one person you should go to: Rick Stratton at Larry Miller Body Shop on west Bell Rd. in Peoria, AZ. if you you are from the other side of Phoenix Rick will make it worth while for you. Guarateed He sure did it for us. Micha R

  • 11/19/08

    A+++ in every way!!! The car looks fantastic. The personnel from the front desk to our advisor, Ric were very friendly, helpful and cared about us and our vehicle.

  • 11/11/08

    Bumper and paint repair jobs were done well and on time. I worked with three different people and all of them were friendly and competent. I would go back for any future body repair work.

  • 10/9/08

    I was greeted by a very friendly group of employees. My car was repaired in a timly manner and a good job. I would refer them to anyone needing a body shop!

  • 9/30/08

    I,am a repeat customer. I was greeted by courteous front office personell, offered something cold to drink, waited a few minutes and the appraiser Mr. Rick Sutton greeted me and went over everything, promised it back in 5 days. I received it back in 4 and Mr. Sutton made…
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  • 9/27/08

    My vehicle was taken to this shop for repairs after a minor accident. I received excellent service. My service rep advised me of all information that was needed. My vehicle was ready when promised, washed and clean inside and out. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

  • 9/19/08

    I think this body shop is the best, from the moment you take your car there every dept is efficient and customers satisfaction is number one with them. I'll never take my car anywhere else. They do excellant work

  • 9/17/08

    ric straton said it would take 5 days inthe shop to repair my was done on time and the body work and paint look perfect.

  • 9/9/08

    Fantastic service AAA for Johnny Shelton was fantastic. All insurance compaines should treat their customers the way he does!!!!!!!!!

  • 9/9/08

    I worked with Ric Stratton completed the job in a timely manner. Also kept me informed on the progress during repairs. I will recommend this shop to all I know. Thanks, Ron

  • 9/2/08

    When I picked up my vehicle, I had to look carefully to make sure they hadn't given me a brand-new one as a replacement! Okay, okay, I know that's an exaggeration, but I could hardly believe that the damage had been repaired so completely and beautifully, without even replacing…
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  • 8/27/08

    Ric Stratton was excellent he kept us informed and our car looked great! Thanks Ric

  • 8/23/08

    A great experience working with Ric Stratton at Larry Miller Body Shop. He kept us informed all the way with the body work and made our experience very easy to handle. The car was finished when he said and looks great, just like new again. I would recommend Larry Miller body shop to anyone needing an accident repair or just normal body work. Wayne Brinkley

  • 8/20/08

    Absolutely the best body shop in America! I am very satisfied with my service.

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