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JayBee's Auto Service, Tucson 85711

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validated reviews (73)
Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 7/26/17

    Routine oil change and recommended maintenance items. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and technicians. To be in business 30+ years means they are doing things RIGHT. Everyone I have referred to Jaybees has thanked me.

  • 7/12/17

    Replaced the broken driver's inside door handle, plus had an oil change/service & vehicle inspection/evaluation. Have gone to JAYBEE's for years. Excellent service. Ultra-competent. Super honest. Really good people to do business with!

  • 7/10/17

    The personnel and mechanics at JayBees are very efficient and work in a timely manner. I was able to get an oil change and have the car travel ready within a matter of hours. The office staff always gives you a time frame of the appointment so that…
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  • 7/3/17

    Jay and Bee's is always friendly, courteous and they do an excellent job. I've been going to them for 25 years and I don't trust anyone else.

  • 6/27/17

    Jackie and Shelly and all the people here are awesome... I'd never go anywhere else....

  • 5/6/17

    We were recommended to JayBee's by some friends, and we were not disappointed. Our T100 has 406,696 miles on it, but it has not required much service over the years. We took the truck to JayBee's for A/C repair. Not only did they expertly repair the problem…
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  • 2/8/17

    By taking the wife Murano to JayBees instead of the dealer we saved well over a $1000.00 dollars in parts. They fixed the electric system and also got the electric morrow to work which we had been quoted almost a thousand dollars parts and labor. Plus the fix on the…
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  • 11/16/16

    Fast, friendly, and professional service. Busy garage, but were able to take car in for oil change and check engine light diagnosis with no appointment or waiting. They quickly performed a full service oil change, competently diagnosed and resolved a check engine light issue, identified a valve cover…
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  • 11/9/16

    Truck would crank, but not fire up. Carried vehicle to Jay Bee's Auto Services. They immediately discovered the Oxygen sensor had a coronary or something and wouldn't do its job. Jay Bee's Auto Services correctly diagnosed the problem and repaired the problem in a couple of hours. Job done.

  • 11/9/16

    Truck would crank, but not start. Had vehicle carried to Jay Bee's Auto Services. They discovered that packrats found the need to build their nest on top of my gas tank. What did they do to relieve boredom? How 'bout they nibbled at my fuel sensor and pump electrical wires. Jay Bee's Auto Services found and correctly remedied the problem in a day.

  • 11/3/16

    I have been going to Jaybee's since my very first vehicle 10 years ago. They always have a friendly smile and an inviting environment. I wouldn't trust my cars to anyone else. This past service was just a routine oil change but they always check the vehicle for other fluid levels and needed replacements. I absolutely recommend Jaybee's to all my family and friends.

  • 8/7/16

    These guys are the best! They will tell you straight and give you a break if possible. Highly recommended!

  • 8/2/16

    I've been going here for years, with a variety of vehicles and have always been treated well. They always explain all jobs to my satisfaction and never talk down to me! Love that they have a pickup/drop-off service if i have to leave my car there for any length of…
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  • 7/19/16

    Good service and nice competent people.

  • 7/8/16

    I really appreciate how I can trust them to do good work and only work that is needed. It really helps too that they provide a ride when needed so I don't lose more time waiting.

  • 5/3/16

    I took my car to Jay Bee's for the first time because I have heard from people that it's a great place with very trustworthy mechanics. I'm happy with the work they did and they had great customer service so I'll go there again.

  • 4/25/16

    I have been taking my vehicle to Jaybee's for over 15 years. They have never failed to give me quality service for a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • 4/14/16

    Jay Bees does a wonderful job taking care of all of my vehicles. They are always timely and thorough and I feel like they take my safety and vehicle health into considerations. They take the time to explain repairs to me and work with our financial constraints to do the right work at the right time.

  • 4/12/16

    I wouldn't take my car anywhere else, they are very trust worthy and friendly. They are always looking out for their customers and go out of their way to provide awesome guest service.

  • 4/8/16

    Great costumer service, I received my vehicle back in a timely manner.

  • 4/5/16

    Simply put, the JayBees team is singularly the best group of auto service professionals in Tucson. They were recommended by a friend nearly 10 years ago and the quality of their service is as good now, perhaps even better, than it was then. If you are looking for a…
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  • 4/5/16

    JayBee's Auto Service is terrific. Not only do they do a great job on any necessary repair, they're honest and trustworthy. If a repair doesn't need to be made, they'll tell you. Case in point, I called yesterday to schedule an appointment because the check engine light had come on. The…
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  • 3/30/16

    Wonderful, efficient, really know their stuff, Honest, tell me of upcoming repairs so I have time to plan for them, give GREAT service.

  • 3/24/16

    My car was making a horrible buzzing/humming noise. I took it to JayBee's and they were able to diagnose and repair the problem quickly. In addition to quick quality repairs, they always provide me with a prioritized list of issues that may develop. To top it off, they are always friendly, happy people.

  • 3/24/16

    I've been going here a long time. Excellent work, no surprises. Always call me with estimates and let ME decide what I want done. Very polite. Work is done well, quickly. Wound recommend them very highly.

  • 3/18/16

    Although the problem was not fixed, it was isolated & explained very well on the next steps toward being remedied & the cost accordingly.

  • 3/15/16

    I've been taking our vehicles to Jay Bee's for about seven years. I have never encountered a shop where employees work harder or are more honest and friendly. They always explain in detail what issues the vehicle has, and are good about relaying the urgency of a needed repair, or…
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  • 3/10/16

    Professional and friendly service. Reliable quotes and time estimates. Quality work.

  • 3/10/16

    I've been a customer for 15 years. Jacqui and Shelly have created a great team and working environment. Where else can you pet a cat and get your haircut in the same office as your car mechanic? Shelly really takes the time to talk to me about my car. They…
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  • 3/9/16

    I recently started using JayBee's after I was unhappy with the work of another mechanic in town. So far they have worked on my vehicle several times and I have been completely satisfied every time. They do good affordable work in a very timely manner and the price is never…
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  • 3/9/16

    Jay Bee's was very thorough and communicative, explaining all the immediate maintenance my truck needed, and what I could put off for a while. Nice to have such honest and thoughtful mechanics!

  • 3/6/16

    Jay Bees is my Go To shop for personal vehicle and work truck repairs. They diagnosed and corrected the problem with my service truck. At the same time, they repaired the A/C and did other routine maintenance. It was done on time, as promised. Friendly, Professional and Honest. I will be back!

  • 3/3/16

    I have been going to JayBee's Auto Service for several years. I really appreciate the staff in the office who keep me posted on any repairs that I need. I also appreciate the mechanics who take the time to make sure my car is in top shape especially…
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  • 3/3/16

    I have been going to Jaybee's for over 15 years now. First, with my Kia Sephia and now, with my 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. Before deciding to buy my current car, used, I first took it to Jaybee's for a thorough evaluation. Since then, they have provided…
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  • 3/2/16

    JayBee's is amazing! The door light switch on my Jeep wore out causing the dome lights to flicker. It was like driving in a lightning storm at night Inside the vehicle. Not only did they diagnose my problem from my description, they quickly got the part, replaced it and had…
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  • 3/2/16

    Service was good and done in a timely matter. My truck is ready for a road trip and I feel confident in the job that was done. Would definitely return to JayBees to have other work done on my truck.

  • 11/11/15

    This was my second visit and I continue to be caught off guard by the refreshing professionalism and helpful nature of all employees. They know their stuff! What a welcome discovery!

  • 10/23/15

    Impressed with how well our Jeep runs after taking it in for service. We weren't sure what was wrong, but Jay Bee's diagnosed it and provided options for repairs. Thorough work and we are going to become a regular here.

  • 10/22/15

    Highly-experienced and extremely knowledgeable staff and mechanics. Took time to thoroughly check out vehicle (needed some serious repairs) and recommended course of action including identifying what they thought were necessary fixes and those that were suggested, but not necessary at the time. Very reasonable price for services and cost was…
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  • 10/1/15

    Jay Bee’s is the only place I will ever take my car, they are the absolute best! Specifically, in July I had a check engine light on that would not allow me to pass emissions, and after I could not troubleshoot the problem myself I took it to their shop.…
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  • 9/14/15

    I was referred to JayBee's by a co-worker and now our whole family relies on them for all of our repairs. Their knowledge is extensive and they care about their customers. After completing the work you go in for they also give you a list of pending things…
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  • 8/26/15

    I have known Jacquie longer then either of us would care to admit and I have always relied on Jaybees for all my vehicles. My '93 Ford Van has been at Jaybees a few times and the team at the shop has always done a thorough, bang-up job of getting…
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  • 8/21/15

    I highly recommend this shop! We drove from Ohio to visit my daughter & developed a major gas leak. Called Wednesday & they got us in Thursday. We had to be back in Ohio Monday evening & the repair ended up to be pretty extensive with hard to find parts. Shelly & the staff went above & beyond to get it done for us by Friday! We are happy campers!

  • 8/20/15

    JayBee’s rocks! A co-worker recommended them to me 15 years ago and I’ve been taking my car there ever since. They have the best customer service and techs – HONEST, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. They won’t try to sell you repairs your car doesn’t need, and they won’t…
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  • 8/19/15

    Great Service! The professional staff at JayBees is truly one-of-a-kind; knowledgeable, efficient and honest. They explain the proposed work, estimate costs, and give car owners realistic, safety-related information about the work. I trust their integrity and technical knowledge. They have been keeping my 1992 "toy" truck in top condition for most of its 225,000+ miles. Great shop!

  • 8/14/15

    I trust Jaybee's to give me straight information on what my truck truly needs and what can wait for future service appointments. I've been doing business with them for 8 years even though I have to drive about 20 miles across town. When you find a good, honest, friendly and helpful mechanic, stick with 'em and spread the word!

  • 8/11/15

    I took the car that I was considering buying to their shop for an opinion of the condition and potential problems to look for and/or expect in the future. I was appreciative of the thorough inspection and condition of the vehicle. This information helped me in negotiating…
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  • 7/26/15

    I have been going to Jaybees since the mid 80's and have always found them to be concerned, honest and hard working. Yes they do cost more than having some neighbor try to fix your car- you always have that option. This particular visit involved our Canyon truck…
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  • 6/23/15

    I made an appointment on Monday to get the rear suspension and A/C fixed. Brought it to them first thing Tuesday morning. Shelley(?) called right before closing on Friday saying they would have to 'kidnap' my vehicle over the weekend. Went on and on about receiving wrong A/C…
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  • 3/9/15

    Jaybee's is always courteous and efficient. They almost treat your car like a person. Other repair places and (god forbid) service places at the Honda dealers treat you like a number. Ugh. Give me independent and a small business any day that is honest. Jaybee's was recommended to me by a friend and it was recommended to her by another friend. You can't beat that.

  • 2/20/15

    Great service,never better an absolute "5". Found a new car doc!!

  • 2/16/15

    Pleasant, honest, skilled, and done when they say they will be. I have total confidence in these folks.

  • 1/30/15

    I am so impressed with their knowledge, their work ethic and their customer service! I would recommend them to anyone with a vehicle. As a woman it is difficult to find a place that listens to my needs and is respectful when I ask questions. These mechanics are so professional!

  • 11/5/14

    I've been taking my vehicles to this shop for over 10 years. They are honest as the day is long and I've never had a problem with any repairs they've performed. They will tell you honestly what works needs to be done on your vehicle and what does NOT need to be done. Parts and labor fees are usual and reasonable. There is also courtesy shuttle.

  • 6/23/14

    MIRACLE WORKERS!!! 2 other garages could not fix the cause of my CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. After repeated attempts with my regular mechanic, he gave up. I needed it fixed to pass emissions and was beside myself with anxiety. From the first phone call to pick up of…
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  • 12/4/13

    I had the pleasure of experiencing Jay Bees today, and I was not disappointed. Jackie is amazing....felt like I have know her forever. Shelly was cheerful and helpful on the phone when I called to make my appointment. Every staff person there treated me like I had…
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  • 9/25/13

    This is the auto repair shop of your dreams. They are honest as the day is long. Prices for both parts and services are fair. They will tell you if they discover any other issues with your vehicle but only out of concern for your safety and…
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  • 9/2/13

    The JayBees team is consistently exceptional. From counter to garage, every person at the shop excels at customer service and top notch repair work, with a respect for your wallet and a clear goal of developing a long term automotive relationship. In fact, these folks are so good,…
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  • 8/14/13

    My trust and respect are only given to those who earn them. Jay Bees has earned both time and again over the past 12 years. Jacqui, Shelly, and Doug treat me like family. In addition to servicing my several vehicles they also helped me purchase 2 dependable used vehicles and…
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  • 4/11/13

    Trusstworthy. They explain in understanable English what needed repair or maintenance. They bring to attention possible future problems and let me know that I may need to take care of this the next time I am in for maintenance. Excellent service and not overpriced. So glad the're in business.

  • 3/14/13

    Shelly was awesome in talking us through the problems with our Cruiser. She explained everything and consolidated labor hours to minimize our cost. We'll definitely be back and recommend JayBees to anyone who needs honest service. Wish they were a AAA shop!

  • 10/4/12

    I brought in this clunker owned by a young, single mother in order to assess the amount of repairs it would take to make the vehicle safe as well as to try to squeeze a few more thousand miles out of it. While the vehicle was already "terminal", JayBee's personnel graciously spent time to diagnose all its ailments and made us feel great about kissing it goodbye.

  • 9/4/12

    I never in my life thought that I would write AMAZING and Auto repair shop in the same sentence, but that is exactly what JayBees deserves! Excellent mechanics, and front desk staff that any business would kill for! Car overheated 50 yards away from the shop they took…
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  • 5/23/12

    AWESOME!!! The staff at JayBees Auto is amazing. I have used them before abd have been 110% happy. I went in today for a check engine light issue and as always Jackie and her team of true professionals took care of my issue and had me in…
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  • 5/11/12

    JayBee's Auto Service provided amazing care and service to me and my, new to me, car while I was in Tucson. I drove from San Francisco to Tucson and the car's check engine light came on and it appeared the front headlamp was out. I was panicked knowing I had…
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  • 12/6/11

    I cannot say enough good things about this garage! Hard working, going above and beyond any other mechanics I've seen and that's saying a lot as I am the daughter of a mechanic! Very honest and up front. On time and price. Friendly, trust worthy. …
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  • 9/18/11

    Jaybee's is always straightforward and honest so when my car broke down on the highway, I knew I had to have it towed there to get the best service. Jaybee's called me with an estimate and walked through what needed to be done. They finished the work in the time frame…
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  • 7/20/11

    I was highly impressed with the work I had done on my Volvo at JayBee’s Auto. After assessing my car for a cross-country trip, they presented me with options on how to fix the problems, along with how pressing each issue was. I liked being able to opt…
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  • 6/27/11

    We were passing through Tucson on vacation, and needed our AC checked - failed as soon as we entered AZ. JayBee saw us the same morning and had us on our way that same day! Awesome service and counsel!

  • 5/25/11

    We've been doing business with JayBee's for more than 10 years, if that's not a ringing endorsement for an auto repair service I don't know what is. And my parents were using them before I began using for my auto services. They've always been honest, fair, professional and friendly. I DO recommend them to my family, friends and co-workers.

  • 5/18/11

    What a great repair facility! Talented, skilled technicians managed by honest, professional owner. I am always treated fairly and receive exceptional service at Jaybee's Auto Service. Absolutely the best in Tucson or Arizona, for that matter!

  • 3/29/11

    Recently moved here to Tucson from New Hampshire. I required a mechanic as I had drove across the country & had only an oil change before I left. JayBees Auto Services, LLC came highly recommended from a friend here in Tucson. I first went to their website & found…
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  • 3/28/11

    Top notch mechanic staff, friendly office crew... They always deliver what they promise.

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