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Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 8/25/17

    I recently had Dales Bodyworks repaint a panel for me that another collision shop had done a terrible job on. The work at Dales was outstanding and the vehicle looks like new again. the prep work and attention to detail is what sets Dales shop above some of the poor…
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  • 7/28/17

    I had a hit and run accident and the bumper was hit. They gave me a reasonable estimate and were honest. I took my car to another body shop and they wanted to replace the whole bumper when it could be fixed. They were able to fix it and…
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  • 7/10/17

    AMAZING WORK! The paint color match, body-line alignment, and detail work made this car look like brand-new, and you are unable to detect that it had any body work done on it. The Owner, Dale, was informative, answered all our questions, and he and his staff were very nice and professional. I HIGHLY recommend Dale's Bodyworks.

  • 6/28/17

    Great, friendly, quick service. Dale and his team were thorough and very professional throughout. Would recommend this shop without reservations.

  • 6/16/17

    Dale's did a great job fixing my front bumper. I was on a tight timeline to get the work done and they worked with me to get it done in time. I would definitely go back and refer them to others

  • 5/24/17


  • 5/13/17

    I have been to Dale's Body Works twice to repair scratches and dents on my truck. I have been happy both times.

  • 10/13/16

    Dales had my car in and out in no time! They are a very friendly shop and do excellent work! My car looked just like new, and was cleaned! Awesome job! I recommend them to all!

  • 10/13/16

    Dales bodyworks had my car in and out in a very timely manner! I have always brought my vehicles there and recommend them to everyone! They are very friendly, are fast and do awesome work!

  • 10/13/16

    Dales has again done a great job for me! My car looked perfect when I picked it up! I couldn't tell where it had been damaged and the color was perfectly matched! They are fast, friendly, reasonably priced, and trustworthy! I continue taking my vehicles there whenever I need body work done. I recommend them to anyone!

  • 9/17/16

    They repaired our Mercedes twice and did an excellent job! This is a family owned business that gives personal service and fair prices. I highly recommend using them and have been extremely satisfied.

  • 8/28/16

    Using Dales Body Shop was the best experience we have ever had in many years. The employees are friendly, their service is of superior and most importantly, they completed the work timely as promised.

  • 8/8/16

    Decided to check out Dale's after backing into my garage door based on online reviews. I have nothing negative to say - from the moment I walked in, I was greeted in a prompt, friendly manner and they made everything such a smooth, easy process. Body work looks GREAT. They even gave quite a nice cash discount that I was not expecting. Will definitely refer friends here.

  • 7/9/16

    Excellent repair work and paint matches exactly! Dale's customer service is excellent. Very nice to work with.

  • 7/8/16

    Dale was wonderful. I was rear ended in November 2015 in CA and had an auto body shop repair it there, since that is where I lived at the time. Since moving to AZ, I noticed some pitting and bad spots and called Allstate back to see who could…
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  • 7/7/16

    very professional, excellent service, reasonable pricing

  • 4/20/16

    overall the work is excellent and Dale very congenial. The job was supposed to take 4-5 days and took until the 7th day to be picked up.

  • 4/17/16

    Dropped my car off, went on vacation for 5 days & picked it up when I got home. Friendly staff & my car looks like new! Thanks you Dale's!

  • 3/17/16

    Painted the hood on the jeep and did an excellent job. They had also painted the running board on my BMW a few years back. Both look brand new. Fast and friendly. A little hard to find but worth the search.

  • 3/15/16

    Dales Bodyworks was very timely and did a awesome job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  • 3/15/16

    Very professional and courteous! I felt like I was in a customer service industry instead of a sales store - the way it should be yet wasn't in the other shops I compared. They did a great job and finished the work on the early side of the time frame estimated.

  • 3/11/16

    Dale was awesome! I called and they were able to get things fixed up the same day for me. Amazing service and quality. Thank you!

  • 3/9/16

    Very pleasant to work with, work done well. Would happily recommend them.

  • 3/4/16

    Dale and Team did a great job. I am a repeat customer and Dale always does a great job!

  • 3/4/16

    Really pleased with this shop. Nice people and they did a great job at a reasonable price. I hope I never have to come back but if I do, I'm happy I have someone I'm comfortable with.

  • 1/22/15

    Dale and team just completed refinishing/repainting my 2002 911 front bumper cover. I requested and was given a lower price by removing and re-installing the bumper cover myself (was actually relatively simple), saving Dale's team that labor. I couldn't have been happier with the service and timeliness (said it would…
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  • 1/18/15

    This is the 2nd time I have Dale's Body Works work on my cars. The work is great, on time and one cannot see there the damage was. The staff are great and will call enterprise if you need a rental. I tell my friends and family to use them all the time.

  • 12/18/14

    My vehicle looked brand new when I picked it up! Very happy with the job, the people who worked with me, and how quickly it was done, along with reasonable price! Highly recommend them! I also had a different vehicle in to him a year before and was also happy with the job, that's why I went back!

  • 12/10/14

    My experience with Dale's was fabulous! The communicated quickly about my vehicle, did the repairs fast and were reasonably priced. Everyone was fabulous. Will definitely recommend them to friends and I will not his irate to use them again .

  • 11/15/14

    The best body shop I encountered so far!!! Great Price, Great Service, fast and accurate. Very impressed.

  • 10/17/14

    Dale & his team did a great job, they repaired my bumper,fender and rim to like new and ONTIME! I highly recommend this body shop.

  • 9/8/14

    Dale and his staff provided great service. The job was done on time and done perfectly.

  • 9/2/14

    I would highly recommend Dale's Bodyworks. Their work is top notch and was finished on time. My truck looks Great!! Thanks Dale

  • 8/20/14

    Unfortunately I have been at Dales Bodyworks twice this year due to people/items hitting and causing damage to my truck. When I drop off the truck, I have a peace of mind that the work will be done correctly. I have been impressed twice. Great work!

  • 8/2/14

    Highly recommend Dale's....very professional and our car was returned to us in pristine very clean condition......

  • 7/21/14

    Dale and his team did a Fantastic job repairing front fender damage. Not only did they finish the repairs one day ahead of schedule, they matched the paint to perfection. The office is spotless and the staff is very professional!

  • 7/13/14

    Dale's did a great job on repairing my van after a car accident. My car looked brand new and the customer service was great. I would highly recommend Dale's for auto body repairs.

  • 7/4/14

    Got my vehicle in immediately , did a FANTASTIC job and finished when promised! Looks better than new. I would recommend this shop to anyone in need of vehicle repairs.

  • 9/15/13

    Passable work. A lot of things were overlooked, which led to a less than optimal final product. Sloppy prep. Chips in the existing paint were not addressed, resulting in noticeable imperfections that were painted and cleared over. They just masked around the rear window trim, instead of removing it. Now, there…
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  • 6/14/13

    Dale's team did an amazing job on my Camaro. They not only made the repairs as quoted and in a timely manner, they detailed my car!! Great job guys. Thank-you.

  • 6/5/13

    Absolutely the finest repair work after a major collision. I never dreamed the car would be as good as new...and it is perfect. Go to Dale's for great workmanship and peace of mind. Call Dale!

  • 3/26/13

    Dale's Collision did a superior job of putting my car back together. I liked the integrity of the owner, his word was gold. The attention to detail was outstanding. It looks like a brand new car. I highly recommend this body shop.

  • 2/10/13

    Dale did an excellent job on my car after someone backed into it at a parking lot with his trailer hitch. Dale's people were always courteous and went out of their way to arrange my Hertz rental. The car not only was beautifully repaired but it was completely…
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  • 7/11/11

    Great service! My sister's car had uninsured damage which she could not afford to repair. Dale did a wonderfull job at a very fair price so I was able to cover the repairs. Thanks a million.

  • 6/17/11

    Dales Body Works returned my vehicle ahead of schedule. The work looks perfect and my car was washed and waxed. It was not only repaired but the rest of the car looked better than when I dropped it off.

  • 11/19/10

    Dale's repaired recent hail damage to my car, and I was very impressed with the quality of work, easy communications, and cost of repair. This was my second time with Dale's and my experience was the same both times. Best experience I've ever had. CB

  • 3/8/10

    I recommend Dale's Bodyworks to anyone who is looking for honest and professional body work. I received updates on where they were with getting the vehicle completed and it was done on the day they said it would be. The work was beautiful and my car looks brand new.

  • 2/27/10

    My car was badly damaged on the right side after our son hit a low steel pole that was on his right side while driving. (Front bumper, radiator, rack & pinion). I had had one experience with a car shop prior to Dales and it had been a nightmare.…
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  • 3/4/09

    I got estimates from four bodyshops including Maaco on Deer Valley (big mistake) and Dale's Bodyworks came in with the lowest estimate of all. Insurance was picking up the repair bill so quality was my main concern with the repair not the price since I'm keeping the truck forever…
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  • 10/14/08

    Dale was terrific. Honest and did a wonderful job on my car. Very reasonably priced.

  • 8/27/08

    I have known and used Dale's Bodyworks for years; they are an A plus shop; superior quality work and competitive pricing. I would highly recommend this shop.

  • 6/9/07

    Dale's put forth the extra effort to make your experience with them enjoyable even though dealing with a not so enjoyable occasion. Very satisfied with their custom service and workmanship. Recommend their service to anyone in need.

  • 6/6/07

    I have known Dale for many years, and would not even consider going elsewhere when needing any type of body work. I have used him for my business vehicles, as well as my personal vehicles, and am always satisfied with the quality of work, as well as the great customer…
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  • 3/24/07

    Excellent!! Timely, great quality work, treated courteously!!

  • 2/15/07

    Work was done as estimated and done on time, Excellent service and repair. Dealing with the owner was a pleasure. I would recomend this garage.

  • 2/6/07

    Excelente work, attention to details

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