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B&B Autowerks, Tempe 85281

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 11/19/17

    Very knowledgeable guys. Honest and great customer service. You won’t find a better shop.

  • 11/16/17

    Great service. Friendly people. They are straightforward about the condition of your car and give you a number of options to consider based upon your budget and how much you drive your car.

  • 11/12/17

    These guys ball so hard. They are affordable and trustworthy. A+ Bill and Brian are the best.

  • 11/8/17

    My friend had taken her truck to 3 different shops and given her really high quotes on repairs. I told her take it to the auto shop I use. She followed my advice and took her truck to B & B Autowerks. B & B got it done. The truck…
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  • 11/7/17

    Super friendly and knowledgeable. Very trustworthy and would recommend to my friends and family. Had some issues with the Tahoe and they always take care of it quick.

  • 6/30/17

    B&B Autowerks did an amazing job with my car repair. I took my car in to replace cracked motor mounts, they had the work done in half a day. They were super helpful and answered all of my questions. They had no problem putting in motor mounts I bought online,…
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  • 6/20/17

    Bryan and Bill are professional and trustworthy, we take our fleet of work trucks to them for repair and maintenance. They have always fixed things right and the pricing is right where it should be. The latest repair was for an 02 sensor that one of the guys likely ripped…
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  • 6/20/17

    Bill and Brian were very helpful and friendly. They made sure that I was made aware of all of my options to get my car fixed. I will be going to them for any future auto maintenance or repairs.

  • 6/15/17

    B&B did a great job once again. This time I took all three of our cars in for oil change and general check up. The work was completed on time and as estimated. they are very trustworthy and honest Gary

  • 6/14/17

    My 13 year old BMW 325i with 175k miles is consistently kept in good condition by B & B. Great staff who are willing to work with me, help me understand the issues, and assist me in making the best choices for my vehicle. Most recently I had my brake pads replaced. But I take my cars to them for everything. I highly recommend these guys!

  • 6/8/17

    Fast and friendly service! And good looking too!!

  • 5/25/17

    Great place to be treated fairly. They kept working on our car till they got it right. Highly recommend them.

  • 5/16/17

    Brian and Bill at B & B Autowerks are incredible, I highly recommend them to anyone. Professional and honest.

  • 4/3/17

    I utilized B & B Autowerks for the first time and I was incredibly satisfied with the quality of work, pricing, and the customer service. Bill and Brian were professional, but still super friendly. They fixed only what they needed and got me back on the road quickly…
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  • 12/8/16

    Great shop! They were wonderful to work with and got back to me quick! Finished my car quickly and did a great job! I will be back for all my car needs.

  • 11/22/16

    Bill over at B and B auto works knows what he is doing. I found this shop about a year ago and have gone to him and his team ever since. He gets the parts you need for you car quick, and gets the work done quickly and effiently. He…
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  • 8/8/16

    I just moved here from Pennsylvania where I had a great mechanic that I knew since high school. He was totally trustworthy. So I was looking for the same small town, honest feel for a mechanic in the Phoenix area...well I found it at B&B Autowerks. My…
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  • 8/3/16

    My AC blower motor failed and B&B had me fixed and back up running cool quickly. They performed the work on time, on budget/estimate and overall did a great job. Brian is extremely courteous and provides prompt and accurate information.

  • 7/19/16

    B N B is great and they always do top notch work.The crew is nice and friendly.I recommend them to everyone you will not be disappointed.

  • 7/3/16

    I like this shop, as they stick to the original company parts.

  • 7/1/16

    Brian and his mechanics R & R my fuel pump. They picked up my truck from my home 6/27 evening and was finished by noon on 6/28. Brian and his mechanics were courteous, honest, and go beyond the high quality standard of customer service. I would recommend them highly. Thank you Brain

  • 4/20/16

    Great personal service always!

  • 4/19/16

    I had a persistent oil leak. Brian at B & B Autowerks fixed the problem easily and at a fair price. It's a very friendly and professional shop. Rate them 5 cars!

  • 3/19/16

    I brought this car in for a friend. The gentlemen who work here are awesome! I was expecting to have a long wait, but was in and out within 30 minutes. They didn't try to tell me other work needed to be done when it wasn't necessary. They are so…
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  • 3/4/16

    Always amazing service from these guys. I will never go anywhere else.

  • 3/1/16

    Love this place. Great service honest

  • 2/26/16

    The guys at B & B worked after hours to get our fleet vehicle back on the road. They truly go above and beyond for their customers. I will not take our company cars to anyone but B & B. Thank you for the great service!

  • 2/26/16

    These guys are GREAT!! They are Incredibly honest and great to work with. I will absolutely return to B & B should I have any future car repair needs.

  • 1/14/16

    Being an advanced DIY mechanic for 30+ years I RARELY have shops touch my cars. I just don't trust anyone to do the same quality of repair as I can do (plus I save hundreds on labor). However, my daughter is attending school at ASU, and I live…
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  • 12/8/15

    Wow! What a great experience. B&B was recommended to me by a friend as an honest repair shop and I have to say that I've taken 3 different family cars there over the past year and every interaction has been exceptional. Brian is a very friendly guy who knows his stuff. He gives you options for repairs and won't try to "up sell" you. Highly recommended!

  • 11/15/15

    Great service PLUS! The guys at B&B AUTOWERKS always take care of my family's auto repairs. Being in the automotive related business for over 15 years finding an honest shop is a challenge to say the least. B&B operates with integrity and has a VERY skilled staff to deliver professional service. I recommend B&B to all my friends and family.

  • 10/28/15

    I was told by my "trusted" auto repair shop that I needed brakes and a tune up. A friend suggested i give Brian at B&B Autowerks a call. I set up a time to have my car inspected telling Brian I needed brakes and a tune up.…
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  • 10/28/15

    My husband and I will not take our vehicles anywhere but B & B Autowerks. Brian is awesome and we can count on him to give us an honest, fair price and exceptional service. My job requires me to be on the road a lot and I cannot…
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  • 9/15/15

    My wife and I won't go anywhere else. Honest, fair, quick and efficient. Brian is a friendly straight shooter who genuinely cares about his customers. It's very refreshing.

  • 8/16/15

    Brian and his team were diligent and reviewed all requests we had of our vehicle in a timely manner. Their communication of status and technical findings with our vehicle was reassuring and gave us options on how to resolve the problem. Thank you.

  • 7/28/15

    I'm so happy to a place that is trustworthy, fair, and fast. After many bad past experiences with mechanics, B & B is a lifesaver. Awesome and friendly service, I would highly recommend.

  • 6/23/15

    Brought my son's Celica in after it failed emissions. After getting over the shock of dealing with that, we discovered that the code in the computer was super hard to diagnose. The guys at B&B Autowerks were stellar at diagnosing the problem without just throwing parts at the car till…
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  • 6/23/15

    Brian and Bill are without a doubt the best people to take your car to for all of your mechanical needs. They are efficient, friendly and affordable. We have been taking our vehicles to them for over 5 years now, and are always pleased by their service. They are more…
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  • 6/8/15

    Awesome service! I have a few problems with my car over the years, but B&B Autowerks is there to help! Quality service at a great price.

  • 6/4/15

    Great service and a shop you can trust. Quality service at a great price. Big or small B&B Autowerks is the ONLY place I take my car.

  • 3/12/15

    Over 2 audis and a year of time... I have had my convertible top motor , AC compressor, cv kit, airbag/ engine lights / turbo hoses all repaired with an incredibly fast turnaround time and had no problems ever since. It's amazing to have owners as personable and friendly, and…
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  • 1/8/15

    B&B Autowerks has the best service and prices I have encountered. Very trustworthy, honest and upfront. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  • 10/23/14

    B&B autowerks is the best repair shop that I have ever been to in Arizona. Brian is a very nice man who brings the best vibe right from the start. Very trustworthy peeps , extremely fast service, and honest opinions leave you truly satisfied.

  • 8/11/14

    I started going to Brian and Bill for the last 8 months, they have helped me keep mine and my daughters cars running.They very honest and fully explain what is needed before they begin. I dont think there is a more honest shop in town. I refer any and all my friends and family to go there.

  • 6/22/14

    I was having issues with my air conditioning and thought that there was a slow leak in the system (gradually started blowing warm). The guys at B&B did a thorough investigation and found not only a small leak, but that the compressor was on it's way out as well…
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  • 6/4/14

    Bryan and Bill do great work, honest and trustworthy. Very courteous and professional, I was able to have service done while I waited, wouldn't have my vehicle serviced anywhere but B&B Autowerks!

  • 6/3/14

    Great service very reliable

  • 5/9/14

    B&B Autowerks is great, they were professional, friendly and honest. I would highly recommend bringing your car to them!

  • 5/7/14

    Very helpful guys! I was recommended to them from a friend and I'm an out of town resident so it was nice being able to trust someone with my car in a new state. Very knowledge and great customer service!

  • 3/31/14

    I brought Bill and Bryan my 1947 Studebaker Pickup. which has a 2002 S-10 chassis under it. It was having staring issues and a lack of power. Bill had advised me that the OEM fuel injector assembly is prone to causing the complaints I had, and that there is a…
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  • 2/5/14

    These guys are great! They explained the issues with my vehicle in terms that I could actually understand. Not only did they complete job for the amount that was originally quoted but it was finished on time too! I'm so glad I found B & B Autowerks as they are honest and have earned all my business going forward.

  • 12/3/13

    Brian and Bill run the best shop in the valley. I wouldn't take my vehicle to any other shop. They provide great customer service, quality automotive service, and great follow-up. If you want your car fixed quickly, correctly and in a timely manner, this is the place to go.

  • 9/27/13

    I had some suspension work done (control arm replacement) Brian and Bill were great - their estimate was exactly correct, and the car feels great! Thanks B&B!

  • 9/17/13

    I recently had my 1995 Maxima towed to B&B Autowerks from N. Scottsdale as I trusted that they would tell me the truth about why it wasn't running and if it was even worth repairing. Not only did they figure out what was wrong but they shopped the internet to…
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  • 9/10/13

    This place was great! The people were friendly, extremely helpful, and fair. They were quick but thorough on the repair. I recommend this place if you need anything repaired.

  • 8/7/13

    Quick, Friendly,and Fair Price. Overall a great Auto Shop would recommend to everyone and will be coming back every time I need a repair.

  • 8/6/13

    I needed to have a timing belt service done on my truck. I checked around on pricing and B&B was very competitive especially compared to the over priced dealer. They also recommended I do some other services at the same time since they were already in the engine. I was…
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  • 7/27/13

    B&B Autowerks is my shop of choice. Bill and Brian are trustworthy and professional, they perform excellent repair work, and they provide great value! I've been just as satisfied as I possibly could be with every repair they've done for me, and they've done a lot of work for…
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  • 7/12/13

    B&B has worked on my car multiple times and every time has been great. Excellent customer service and fair pricing. No gimmicks, they tell you what you need and get the job done professionally. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them from here on out!

  • 7/5/13

    B&B has done regular maintenance on my car and it has always been exceptional. A couple of weeks ago that same car was in a "garage" accident and needed some bodywork. I called Brian to get a recommendation for body shop and he coordinated for me. Above and beyond! These are the trustworthy guys you want working on your cars. Highly recommend!

  • 6/29/13

    Brian and bill very nice people ... I had concerns being new to the area and not knowing anyone here ... They made me feel like I was at home ... Took a few mins too diagnose my car crank pulley was shot and had to Oder the part from…
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  • 6/10/13

    I would definitely recommend B&B Autowerks to everyone!! Brian and Bill are the BEST!!! They are friendly, trustworthy, precise and turnaround time is quick! As a girl, I'm always nervous about going to a mechanic and I know, in the past, I've been taken for a ride…
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  • 6/8/13

    Outstanding customer service. Done in a timely fashion. Done when Bryan said it would be done. At a very reasonable cost. Bill is an outstanding mechanic and both men are very professional. I left feeling like the work was done and done well at a…
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  • 6/7/13

    I can't begin to express how pleased I was with the professionalism, kindness and quality of service I received at B & B Autowerks. My A/C is now working great and the cost of the repair was much less than I'd anticipated! As a senior woman, I'm leery of being "ripped off" by auto mechanics, but I can wholeheartedly endorse Brian & Bill. (Incidently, their shop is spotless!) Vivian

  • 5/29/13

    The team at B&B took great care of me. I needed a 100,000 tune up on my car. I drive around the city for work and its important to me that my car is well maintained. Not only did they get me in the same day I requested but, they…
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  • 5/24/13

    These guys are great. I gave them a list of maintenance items i wanted checked (about 7 things). They checked them all and came back with only 1 repair - rear break pads. They special ordered some long lasting pads, installed at a fraction of the dealer price. Their honesty about what really needed to be fixed has made me a customer for life!

  • 5/16/13

    I've been customer these guys with all my cars and friends and family as well so we wont go anywhere else but B&B Autowerks. What more can I say but AWESOME service and prices. No STEALERSHIP here. Just Bryan & Bill treating you like family with good old fashioned service and quality work. Alohaaaa

  • 5/10/13

    B&B was everything you hope for when your car needs repairs; honest, timely and affordable. Brian was very helpful; explained all the problems with my vehicle and the different options and expenses to repair our car. Before bringing my car in, it felt like it was one mile away from…
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  • 5/7/13

    My daughter told me after taking her car to B&B Autowerks,"I feel like I am driving a new car!" The car was clunking into gear, leaking oil and clunking when hitting the brakes. I took her car to Bryan and Bill. They inspected the car for free; prioritzed the…
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  • 4/29/13

    I can not recommend B&B Autowerks enough! The costumer service is excellent. Bryan and Bill work so well together making sure everything is perfect and your experience is great. I brought my car in unexpected and was in and out in a matter of an hour, all problems fixed. Best…
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  • 4/29/13

    I am a repeater customer at B&B Autowerks The customer service is exceptional. Bryan listened carefully as I explained the problems I was having with my car, and helped me understand what repairs were needed. The work was completed accurately and quickly, the cost well below quoted rate from dealership.…
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  • 4/27/13

    I had the best customer service!!! The mechanic took the to listen to what I had to say and to explain the problems that my car had. I would recommend B&B Autowerks to everyone!!!

  • 4/26/13

    The service at B&B AutoWerks is second to none. The foundation of any reputable business is the level of customer service it provides to its clients. Bryan and his team provided stellar service, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of auto work. You are…
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  • 4/25/13

    My A/C started blowing warm, I was in the Tempe area and found B&B Autowerks, they specialized in Nissan's. I was helped by a professional person named Brian. After my write up they started on my car and within minutes I was told the freon was just low. They corrected…
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  • 4/25/13

    Great customer service and quality workmanship. Nice to have an autoshop that can provide quality work along with a good price. Thanks to B&B for getting me back on the road and not taking advantage of my situation when my truck was in need of repair.

  • 4/25/13

    Bill and Brian are the BEST! Excellant customer service, quick and SUPER knowledge about every one of our vehicles. They are the BEST! Wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • 4/20/13

    Bill and Bryan have worked on my Explorer three times and I have been very happy with their work. I would recommend them to anybody looking for great service at a fair price.

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