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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 9/3/16

    Brion is above board on what is needed on the car outstanding service and honesty, would never be worried to bring the car there for service.this is my shop for the life of the car.. outstanding.. Ron Kovar

  • 7/28/16

    I was referred to this shop by a friend who also owns a classic Chevy. Mine is a 1970 El Camino SS. I needed to have my automatic transmission gear indicator device, that is located in my speedometer gauge, replaced. A difficult, time-consuming and fragile job, as…
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  • 7/13/16

    Got referred to this shop by a friend and will most definitely bring my car here from now on. Brion, the owner, was great. He took the time to go over everything before working on the car. He broke it all down and explained the cost of each part and…
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  • 5/10/16

    Brion is very nice and extremely knowledgeable about cars. I bring all my cars to him whenever they are not running right and he is always able to quickly find the problem and is usually able to fix it that day or within a day or two. I will continue bringing my vehicles to him for the foreseeable future.

  • 5/4/16

    Excellent business. Brion is honest and dependable. He has kept my van running well for several years. I can get in to have my van looked at within 24 hours of my calling him

  • 5/3/16

    Got me in and out in less than 30 minutes to replace battery when I called on short notice.

  • 4/22/16

    Brion and his repair team are Excellent! I came into his shop after going to a tire dealer that I was using before. They botched up a simple tail light bulb install 3 times! Brion and his ace repairman (sorry, I forgot his name!), simply cleaned out the bulb housing,…
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  • 12/10/15

    Simply the best shop that I have ever been to! These guys troubleshoot and know exactly what the problem is before they do anything to your vehicle. No guessing or throwing parts at the problem. Their pricing is fair and competitive. You get what you pay for and with these guys you know exactly what you are paying for. So glad that I found this shop.

  • 9/9/15

    Took my 2007 Mustang GT there when the engine began to run very rough. In short order, they discovered that the #7 cylinder exhaust valve spring had failed causing zero compression in that cylinder. Further inspection revealed the hot exhaust gas had melted the intake manifold at the #7 cylinder…
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  • 9/8/15

    I first found automotive specialists in 2011 when I bought my pickup that I used for work and needed a reliable place for servicing it. Automotive Specialists has the best diagnostics I've seen and I've been impressed by both their transparency and honesty. They do quality work and…
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  • 9/3/15

    I knew my car needed to have the rear shocks replaced, and my car was starting to sway from left to right whenever I drove it. I recently moved here from and was concerned about trusting a mechanic. I found Brion here on gargefly, and I couldn't have asked for…
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  • 6/12/15

    The best repair shop is located behind O"Reilly's Auto Parts. This is the place to go when you need honest detailed work done on your car. They fixed my cars AC. Brion, the owner is very knowledgeable and no nonsense kind of guy who has a great team.

  • 1/14/15

    Automotive Specialists fit my Jeep repair into their busy schedule to get me back on the road in just one day. They are very knowledgable and professional in every way. I would strongly recommend this group for your auto maintenance and repair needs.

  • 11/29/14

    Great service! I typically work on my own vehicle but no longer can given neighborhood restrictions so I needed someone I could trust. Brion knows what he's talking about and doesn't try to BS you. I appreciate his honesty and they do great work!

  • 11/3/14

    Brian and his staff have been working on our cars, including 2 classis cars, for over 7 yrs. I highly recommend them. Brian is very honest and will take the time and effort to make your car functions as it should.

  • 10/13/14

    I looked up automotive repair shops online with good reputations for my husband after spending approx. 1000 and his vehicle still was stalling. We went and saw Brion at Automotive Speicalists he was very professional and honest I can not thank him enough for his help he gave us a…
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  • 9/24/14

    We brought in an older Georgie Boy motorhome that was running poorly. Brian worked on it and got it back to us in time for our vacation. He contacted us at every step of the process, letting us know what was needed and what it would cost. We are very satisfied with the work and the work ethic displayed by Automotive Specialists, and would recommend them highly.

  • 8/15/14

    Outstanding customer service. Brion took time to explain all my options. His evaluation of the issues was spot on. I would recommend Automotive Specialists without reservations to anyone needing any sort of repair. I found his prices reasonable!

  • 8/13/14

    This place is the real deal! I will never use another mechanic again. Brion has worked on three of our vehicles and I have been more than happy every time I've left his shop. These guys are honest. The price is what you would expect and want to pay for…
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  • 8/3/14

    Wow!!! These guys are the best!!! They took care of everything for me & went above & beyond. They even took care of a problem created by Discount Tire. They found Discount Tire has cross thread a lug & stud broke when they removed it. Brion went to Discount Tire…
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  • 7/30/14

    This shop is the best!! Brian Fuller is the owner and was absolutely amazing - he even picked us up from an apartment nearby!! We needed a new fuel pump and he got us the highest quality replacement at a lower price than the estimate. I know that…
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  • 7/11/14

    Good, honest, and professional service. Upon completing the repair, they actually charged me less than the quoted price. A friend recommended this shop to me and I would happily pass on his recommendation to anyone else.

  • 7/10/14

    Automotive Specialists did a complete front end overhaul as well as clean and adjust the brakes, replaced fuel filter and muffler. Wonderful service, and fair pricing. I will be back, again!

  • 6/26/14

    Brion was amazing! I was having trouble with the clutch (neither my wife nor I had ever driven a stick before). Not only did he realize there was a part that he ordered that was not needed so he didn't charge us for it, but he also went for a drive with me to help me learn to drive a stick.

  • 3/26/14

    Brion at Automotive Specialists is a super nice guy who knows his stuff, I was new to town and he worked on my Jeep, The dealership couldn't find the problem. Brion found it and fixed it right away and the prices were reasonable. Now I am…
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  • 2/19/14

    I have been dealing with Brian at Automotive Specialists for at least five years and have never had anything but terrific service at a fair price. I'm an old car guy and can tell when I'm given a bunch of BS but that has never happened here. Very highly recommended.

  • 8/1/13

    I own 4 repair facilities in New Jersey. My daughter was on a 10,000 mile sight seeing trip across the country. Her power point (cig lighter) stopped working. This facility took her in immediately and repaired it. Being in the business, I know how those late day…
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  • 7/20/13

    Phenomenal shop, tremendous Customer service, extra special attention to troubleshooting. I thought I had a big problem which actually turned into a minor windshield molding issue. Imagine my surprise after about an hour of troubleshooting, there was no charge for their service, a referral to a glass shop and the next day, a Thank You card in the mail. I never saw that before!

  • 6/6/13

    I have been using Automotive Specialists for several years and they have always done an excellent job and have the highest integrity. They never talk me into more work than I absolutely need. This time I needed hatchback struts for my station wagon (I had been using a mop handle…
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  • 5/23/13

    I've had my truck in for service twice. The office staff is very friendly knowledgeable. They take the time to explain the problem and make sure you know what it will cost before they do the work. They also helped me decide what was immediate and what could wait. They do quality work and at a fair price.

  • 7/27/12

    The SRS (air bag) warning light came on in my CRV. The local Honda dealer immediately diagnosed the problem as a bad SRS control unit and quoted a cost of $860 to replace it - no alternatives! Fortunately I sought a second opinion from Automotive Specialists. They were able…
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  • 7/23/12

    After reviewing the positive comments on Garagefly I thought I would give the Automotive Specialists a try. I am always sceptical of auto mechanics that I do not know but let me tell you Brion and his employees went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of…
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  • 4/22/12

    Fast & reasonable service. I was in a real bind being new to Arizona and they were awesome in helping me out very quickly.

  • 4/20/12

    Automotive Specialists replaced my timing belt, adjusted the valves, and flushed the cooling system as part of my regular maintenance program. They also rebuilt my ailing alternator. I'm quite satisfied with their responsive service and my car is running great. Thanks!

  • 2/6/12

    Received excellent service as usual

  • 12/19/11

    My AC system had stopped working and I knew that this repair would be very costly and lengthy. While having no AC in the horrid Tucson summer my van was having intermittent problems starting. There would only be one place on my side of town that I could fully trust for…
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  • 11/3/11

    My light came on to service engine soon. Someone else gave me the code that came up which was for a map sensor. Took it to Brion and he told me not to be code dependent. Ended up not needing a map sensor after all, just a vacuum hose. Saved…
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  • 9/29/11

    I Needed Tie Rod ends and some other work needed to keep My truck safe. I did not know how I was going to come up with extra cash during hard times, Brion & Mitch Looked at a service agreement I added to my truck payment, And found a…
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  • 9/28/11

    Brion and his team are the best in there trade. Not only did Brion fix what was asked of him, he took the extra mile and checked my spare tire. It was flat, so he filled it up. That is the thoughtfulness that sets them apart. They have my highest reccomendation!

  • 9/20/11

    Excellent work. Found "hard to find" parts. No BS, very helpful. Will go there again.

  • 9/18/11

    These guys are amazing! I've been meaning to write a review on here and kept forgetting. We took our 1997 Nissan Pathfinder to them in 2008 and after looking at it they told me I would be better off selling it than paying them $6K to fix it. It was…
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  • 9/16/11

    Great job. Found oil leak at no cost. Completed work same afternoon so I could have my vehicle to drive as I was leaving town next morning.

  • 8/24/11

    These guys have worked on my car before and I have always been extremely satisfied with what they have is great to feel I can trust what they tell me and what they do..kathleen

  • 7/28/11

    I had to get more work done after I picked the car up from my last review as my transmission also quit as I was driving down the freeway just a few days later. No fault of Automotive Specialists LLC but I didn’t hesitate to have them do the work…
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  • 7/28/11

    I looked in my local area for a reputable place to bring my car and I found this place on this website and I read their reviews and some of the others in the area, so I called them and I liked what I heard when I described my problems…
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  • 7/13/11

    brought my Duramax to AS for Diesel Fuel System Service, Brion(owner )explained all aspects of the service and the full vehicle inspection. they did an outstanding job and found several other items needing attention, I was contacted prior to anything else being done. I would recommend this shop to anyone. very clean.

  • 7/11/11

    Had my air conditioner compressor replaced at another shop ($1200). Still no air conditioning. They said they had to pull the dash (expensive)to find the leak. Took it to AS and they found the leak in the compressor! Went back to original shop and had them again replace the compressor.…
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  • 7/8/11

    Another shop said I needed a new compressor for my air conditioner - $1100 repair. I brought my Honda here and had it re-checked. There was nothing wrong with it. They're honest and fair. No repair needed. They saved me a bundle.

  • 6/24/11

    We have been customers of Automotive Specialists for 14 years. We have always been given the best service at the fairest price. The work is done right the first time and the garage is spotless. All work required is explained in language we can understand. We wouldn't take our vehicles anywhere else.

  • 6/21/11

    I'm an OLD car guy and am always looking for people who try to sell me stuff I don't need. I've been dealing with AS for several years and have nothing but good things to say about them. They do great work, spot things that need doing and charge a fair price. What more do you need in a repair shop?

  • 6/16/11

    Family owned business that is very friendly everytime I take my vehicles in for service. Their staff has a lot of knowledge and expertice in maintaining vehicle up keep. I know I can count on my vehicle getting the best care.

  • 6/8/11

    I have listened to Brion when he has been guest co-host on Simmons Car Care Talk Show saturday mornings on 104.1 The Truth for many years. I like his motto, "Test don't Guess". I wanted to have my Ranger Motorvac'd and Brion is close to where I live. I found…
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  • 6/7/11

    They are reasonably priced compared to the Toyota dealership. Overall, a good place to take my care. They are personable and knowledgable.

  • 5/13/11

    Automotive Specialists has serviced my Mustang since 2006. This shop is family owned,with professional employees that you can trust. State of the art diagnostic equipment is used to find your problem, and professional people will repair it. When my car needs TLC , it goes to Automotive Specialist. Brion Fuller - owner Mitchell Fuller - service advisor

  • 5/11/11

    After being a "true-blue" dealership person for years, I finally decided that it was time to quit paying the inflated dealer costs, even though there were conveniences that came with those costs. We had been taking our older BMW to Brion & Mitch for some time, and finally converted…
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  • 5/5/11

    I have uses Automotive Specialists for several years now. Brion Fuller(the owner) guest hosts on the Simmons Car Care Shop Talk Show Saturday mornings from time to time. I find him to be honest and knowledgable, friendly and reliable. His son, Mitch, the Service writer is a…
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  • 4/24/11

    We have taken our vehicles here for several years. The repair history is excellent. Before finding Automotive Specialists, we had mixed results on repairs. This locally owned company does great work and backs all of it.

  • 4/18/11

    Take my word for it, These guys are the best. I've been in Tucson for 40 years. Brion and Mitch do our Vetts and Infiniti's. Wouldn't go anywhere else, give them a try.

  • 4/17/11

    my car was having proplems with the throttle, no one could figure it out...thank god a friend of mine referred me to these guys..not only were they honest, but they fixed the problem fast and the right way without cutting corners... i would definitely refer friends,family and strangers to the automotive specialist....they really are the best when it comes to high end vehicles..thanx guys!!!!

  • 4/11/11

    As the daughter of a mechanic, it was very important for me to find a great repair shop that I can trust and rely on and I have found that with Automotive Specialist. I have always been very happy with their work and I know that I can count…
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  • 4/9/11

    I used to use dealer service for my truck. I was tired of constantly paying through the nose everytime I went there. And I would find out that I really didn't need the service that was done. I received a flyer in the mail to come in and check out…
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  • 3/25/11

    My wife and I have been taking our cars to Automotive Specialists since we moved to this part of town 6 years ago. Brion, Mitch, and the entire staff have been the most professional, knowledgable, and courteous people, in their field, that we have ever encountered. They always test our cars for…
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