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Arizona Auto Care, Tempe 85283

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Av. Rating: 4.9

  • 9/9/17

    I am new to the Tempe area from the central Phoenix area. I checked AZ Autocare on several online sources and the reviews were consistent. I see why they were. I was having AC issues and they were able to get me in quickly, diagnose as well…
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  • 9/9/17

    Awesome ....Just leave your car and never worried about anything else anymore.

  • 8/31/17

    You did a great job and I love your waiting room. It is so cool how you do it.

  • 8/5/17

    Arizona Auto Care does it again! Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.

  • 8/3/17

    Chris the owner/site manager and his staff have always done excellent work. I am always impressed with the quality of work, price and the timeliness of completion. I recently took my 1964 Mustang to get a disc brake conversion installed, they didn't disappoint!! Great job, I highly recommend Arizona auto care for all your auto care needs!

  • 8/2/17

    Came in with my bumper hanging on by a thread (my parking space is next to a pole, ok?) and despite the rush of customers they had it back on, clips replaced, and a secure fit in 15 minutes. These guys are fast, affordable, professional, friendly, and detailed--they've done a great job with my old car, and I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • 7/31/17

    The shop performed a lube, oil, and filter change. They also checked all the fluids and tire pressures. Since we drive on dirt roads often, the air filter needed to be replaced. Thankfully, this shop checks these things and lets us know! I would recommend them to anyone because they do the work when scheduled and always do a great job.

  • 7/27/17

    When leaving to go to work noticed I had a dying battery. Called AZ Auto Care and they told me no problem to bring the car in right away and they would have the battery changed out and ready for me in a couple hours (I was heading out…
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  • 7/23/17

    Glad I found this place. Took my car in for a brake job and oil change. They were fair and quick.

  • 7/23/17

    This part of my life is called bad luck. On a recent family trip out to Saguaro Lake in triple digit weather in this Arizona summer, my sweet sweet Nissan Rogue decided, "you know... now is a good time for this air conditioner to just stop working. Poof!". As you can…
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  • 7/20/17

    I have been taking my cars to Arizona Auto Care for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. This time, my Daughter in Law's Versa needed a new AC compressor and while the job was not cheap, it came out a couple hundred less than the quote.

  • 7/13/17

    Consistent. Period. Craig, Chris and their shop staff are ALWAYS professionally pleasant, highly knowledgeable with their advisement, and attentive to the needs of each customer. As a long time patron, I'll certainly continue to seek out their services for my vehicle. I trust the word of their on-point expertise, quality of work, and pricing. A true gem of auto servicing!

  • 7/13/17

    The shop manager is always a gracious host and always treats us as GUESTS to his shop... Arizona Auto Care is easy to work with and are not out to make a "buck", but rather they actually live up to their name. They "CARE"! I had shopped around at other chain…
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  • 7/12/17

    Reliable, high quality repair & service. Always timely service and now open on Saturday. Diagnose problem, call with info on repairs, cost and time needed. Not big corporate operation but staffed with friendly experts who know their trade. Have been getting my car cared for at AZAuto for more than 15 yrs/210k

  • 7/10/17

    Called last minute to get an oil change and they had no problem fitting me in. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I have been going to this shop for over 10 years and I never had any issues with service or pricing.

  • 7/10/17

    I'm so glad I found this Gem! I feel like it's been really hard to find a good honest mechanic, who doesn't over charge you and does the work in a timely manner. Thankfully I found these guys, we have 2 company vehicles and one of them was having A/C…
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  • 7/9/17


  • 7/2/17

    I have had all my vehicles serviced and repaired here for years. They provide high quality service and repairs. Greg and Chris in the front office are professional, friendly and willing to answers questions in detail if you want it, as are the technicians.

  • 6/24/17

    I had an appointment for 9AM and my car was promptly taken in and serviced within a very reasonable time. I like their attention to detail, I watched the technician service my transmission and he was thorough.

  • 6/22/17

    These guys are great. This particular repair wasn't extensive, but I've trusted them with my cars ever since they were the only ones after two other tries with different mechanics who were able to do a clutch job correctly on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. They talk to you,…
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  • 6/19/17

    I have continued success bringing my vehicles here for over 10 years.l am an elderly woman and have never worried about being cheated or overcharged no matter what is wrong with my vehicle. It has always been fixed properly and for a reasonable amount

  • 6/17/17

    Great service team of professionals. Repairs executed correctly the first time. Courtesy and respectful. Air conditioning pros., among other talents. Reasonably priced. NO BACKYARD MECHANISTS WORK HERE! Used them before and will use them again. Chris, the owner, is hands on for quality control. Recommended to me by a Classic Car Restoration Specialist.

  • 6/16/17

    We have been going to Az Auto Care for approximately 10 years. All three of our vehicles are serviced there. Chris, Jeff, Greg and staff are courteous and professional. The job is always completed to our satisfaction. We highly recommend this business for auto care needs.

  • 6/16/17

    ALWAYS THE BEST! Best shop in the valley!

  • 6/14/17

    Always the best honest shop around, these pros have been keeping my vehicle(s) in perfect running order for over 17 years now...Even going above and beyond by allowing/facilitating a windshield replacement while my truck was receiving a complete 135,000 mile inspection and all the scheduled maintenance performed. Thanks guys!

  • 6/13/17

    I have been using Arizona Auto Care for over 10 years now and have always been very satisfied with their service. Always honest and up front with us. We have a repair company with 8 service vehicles and we can always count on them to get us up and back…
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  • 6/12/17

    Greg, Chris and their automotive team (Jesus) provided excellent customer service and I am truly grateful. My "lil pony" rides so much better! I have dealt with other service centers that have not been as helpful. Thank you Arizona Auto Care!

  • 6/9/17

    My family and I have been coming here for years now. They are very professional and explain everything my car needs. They have never failed me and I would highly recommend them to everyone!

  • 6/5/17

    I've been bringing my vehicles to Chris and his tech team for over 12 years now, and they have always been straight forward and fair priced,also, have managed to always to complete the work in a timely manor. This the only shop I trust to bring my vehicles to.

  • 6/2/17

    Great service. This is a shop that I have been using for the last six years. They have experience with Subaru cars, not very common. Excellent customer service.

  • 6/2/17

    This places was awesome. I have never been to garage that didn't try to take advantage of me being a woman. They talked to me like I was a human, and not an idiot. Which also helped :) I will definitely be back, and would highly recommend.

  • 6/1/17

    I am very pleased with the way Az Auto Care took care of me. They were pleasant to work with and did not try to take advantage of me being a woman. My truck has been running great thanks to them...

  • 6/1/17

    I've been taking my vehicles in to AZ Auto Care for over 10 years. They always take good care of me and are always willing to help with any car issues i have. I have no problems recommending them to others..

  • 5/30/17

    We have been using Arizona Auto Care for over 10 years. If I take the car in for regular maintenance I can trust them to be honest and fix only want needs to be none. I have actually left being told that everything looks good. They are also excellent at figuring out what is wrong when there is a problem, and getting it repaired quickly.

  • 5/30/17

    The people at Arizona Auto Care are great and the service is stellar! I have brought my car in for a number of repairs and basic routine services and these guys are completely honest and fair every time.

  • 5/24/17

    Chris is knowledgeable in his craft and more importantly fair with his pricing. He runs a good shop and their work is spot on.

  • 5/23/17

    Arizona Auto Care was very friendly and does a great job on my car!

  • 5/19/17

    I went there to get alignment done for my car. I called in the night before and they gave me appoint right away for the next morning for the time that best worked for me. The service was awesome and fast. They also rotated tires for me with alignment as…
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  • 5/13/17

    I appreciate the guys at Arizona Autocare being able to get my car in with little notice. They repaired a part on site for me because they couldn't find a replacement readily available. Meant I got car back a day later instead of waiting a week!

  • 5/13/17

    I brought my car in for its scheduled maintenance and Chris and the guys did a great job. They also informed me of upcoming items so that I could budget for them.

  • 5/11/17

    Another good job and they have never tried to up-sell extra work.

  • 5/8/17

    Another stellar experience at Arizona Auto Care. I had taken my truck in a few weeks ago because it was overheating, and they did a great job. Last week it started overheating again. Turns out we got a bad part from the dealer, which happens in any business.…
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  • 3/24/17

    My family and I have gotten top-notch service from Arizona Auto Care for years. Greg and Chris do the service intake work and are consistently excellent, communicating thoroughly and competently regarding any repair issues. AZ Auto Care is honest, professional, and never tries to up-sell. I recommend them without hesitation.

  • 3/8/17

    Checked over the car. Called to let me know what needed to be fixed and the prices of each fix. Answered my questions as to which were more important and what was really necessary. I've use AZ Auto for over 15 years. I trust their judgement,…
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  • 2/20/17

    100.7 KSLX uses Arizona Auto Care for our station vehicle maintenance and repairs. It's great to work with a shop that is fast, reliable and honest. The Owner/Service Manager, Chris Hardy, is professional and knowledgeable. It's great to work with a shop you trust and we look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.

  • 2/16/17

    Best car guys I ever had! Chris and Greg are awesome at diagnosing and fixing (for the best price) anything that comes up on my older car I have been going to them for years once i discovered them when I broke down across the street and my insurance company had them…
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  • 2/15/17

    We have been using Arizona Auto Care for years now and have always had great experiences with them. We have had them work on almost all of our vehicles and performed all levels of maintenance and repairs. Their prices are very competitive and their turnaround time is quite fast. We…
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  • 2/9/17

    After I found Chris and Greg here, I never went anywhere else. This specific review concerns when they replaced my engine. Not only did they fight to get me the best price on the newly built engine, but also when they discovered that my motherboard had a problem…
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  • 2/6/17

    My car's cigarette lighter charging port, which I use that to charge my phone, wasn't working. I figured maybe it was a bad fuse. I took it to the dealer, and some guys there took a quick look at the fuse, pulled it out and told me it was…
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  • 1/28/17

    We are French and are students in Arizona, the very professional personnel help us to fix the overheat problem of our car, and now it works like a charm. Thank you so much.

  • 9/12/16

    always on top of stuff and quick

  • 9/6/16

    Outstanding service. Jeff is a great mechanic and he will always tell you what you really need unlike the dealers trying to oversell everything. I trust them with every repair for my car.

  • 8/31/16

    What a great auto shop! It may be hard to find at first, but it is well worth it! The gentleman Chris at the front desk was very honest and didn't try to nickel and dime me on other things that need to be fixed (theres a lot wrong with…
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  • 8/31/16

    We have been going to Arizona Auto Care for a few years now and the staff have always given us great recommendations and information on my vehicle. We trust and are greatly satisfied with their service and they are always our first pick when looking for a shop to repair our vehicles.

  • 8/31/16

    These guys are honest, hard working and price their services way below dealers. I'd recommend them any time

  • 8/25/16

    Love this place because their honest and always helpful. I've been taking my cars here for a few years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • 8/24/16

    I take all of my cars to AZ Auto Care. The customer service that I receive and service on my cars has always been excellent. I feel like they know me & my vehicles each time I call, and I feel like they don't over charge me. I never know quite what I am getting at the dealership, so I just go to AZ Auto Care!

  • 8/21/16

    I am 82 years old and have owned many automobiles, new and used. I have been to many repair shops in Missouri and Arizona. My experiences at Arizona Auto Care have been the best that I have ever experienced! Chris, the owner and Greg, the front desk man are the BEST!! They have always approached my mechanical problems with courtesy and with a very professional manner.

  • 8/18/16

    My air conditioner was not cooling to a good temp. They checked for leaks and recharged with freon. Now it is working just great. The personnel were so nice and the price was fab. I will be bringing my car to them instead of the Honda dealer.

  • 8/14/16

    Made the mistake of taking my wife's van to a big chain for an oil change and tire rotation.... what could possibly go wrong? The van shuttered and pulled on the drive home. I called Chris who quickly pointed out the problem. They had messed with…
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  • 8/12/16

    I have used AZ Auto Care for several years on various vehicles. Now, I'm bringing my Honda CRV to them as well, since it's now out of warranty with Honda. Chris, Greg and the entire staff at AZ Auto Care are top-notch, both in repair expertise, and in customer service. I…
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  • 8/7/16

    Quick and reliable service every time I take our car in. Came highly recommended and have not disappointed as the staff is always upfront and honest as to what is needed which cannot be said of all repair shops. Gladly recommend AZ Auto Care to anyone.

  • 8/7/16

    My car started running funny on the way to work and I quickly took it to Arizona Auto Care to see what the issue was. It's an older car so it ended up needing a few replacement parts - understandable. I believe we dealt with Chris (?) and he was…
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  • 7/29/16

    Arizona Auto Care team is always very courteous and professional. I wouldn't even think of taking my vehicles to any other shop. Truck runs perfect and ready for our summer vacation.

  • 7/25/16

    Owner Chris performed a diagnostic for free during a drop in, he was very helpful and honest. Called back the next day to schedule work to be performed. Volvo needed a new radiator. The quote was right. The shop manager, Greg, was professional and easy to work…
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  • 7/1/16

    I take my car to Arizona Auto Care for routine oil changes and repairs. They are very knowledgable and always friendly. I have been going there for years and will continue to do so. I've referred out of town visitors to them as well, and everyone is always pleased with the work they do as well as the fair prices.

  • 7/1/16

    Greg is fair when it comes to telling you what you absolutely need and what he would only recommend. I took my Accord in for an oil change and they noticed a tear in my air filter boot...which makes the air filter basically useless (although not a must fix)...the dealership…
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  • 4/28/16

    My check engine light kept coming on and I couldn't figure it out, took it to these guys and they got it fixed quickly and I thought at a good price for all they had to do! I would recommend this shop to anyone!

  • 4/24/16

    Best locally owned auto shop! Quick and honest.

  • 4/19/16

    I had a great experience yesterday at Arizona Auto Care. I took my Nitro in because my AC was not working correctly, and also my engine was hesitating a little upon accelerating. They had my issues diagnosed quickly, and advised me of my options in the repairs. …
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  • 3/29/16

    We've been taking our cars to Arizona Auto Care for 20+ years. Their service has always been fair, honest, and above all effective. I recommend them without hesitation. Jan Madsen

  • 3/29/16

    I talked to the owner Chris, and he's a good guy. I called ahead of time to get some estimates, and they were very reasonably priced. I brought in my car for an a/c inspection to confirm the necessary repairs. I received a quote for that job, as well as…
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  • 3/24/16

    Arizona auto care has always done a great job for me working on vehicle A/C systems. My ford pickup has had some issues with the A/C system the past couple of years. In 2011 they replaced the A/C compressor, 4 years later in 2015 it failed. Even…
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  • 3/24/16

    My serpentine belt broke and I tried to install a new one on my own. Succeeded in putting it on, but could not get it taut enough to save my life. Drove over to Arizona Auto Care and 20 minutes and $20 later it was taut and perfect. The service…
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  • 3/23/16

    Very great place! I brought my car in for a safety inspection and I was afraid they were going to try to upsell unnecessary services, but that is so far from what happened!! They did everything I need, were honest with their pricing, and made me feel safe and prepared for my road trip!

  • 3/17/16

    I have been going to Arizona Auto Care for over five years. I trust them to fix my car and to have honest/fair prices. I always get whatever I need fixed when they tell me that it is time to fix it. A few years ago Chris told me that…
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  • 3/3/16

    Greg & Chris are great. This is the ONLY shop I will take my cars to. Very honest, reliable & no BS! They do all the little extra customer service thing the bigger more expensive shops do, if not more. These guys know that we all need repairs done at…
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  • 3/1/16

    Only place I will take my Honda Civic to. They're prices are fare and customer service is always top notch. With a car with over 287k miles I need a shop that I can trust and frankly they have earned my business and continue to do so.

  • 2/25/16


  • 12/17/15

    Chris did an excellent job and did it quickly. It is always a pleasure doing business here!

  • 11/12/15

    The staff here are very knowledgeable and friendly. Had a strong smell of fuel with no apparent leak marks in my garage. Chris tentatively diagnosed the problem without even looking at it. Estimate was spot on! They go the extra mile here. Will use for all future auto repair needs.

  • 11/11/15

    Chris Hardy was a pleasure to work with!

  • 11/3/15

    Best of the best! Honest and fair technicians that do an amazing job every time! I've been coming here for years and they have never once let me down. Not only is their service top notch, their customer service is as well. Today, I came in to pick up my…
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  • 10/19/15

    Great shop, very fair and honest. My parts were returned parts without asking and all repairs were explained to thoroughly. From the front desk to the mechanic the service was fantastic. I have definitely found a shop I can trust and will be taking all my repairs there.

  • 9/21/15

    I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. When a chain repair shop quoted me 2k I knew it wasn't right. I took my car to Arizona Auto Care and they made all of the repairs for a quarter of the cost. The best part was I didn't have to do…
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  • 9/18/15

    Was able to get an appointment quickly. All issues were handled quickly and I was made aware of the cost involved and other issues that came up during inspection. Everyone at the shop is easy to talk to and they explain all work done so that I can understand it. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone needing any kind of auto maintenance repair.

  • 9/9/15

    They were awesome

  • 9/7/15

    Top notch. Reasonable rates. Not like some of the others around town.

  • 9/3/15

    Friendly service and efficient. Did not have to wait long.

  • 9/3/15

    Took car for oil change and new door seal. Shop was very friendly, knowledgable, and car was done on time. Highly recommend.

  • 9/2/15

    Arizona Auto Care was great! They did an excellent job of explaining exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and explaining the needed fix. The prices are fair and competitive. The price I was given was the price I paid! I hate when auto places tell you one thing…
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  • 8/31/15

    Arizona Auto Care was great. My car was ready in one day and they did an excellent job diagnosing and repairing my car. Making my appointment on Garagefly was super easy. I'll definitely use Garagefly & Arizona Auto Care again.

  • 8/28/15

    Had a flight to make at Sky Harbor Airport the other day and my truck was giving me trouble. Found Arizona Auto Care in a search and drove right there. Friendly staff greeted me and offered to get me to the Airport in time to make my flight with their…
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  • 8/28/15

    Bought a Used Honda Civic for my father in-law. Auto Care did both a Mechanical and safety check for me. The car needed brakes ( I thought it did) and they called me at noon to tell me. The price was great so I said do it. As I needed to deliver the…
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  • 8/28/15

    I have taken my vehicle to these guys for over 15 years and have never had a bad experience. Their expert staff is not only knowledgeable in all things automotive but are willing to take the time to explain the repair process. I shopped around at first but these guys…
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  • 8/27/15

    I've known these guys for over 15 years. They are efficient, polite, and very reasonable. The best part is they will make you feel like family, we can joke and have a great time.

  • 8/26/15

    Chris and the crew have continuously been the best at getting the job done in a timely manner, correctly and without hassle. That's why we go out of our way to bring them ALL of our radio station vehicles whenever we need any work done. Highly recommended and appreciated!

  • 8/25/15

    Chris at Arizona Auto Care is very honest and stands by his work. I needed a small repair done on my A/C as well as some freon. I also told Chris that I was going to be taking my vehicle out of state, and asked if he could check…
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  • 8/25/15

    Issues with my key fob required me to seek assistance in replacing and reprogramming a new one. The crew at Az Auto Care took care of everything and got me on my way. Great service and great techs!

  • 8/25/15

    I have been taking my car to these guys for a few years. Have found them to be honest and reliable. After years of dealership debacles I feel confident when repairs are needed.

  • 4/27/15

    We have a very old Honda with over 200,000 miles. We've taken it to AZ Auto Care for years. I can't speak highly enough of their integrity and honesty. Took it in to have a noise checked out. It was a bad part. They replaced it…
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  • 4/20/15

    Shop was great and helped me figure out the noise my brakes were making!

  • 12/29/14

    when the dealer told me I needed some very $$$ repairs I yelped az auto care on a friends recommendation. lo and behold one of az auto care's mechanics is a certified Subaru mechanic. I took the dealers list of to do's to him and found…
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  • 11/6/14

    Extremely disappointed in the services I received from Arizona Auto Care. I had taken my cars to them for services over the past 5 years with good results. Recently my truck that Arizona Auto had rebuilt the engine experienced significant coolent loss. The issue resided in the…
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  • 8/26/14

    Arizona Auto Care has done it again. We have 6 service trucks and use them exclusively. Took our truck in this morning and it's repaired and back on the road in less than 2 hours. They are the best auto repair in the valley.

  • 12/23/13

    I am really Happy With my recent car service at 'AZ Auto Care'. They do great quality work at a fair price. I Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place at reasonable price and great service! Very big thanks to Jeff/Greg. Very customer oriented. Vara

  • 12/18/13

    This is the best shop I have ever taken a vehicle. Not only is Greg personable and to the point, they have their customer in mind when repairing the vehicle. The guys at Arizona Auto Care not only did the brakes on my 2002 Dodge Caravan, but also…
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  • 8/6/13

    I brought my truck in after failing emissions 3 times. Another garage had done a diagnostic and told me it would cost $1,280 to fix it. AZ Auto Care did a diagnostic and fixed everything during the diagnostic. Total cost with parts $98. I love these guys.

  • 5/22/13

    Thee BEST shop in Arizona!! Hands down!...From the moment you walk in the door your greeted by a friendly knowledgable Service Writer,Or possibly one of the owners,Jeff or Chris.. These guys are the type that go over and beyond your expectations from oil changes to engine rebuilds,It doesnt matter the procedure,Their…
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  • 5/17/13

    I was referred to AZ Auto Care about 2 years ago. I am a single mom with absolutely no Car Know-how what so ever and have been victim to a "slum mechanic" before who was rigging my car to die so he can repair it and charge me for repairs.…
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  • 5/13/13

    Read the reviews from the GarageFly site and decided to give Arizona Auto Care (AAC) a shot. My engine light was on and the vehicle was misfiring or sputtering when I tried to accelerate. Dropped off vehicle on 4/23/13 and service representative called and said the spark plugs and wire…
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  • 12/11/12

    Arizona Auto Care is our first choice for any auto care we need while we are in Arizona. Chris and all the staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and honest about the work you need done.

  • 11/5/12

    We've been customers of AZ Auto Care for 15 years and 5 cars. They do an exceptional job at a very fair price. One thing that I really appreciate is their willingness to go over options with me, and to make recommendations based on what the car actually needs.

  • 8/3/12

    To sum up this shop in one word: HONEST!..They take your vehicle in,Do whats discussed beforehand,AND look over the entire vehicle to make sure you and your family will be safe and not broken down in this heat...Their rates are very reasonable,ALL the tech's are knowledgeable and personable...Every time im…
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  • 5/30/12

    this place is awesome. Quick, Fair and honest. I recommend them to all my friends and those that have gone, have nothing but great reviews. They fixed my a/c and replaced all the belts on my car.

  • 9/15/11

    I have been taking my vehicles to Arizona Auto Care for well over 10 years. They are the best group of people and the best shop in town, wouldn't take my cars anywhere else!!

  • 8/25/11

    Air conditioning compressor needed replacing. Work was completed on time and under estimated cost. We have been using them for years and their reputation with us is exceptional.

  • 6/29/11

    I wont take my cars anywhere else. If you are looking for a honest shop that gets the job right the first time, Arizona Auto Care is the place. They have taken care of my cars for years and will continue to do so in the future.

  • 3/3/11

    on time every time! Friendly service, and very knowledgeable on every type of repair or manufacturer! Ten stars!!

  • 2/23/11

    Twice in the past year, Greg has come to my rescue. I was referred to Arizona Auto Care by another mechanic who told me they were the best. They are reliable, trustworthy and honest. I would recommend Arizona Auto Care to anyone and will definitely return.

  • 1/19/11

    Honest, professional, very fast and efficient service, and good prices. Couldn't ask for more from an auto service care

  • 1/17/11

    I had a PCV valve replaced and was very pleased with the quick service and cost. I also had emission failure problems and they fixed it a year ago. It runs better than ever. Will refer to others.

  • 11/15/10

    Helpful, honest, and very timely! They went above and beyond to help me... I have always wanted a mechanic that I can trust! I've found the place!

  • 11/15/10

    Fantastic service very trustworthy and very informative. I felt like someone in my family was working on my car. Very happy with the fix and it was done in the time that was estimated. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone

  • 8/18/10

    AZ Auto Care is a "stand behind their work" type of campany that I would recommend to anyone who needs to get their vehicle fixed. I dropped off my Cherokee their because it would not pass emissions and they had to completely replace the fuel tank and they did it…
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  • 2/11/10

    These guys have been working magic on my truck for over 20 years. They know their stuff and are the greatest diagnosticians. Jeff, Chris and the rest of the crew deserve the highest recommendation ... without a single reservation.

  • 1/21/10

    This was my first time using Arizona Auto Care to fix a few problems on my significant other's car or any car to be exact. The staff was very friendly and the service was completed in the same day. They fixed a few problems that occasionally happy with…
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  • 8/23/09

    This is a place that I trust will not rip me off. I have had my car fixed here many times and the problems are always fixed. Over the summer my car wouldn't start, I spoke with Chris and he told me what was wrong. The battery was dead. I…
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  • 8/3/09

    if there is a better service manager in phoenix than scott at az. auto care i sure havent met him.scott not only knows cars backwards and forwards,he's willing to tell you the truth and go the extra mile for the customer.he's the antidote to shops that invent problems to fix...thank god there are still guys like him in the business

  • 6/23/09

    The service is friendliness and were exceptional and the staff went out their way to take me home and back. I have been servicing my Fiero there for a long time. Again, thank you for the the exceptional service that you all staff provide.

  • 5/31/09

    Very polite and honest shop not mention quick. I will return for regular service on all my vehicals

  • 12/18/08

    The professional customer service and quality of work is why I have taken all of my vehicles to Arizona Auto Care for years.

  • 12/11/08

    I appreciate the great service I received and will definitely be bringing my cars here going forward. I've never felt so confident that a mechanic had my best interests at heart.

  • 12/8/08

    Since moving to Arizona 9 years ago, we have always used Arizona Autocare for our vehicle repair needs. From a Lexus to a classic Volkswagen, the service has always been professional, honest and fair.

  • 12/3/08

    It is always a delight to drop my car off for service at the Arizona Auto Care. They have great service and the price is right. I definetely will take my families cars there when the need arrises. Keep up the excellant service.

  • 11/26/08

    the employees were helpful and honest. they even stayed open late for me to come pick up my car! very efficient service.

  • 11/24/08

    I hade to have 4 new shocks/struts put on the car. Aftermarket go-faster parts (if you will). Chris was real helpful in helping me choose the brand. (KYG 8 way-adjustable). Scott Bowsher was real good at getting a time for me to come in and have the…
    read full review

  • 11/21/08

    I drive 16 miles each way to have Arizona Auto Care maintain service on my car. That says a lot. My car is 10 years old. I plan to drive it five more years. I need a service center that doesn't tell me to go buy…
    read full review

  • 11/19/08

    Since I am a woman, it is important for me to feel trusting and relaxed when it comes to getting my car repaired. Chris, Jeff, and Scott are friendly, and I can trust them. My boyfriend initially had me bring my car in when I was having some…
    read full review

  • 11/19/08

    I have a custom rock crawler that I had them work on. Most shops don't want to work on anything but average vehicles, but they took it on. Everything turned out perfect! I have them work on all my vehicles, from my 1999 F-350, my Jeep, all my trailers,…
    read full review

  • 11/18/08

    With limited funds, I put off getting my truck's ac looked at. I had recently met Chris who told me to bring it by for a free diagnostic. He got my truck right in and fixed it as I waited for a fraction of what I anticipated the repairs being. I would recommend Arizona Auto Care to anyone for their honesty and quality work!

  • 11/18/08

    This is one shop that you can trust! They have never been anything but honest when it comes to repairs and they are always reasonable with the cost. I would highly recommend using this Arizona Auto Care, you won't be dissapointed.

  • 11/15/08

    AZ Auto Care seems to be a respectable establishment which performs good work; the guys are well-versed in how to properly diagnose and repair problems. My only complaint (if you could call it that) is that their prices seem a little high, but I guess one has to pay for quality.

  • 11/12/08

    Chris, Jeff, and Scott took great care of me and saved me a TON of $$ compared to the dealership. I felt like they were more honest than any garage I've ever been to. I took both of my cars there in the same week and the work…
    read full review

  • 11/5/08

    These guys KNOW Subaru. After 3 shops Miss diagnosed the problem, they took 5 minutes and had the answer, and saved me over $1000 on the repair. All I can say is WOW!

  • 11/4/08

    I highly recommend Arizona Car Care, as the staff is highly knowledgeable and professional. I find them also to be patient and willing to help. Lastly, its hard to find a shop who will go above and beyond required to accomplish the task they set out to achieve.

  • 10/31/08

    I have been going to AAC for several years for all my vehicles needs. They have always treated me professionally and extremely curtious. Their entire staff provide exceptional personalized service and I always feel they are fair in their prices. I have referred several people there and they have had the same experience. I know that going to AAC my vehicle will always be taken care of properly and expeditiously.

  • 10/30/08

    Arizona Auto Care recently did a once over on a used car I just purchased. They only did work that was needed and then gave me estimates for time and cost for other services needed. They quoted me considerably less than the shop that I was (Emphasis on WAS) using. Thanks!

  • 10/27/08

    Good work and they installed the alternator I had already purchased.

  • 10/24/08

    To find a place like AAC these days is few and far between. They have honest and CORRECT pricing with personal service. AAC is a throwback to the true, hard working auto professionals that once were. Personal service is key and they nail it. I take ALL of my vehicles…
    read full review

  • 10/24/08

    I have been using these guys for many years and i would recomend them to anyone needing any type of auto repair done.

  • 10/23/08

    I was having a lot of noise and vibration coming from mu front right tire. I had previously purchased 2 brand new tires and took my car in to another garage for alignment and brakes. Nothing helped. After Chris at Arizona Auto Care checked out the brakes…
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  • 10/17/08

    My driver's side window had issues getting in the proper "up" position. The AAC employee took ten minutes and put the window back on the track correctly. He didn't even charge me! These guys do good work.

  • 10/13/08

    I have been using Arizona Auto Repair since 1997 when I bought my new F150 & since 2002 when I bought another F150. I couldn't recomend a finer shop for their service & honesty, hard to find these days. Competetive priceing & very ethical in their bussines. My 1997 F150…
    read full review

  • 10/12/08

    I would highly recommend Arizona Auto Care to anyone! I'm from out of state, had been here a little over a month and needed car repairs. The only place I knew to go was the Toyota dealership. I had met soneone earlier and was talking to him about my…
    read full review

  • 10/1/08

    The oil and filter change and lube were done expertly and quickly.

  • 9/26/08

    I've been a customer of Arizona Auto Care for more that 10 years and I take all my vehicles to them for service and repairs. They treat me like family and I trust them to always provide good service at very fair prices. Unlike other auto repair shops,…
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  • 9/26/08

    Chris Hardy rebuilt the fuel injection, electrical and tuned up my station wagon for daughter and she has been driving it to work every day this summer with no issues. thanks Chris!

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