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Action Auto Repair, Phoenix 85027

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Av. Rating: 5.0

  • 7/25/17

    Excellent service on replacing my valve covers and recognizing the need to properly stretch the rubber valve cover gasket. I asked them to look at the exhaust system because I was hearing an unusual noise infrequently and the noticed the tail pipes rubbing up against my leaf springs. Good catch, so off to the installer of my exhaust system.

  • 7/12/17

    Had a engine light come on and I went to Action Auto to find out what the problem was. Within 5 minutes the had found the problem and quoted me a price for repair. I took my truck in and did not expect it back until the next day. I…
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  • 7/1/17

    Our Acadia was due for an oil change and we experienced a problem with our battery on a recent trip. Action Auto found a fault with the battery and replaced promptly. Also had a couple of filters replaced. We've been going to Action Auto for year and have always been dealt with honestly and respectfully. I highly recommend Action Auto for your vehicle service needs.

  • 6/12/17

    Dealing with the shop is always direct, straight forward and overall a quick and easy experience. They call within the first hour with any findings and what to expect. Great customer experience!

  • 6/8/17

    I needed my brake switch repaired fast and that's what I got. They were reasonably priced and didn't try to get me to do repairs I didn't want done. Nice guys.

  • 6/4/17

    My wife and I have been having our vehicles serviced at dealers for yeas,but I have found action auto the only place where if they tell me there is an issue I don't have to wonder if I'm being ripped off or not. They do amazing work and I will be bringing our family cars here to get serviced from now on. Thank you.

  • 6/1/17

    My husband and I have been using Action Auto Repair for a couple of years now. What we like best is they fix what needs to be fixed correctly the first time. New things don't happen break a week later. The prices have been fair and in the case of my air conditioner, they gave me a three year warranty. Try to get that somewhere else.

  • 5/18/17

    I'm on my second new Subaru and I completely trust them with the maintenance (and repair if ever needed) and care of it. I was in for oil change, they give you a ride if needed or you can wait in their comfortable lobby. They have been my…
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  • 5/16/17

    this is a good shop as they are very professional and easy to work with . they do exactly what they say they will do and fix your car or truck . I have been using this shop for a long time and will continue to do so moving forward. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

  • 5/12/17

    Honest, friendly and do great work. Take my car here for everything with great work. once had faulty part and they replaced fast with the warrantee. Always satisfied with what they do for my car.

  • 5/2/17

    I have driven by this location for many years and never really considered stopping in for any service. Not that it couldn't have been an option, just that I had another service repair tech that I use to go to. Since then I became friends with a…
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  • 11/20/16

    My car is getting older now, so I don't want to keep taking it to the dealer for repairs, oil changes, etc. I wanted a local repair shop that I trust to fix only what's necessary and charge fairly. Not only did I find that shop, but the guys there are fun and friendly! And thanks to for feeding hungry children!

  • 9/1/16

    I've been going to Action Auto for many years and have always been treated with respect and honesty. All the employees are professional and more than happy to explain the work they've done & why. I've recommended this shop for years and will continue to do so.

  • 8/30/16

    Showed up unannounced at Action Auto to see if they could change the oil/filter. They were very busy but took the time to work me in to their schedule. I was finished in only 1 hour and on my way home. Fantastic service... Highly recommended.

  • 4/26/16

    They did an excellent job. My car is now quieter and runs smoother than it has in a long time.

  • 4/20/16

    First they recommended a tow company, and THEY were great! Then when I got to the shop they told me how things would go. It was going to take a few days because of my car being so "specialty", but they would keep me informed along the way. They did,…
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  • 3/22/16

    I've been with Tom and crew for about 25 years. They've worked on 5 or more different cars for me. Efficient, knowledgeable, office staff is great. I've retired, but still travel 15+ miles to go to Action Auto.

  • 3/21/16

    Pete was awesome!

  • 3/18/16

    I have had very good luck with the shop. They are fairly priced and do excellent work. I feel confident that the repairs will be completed properly. They also have excellent customer service. I would feel comfortable having my wife or daughter bring in a vehicle knowing they would be treated honestly.

  • 3/16/16

    I had my flue pump replaced, great guys, fair price and great work

  • 3/16/16

    I took my vehicle in believing the CV Joints had gone out, meaning I may have had a $600+ repair on my hands. It turned out to be another issue entirely and Pete helped me find the best way to help me out for my current situation. Pete never made…
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  • 3/13/16

    Pete and Joe were very willing to get my car in quickly while we were on vacation. When the car continued to overheat the next day, they got right to fixing the defective thermostat that they had put in day before. They were very courteous throughout the entire time.

  • 3/12/16

    Excellent customer service, honest, quick.

  • 3/12/16

    Awesome mechanics, always very honest

  • 3/10/16

    Amazing shop with great customer service and a professional, honest and knowledgeable staff. I have been searching for a reputable shop I could trust and these guys have exceeding my expectations.

  • 12/8/15

    We have been using Action Auto Repair for all our vehicles maintenance and repairs for over 15 years and have been extremely satisfied with their services. The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. Repairs are diagnosed quickly, explained and estimated costs are accurate. The shop is clean, comfortable and…
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  • 12/7/15

    I've been coming to Action Auto for many years and will continue to do so for years to come. It can be difficult to find a repair shop that you can trust to make the necessary repairs and not do work that you may not necessarily need. I…
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  • 11/5/15

    I am always pleased with the work and services they have provided. They are honest with what needs to be done and I have complete trust in them. Pete and I am sorry the other individual at the desk are pleasant, make you feel comfortable when you are dealing with them. I have recommended them to friends as I am impressed with them.

  • 10/16/15

    I've been using Action Auto for several years, going back to their previous location. Found them because of convenience to my workplace. On my first visit, Tom told me that while he could repair the problem I came in with, I didn't really need to have it done…
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  • 9/4/15

    We have been using Action Auto Repair pretty much since we moved into North Phoenix around 2002. Tom was always upfront, and honest with us, and gave us a good deal. This go around we did business with Pete, Tom, and Cathy. They did great work on…
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  • 8/27/15

    We have used Action Auto for years...have always been prompt in getting repairs..would highly recommend them..

  • 8/5/15

    I was first referred to Action Auto some years ago when I had an emissions problem and they were one of the approved repair facilities. The service was excellent and they treated me fairly and so I have been going back to them with all my repair and maintenance…
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  • 3/17/15

    Action Auto Repair is a great place to take your car and you can trust them to fix your car right. Being a single mom it's hard to find an honest place and affordable...this place is it for me! Always have had a great experience and will continue…
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  • 10/24/14

    I took my repair to this establishment based on certain reviews online. Unfortunately, they were not as honest and forthcoming as the reviews suggested. I took my truck in for a repair that based on several sites (repair pal, manufacturer forums, etc.) should have run between $350-450. I was in a…
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  • 10/1/13

    On September 26, 2013, my car stalled out in Phoenix 100 miles from my home. I had my car towed to Action Auto on W Deer Valley Road. I have never been more pleased with the friendly service and very professional work performed on my 1990 Honda. …
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  • 6/14/13

    I must say, Action Auto was highly recommended to me by a friend and they lived up to all that was said in a very satisfying way. When you need major repair work done on a car you always afraid of getting ripped off... Not here!!! Tom was the most honest…
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  • 1/21/13

    Been coming here ever since my FIL told me about him, 5 years ago. Tom is a great man and gives a fair honest price.

  • 11/7/12

    These guys are amazing and great if you live in North Phoenix. I used them at the old location and they are the epitome of a truly honesty mechanic. They recommend stuff that's related (not unrelated) to your immediate need, but also tell you that you can ride it out…
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  • 9/2/12

    I brought my car to Firestone originally and they told me I needed all new struts. I couldn't afford it at the time. I moved to phoenix and decided to get them done at Action Auto. Well they called me back and said there nothing wrong with my struts. Said…
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  • 8/8/12

    Bought this car from a private party and it needed some work. Took it in to Action Auto and they went through the car with a fine tooth comb. Everything that needed to be fixed was fixed and for a great price. I got a great deal on the car and now I am confident that the car will run without any major problems. Thanks Tom!

  • 7/13/12

    i had my a/c fixed a week ago, and 2 days later it went out again. i brought my vehicle back in and was expecting another bill. even though the new repair was unrelated to my first repair, they did not charge me a cent... unbelievable customer service

  • 5/8/12

    This was my first visit and I could not have been happier with the service I received. I have always been hesitant bringing a vehicle in for fear of getting "ripped off" and was referred to Action Auto. They were, not only very kind and honest but were very efficient.…
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  • 4/21/12

    Tom and Joe have been servicing our vehicles for about six years now, and we've always been very satisfied with their work. You can expect fair prices, accurate estimates, speedy repair time and excellent customer service from Action Auto Repair. We're happy to have found a mechanic we can trust so completely.

  • 4/19/12

    After sending my car out on a Secret Shop inspection elsewhere and getting a litany of recommended repairs during an oil change there, I took my car to Action Auto Repair to have a noise diagnosed - they replaced a wheel bearing. They did not push recommendations and even…
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  • 3/7/12

    My wife and I were traveling through AZ. in June 2011, we were experiencing engine hesitation and loss of power in our car.We were on our way back to our home in Las Vegas but needed service before going any further. We contacted some friends and they recommended Action Auto…
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  • 2/21/12

    I have a 05 Honda Accord with 142,491 miles on it and Action Auto just keeps her humming. Had my timing belt, water pump, motor mount replaced and oil changed. I love that they only fix what is needed and always do a awesome job. Plan to…
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  • 11/30/11

    Tom is the most honest mechanic I have ever known. Our entire family with 4 vehicles always put our trust in him. My suburban failed the emissions test for an electrical problem. It could have been a costly repair (or made into one) but Tom found the "fuse" replaced - no charge and had me back at the teting station the same morning! Wow Definitely the highest ratings from me!

  • 11/28/11

    I have been using Action Auto for several years now. I showed up without an appointment, Tom recognized me by name. He fixed my minor transmission problem quickly. They are knowledgeble and honest. I highly recommend their service to anyone!

  • 5/26/11

    Ok, so I couldn't believe any repair shop could have consistantly the highest rating. But I have to say that I too, am adding a "5" rating to Action Auto Repair. I needed a new transmission, and was not going to have it done. I spent a…
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  • 5/10/11

    We took our truck to Action Auto on Sunday, and dropped the key in their "Early Bird" drop box. The check engine light turned on and the truck went kaput. Tom from Action called early Monday morning and told us what the problem was a transmission solenoid. …
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  • 9/15/10

    Action Auto has always been my families and companies go-to place, when something is wrong with one of our cars. Tom, the owner is helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to what is wrong with your car. The service has ALWAYS been great, fairly priced and always done on time…
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  • 7/14/10

    I had a problem with my A/C and took it to Action Auto Repair. I spoke with Tom who not only explained to me what the problem was, but he also drew a chart, give me a quick course in auto 101 and showed me exactly what the problems…
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  • 9/1/09

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the guys at Action Auto Repair. Not only did they made me aware that I needed a transmission flush and the benifits of doing so, they performed the flush in a very proffesional and timely manner for a…
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  • 4/24/09

    Our truck was just serviced by Action Auto Repair, and as noted by my neighbor earlier, they provided excellent service, and very reasonable prices to go along with that! Much cheaper than our corner service station. I highly recommend Action Auto Repair.

  • 1/5/09

    We have been getting our autos repaired by Tom @ Action Auto for over 10 years. They are always very professional, friendly and HONEST! You can always trust that the work that is being done is necessary and they will let you know if there is something that doesn't…
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  • 12/7/08

    I had a person replace my clutch. Then the car was running very rough. Plus loud noises from the right side. Action Auto looked over the car, and discovered the computer had not been reconnected, and the rt front strut had not been properly secured. In a short period of…
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  • 11/26/08

    We've been doing business here for about 7 years. They always do an honest job for a reasonable price. It's great to have them to depend on. Now they do maintenance for our daughter's vehicles too.

  • 11/19/08

    I needed an honest repair shop, being a woman, I felt that repair shops tend to charge or try to cheat me. I went in for a heater hose that needed to be repaired. I was given a good price, they were honest on how much the price…
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  • 11/8/08

    Checked the yellow pages for a dealer near me after my 1995 jeep failed emissions.Did not even know they were there.They explained the county program to fix older vehicles that fail emissions.Action auto repair fixed my jeep and it was done when they said it would be done. And they even took it through emission testing for me.Excellent customer service. thanks

  • 11/7/08

    We're very pleased with all aspects of doing business with Action Auto Repair. They were recommended to us by Brian at Just Brakes and Alignment and we are greatful to him for his referral. These past few years we have taken all three of our vehicles to Action…
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  • 10/21/08

    Having an intermittent "hesitation" when accelerating. Action Auto's knowledge and expertise had my car fixed and running smoothly when in a half of a day. Their service is always friendly and it is my judgement that they truly want to help you.

  • 10/20/08

    I went to Action Auto years ago and their service has always been exceptional. I forgot about them until we bought a Volvo from a private party with a whole lot of hidden things wrong with it and didn't know where to get the work done. It needed…
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  • 10/1/08

    Great Service. Had to have car repaired for Emissions failure. I was expecting for it to be a lot of money and it wasn't and the car passed.

  • 9/18/08

    Tom and the crew at Action Auto Repair repaired my Subaru and got me back on the road quickly. They saved me hundreds of dollars versus going to the dealership and the follow up to ensure I was happy with the repairs was excellent. If I can't fix it myself, my car will go back to Action for repairs. Thank you for the promptness and fairness in fixing my car.

  • 9/5/08

    I'm not truck savvy at all! I know where the gas goes and how to get my music pumping - and thats all I care about. I had an oil leak, what I thought was major and was expecting to pay big bucks. When Tom called me, said…
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  • 8/17/08

    We have this one and several other cars and have taken all of them to this mechanic, He is great and in all cases has given us a fair price and clear information on what actually needed to be done. In this case our Beetle had overheated a couple times,…
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  • 8/16/08

    Check engine light on! Would have failed emissions. Repaired same day for a fair price.I got lucky. they fixed it within 2 hours, and they drove me home and picked me up.We never spoke about money. That in its self is amazing.First good experience I have had with a car repair in 25 years.

  • 8/6/08

    I stumbled upon this repair shop, as they were authorized by my dealer for service. I have not come across an auto repair shop of this nature in many years. Extremely knowledgeable, NOT overpriced, with the latetest in technical knowledge and equipment. I do not take my truck anywhere else anymore!

  • 7/29/08


  • 7/26/08

    This is the BEST repair shop in the valley. Their prices are reasonable and they have the customer's budget and concerns in mind. Last time I had it in, my car was stalling out, and they quickly found the problem. If you want an honest, reliable shop, this is the place to take your auto!

  • 7/22/08

    We started taking our vehicles to Action Auto Repair about a year ago and have finally found someone who we feel cares about quality service. Tom and his crew are great about explaining what the mechanical issues are, options for remediation, and future impact of of any repair. …
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  • 7/21/08

    I have a 1991 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon that did not pass the emissions test because it was running too rich and emitting too much carbon monoxide. I was recommended by Maricopa County to take it to Action Auto Repair. This was my first time taking my car…
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  • 6/23/08

    I was referred by a coworker to try Action Auto 2 years ago. At the time, I had bought a used car and just had a dealership shop mechanic tell me that my car needed about $1000 worth of replacements and repairs, including new belts. Then, I took…
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  • 6/23/08

    I've been going to Tom at least 10 years. Honest, reliable, makes sure it's functional without unneeded repair. Let's me know what may be coming up to work on, and what I can live with to avoid extra $$ right now. I've been driving 44 years, and this is THE BEST shop I've seen.

  • 6/23/08

    Ordered and installed armrest. The best place to take your car for any kind of service or repair. Work will always be done right and prices are always fair. I have been going there for at least 10 years.

  • 6/4/08

    I have had my car serviced at "Action Auto" for several years and have received excellent service. I recently took it in for just an oil change and the service was prompt and courteous. I highly recommend 'Action Auto.

  • 6/1/08

    Tom and his crew are the very best! We recently thought we had a blown head gasket. Everything pointed to this major repair but Tom spent the entire day getting to the bottom of the problem to make sure that's what it was, and it wasn't. It was actually a…
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  • 5/21/08

    These guys are great! They fixed my brake problems perfectly. They have fixed problems three dealerships were unable to even diagnose correctly.

  • 5/20/08

    I have used Action Auto for all my auto needs and find them very reliable with quick service. The thing I like most is they don't try to pad the bill with additional charges for things I don't need.

  • 5/14/08

    We were on our way back home to Crested Butte Colorado and the thermostat on our car went out and had to be towed back to Phoenix (approx 40 minutes). Action Auto Repair fixed our vehicle quickly; they were very knowledgeable and friendly and fixed it same day. If I lived in Phoenix area, they would be my auto repair place

  • 5/13/08

    Great service! All I needed was a quick oil change. The service was completed quickly, but what really impressed me was that they had time to check my antifreeze with a multimeter. Tom advised that my antifreeze was broken down and needed replacing. A process, electrolysis…
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  • 5/2/08

    I have had work done on 5 different family members vehicles for over three years. I have never had a problem with Action Auto

  • 4/30/08

    We've been using Tom and the guys at Action Auto for several years and they never fail to perform top-notch work on both of our cars. They've done everything from oil changes to replace an engine, and they're fast and very fairly priced. We wholeheartedly recommend Action Auto as one of the best repair and maintainence garages on the NW side of Phoenix.

  • 4/20/08

    After having been to another well known shop in the valley, I went to Action Auto for a "second opinion". The service and pricing were beyond my expectations! They totally repaired the problem and had the job completed a lot faster than I expected. I would definitely go to…
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  • 4/19/08

    Tom and his staff are all fantastic! I first learned of Action Auto when I was managing a car repair program and Action Auto was one of garages under contract. Tom treated every customer fairly, never taking advantage of the program or customers, quickly and effectively resolving any…
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  • 4/14/08

    I have a couple of vehicles which I have had Tom work on over the last 5 years. The analysis of the problem has always been correct, and the work has always been done promptly and correctly, and at a fair price. I've also had a couple of…
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  • 4/8/08

    I trust Tom and his crew to take care of my cars and the precious cargo I transport, my boys. From regular maintenance work to the unexpected trouble like failed emissions, they have fixed everything right the first time and at an honest price. As a consumer that's…
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  • 4/2/08

    I have been dealing with the folks at Action Auto for a couple of years and have referred several friends to them. I personally have nothing but good to say about their service, quality, and fairness. The referrals which I have made have all good words about their experiences also.…
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  • 3/20/08

    I have been going to Tom and the guys at Action Auto since I was sixteen. My family has used him for years. I know next to nothing about cars so its a challenge for me to describe issues to them. They are really good about it…
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  • 8/24/07

    I have had several cars over the last few years that I have entrusted to Tom at Action Auto. Without exception, he has been honest with me, done the work correctly the first time and charged me a fair price. Occasionally, I would think I have a big problem and…
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  • 2/12/07

    Action Auto is that shop that everyone hopes for. Honest and competent! They alway give a fair assessment of what is needed. They will even talk you out of something if they don't thing it is necessary! I've been taking my vehicles to Action Auto for over 10 years and they've always done a top notch job.

  • 2/7/07

    Words can't describe how good Action Auto Repair is. I have literally saved over a thousand dollards by going to them. Ever since, I have referred three of my colleagues who are just surprised that auto repair shops like these still exist. I was lucky enough to find them via…
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  • 1/25/07

    Always takes great care of my vehicle and service is quick and efficient. Whenever there is a problem, they will take the time to explain what's wrong so that I can understand even though I have little mechanical knowledge. I've referred all of my friends and I would gladly do so again.

  • 1/20/07

    Highly skilled mechanics who actually do all the maintenance on your vehicle as required. They use top quality parts and service. They are priced much less than dealers, but are certified to do all repairs. I would never go to a dealer first without going here first. I have been using this shop for over 7 years, reliable and honest.

  • 1/17/07

    We have a fleet of 50+ trucks and cars. We started bringing our fleet to Action Auto about a year ago. We are very pleased with the quality of work we receive on our fleet vehicles. We had an account with a "big name" chain repair shop, but found they…
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  • 1/17/07

    The shop has been very dependable when leaving my vehicle for any work that needs to be done, and accomadating to offer a ride to work early in the mornings and even picking me up when the vehicle is finished. The shop makes no haste in diagnostics of the vehicle…
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