When it comes to everyday activities, convenience is king. That’s why inventions such as drive-thru restaurants, grocery delivery services, online video streaming like Netflix, and ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are such huge successes.

The most recent semi-regular service companies are looking to streamline is the auto repair industry. And while the desire to simplify all aspects of life is understandable, there are certain services that are better left untouched. Auto repair is one of them.

Here’s how the startup companies are describing this new approach to mechanical services: Uber for car repair. The latest company making the headlines is Wrench, a service currently available in Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, and Portland claiming to service all types of cars and trucks, doing everything from oil changes to brake jobs.

Much like Uber, car owners can download an app on to their phone to request a mechanic at their location. Appointments can also be made on their website, however.

The other big players in the game are YourMechanic and Fiix. Both companies connect car owners with certified mechanics, and claim to be less expensive than your average auto repair shop.

While background checks are done on all Wrench employees, and five years of experience and ASE certification are required, there are many issues with companies such as Wrench and the like.

Firstly, the mechanics doesn’t have any shop that they are taking your car to. They boast that they work on vehicles in any location ranging from an office parking lot to a downtown parking garage to a customer’s driveway. Anywhere but on the street, for safety reasons, is fair game.

What happens if the mechanic begins work on your car and realizes they need an additional pair of hands, or even worse, a piece of machinery only found at an auto repair shop? Additionally, with the ever increasing technology found within vehicles, mechanics must rely on different programs and machines to help properly restore a vehicle to it’s full operating state, even after a seemingly simple repair has been completed.

With on demand mechanical services, car owners run the risk of their car being stranded wherever the freelance mechanic began the work until a tow truck can come and fetch it, causing a much bigger headache than a longer wait at a trusted repair shop.

Secondly, with these companies being as new as they are, they don’t have many reviews online, and those found on Yelp and other review sites alike are a mixture of both positive and horribly negative experiences, leaving car owners looking for a place to take their car more confused than ever, and lacking any peace of mind.

Finally, while the cost may be slightly cheaper and appointments available seven days a week, other aspects that auto repair shops can offer are missing entirely from this streamlined process. From shuttle services, loaner vehicles while your car is being worked on, and detailed repair orders to give a complete history of your vehicle, the act of taking your car in becomes that much less of a hassle.

So while the temptation to use an on demand mechanic service is understandable, when one weighs the positives and negatives, it’s clear that taking it to a shop you trust is the better way to go.

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