Who We Are is a comprehensive Arizona online resource that delivers automotive peace of mind to the consumer. Consumers seeking information about reputable auto repair shops and auto body shops can read validated consumer reviews of shops throughout the area. GarageFly empowers consumers to feel confident that they are armed with the knowledge to make sound automotive choices.

The Problem and Solution

Every year, consumers spend more than $20 billion on faulty or unnecessary auto repairs. GarageFly offers consumers input about the most reputable automotive repair and body shops in the state of Arizona. Consumers are permitted to post “reviews” of their experience with auto repair and body shops, with a rigorous validation process to ensure that each review comes from a real customer. This validation system is designed to screen out reviews submitted by the facility itself or those from the shop’s competitors.By connecting visitors with trusted information and other consumers, GarageFly helps you navigate what can sometimes be a complex and confusing repair process. Promoting the voice of the people, GarageFly helps to lessen the expense and hassle of uninformed automobile repair decisions, along with the anxiety that typically can plague you throughout the process.