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The Pros and Cons of a Vehicle Subscription Service


Have you heard of General Motors’ new service called BOOK? BOOK is a car subscription service that enables users to pay for access to any type of Cadillac vehicle any time they want.

With BOOK, users pay $1,500 per month with an additional onetime initiate fee of $500 paid upfront. Industry experts have compared it to a Netflix subscription, but the only current options are for Cadillac vehicles, ranging from an Escalade to a CTS-V. Subscribers can swap vehicles up to 18 times per year through their app. Once a driver has selected the vehicle of their choice, it is delivered by a concierge service.

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Secondhand Cars Have Become Extremely Easy to Steal


The steady increase of the technology found in ‘smart cars’ has encouraged millions of people to invest in newer vehicles. But based on the hike in pricing for those vehicles, a huge number of people have decided to opt for previously-owned smart vehicles as a way to take part in the new technology without breaking the bank. While most have been absolutely thrilled with their purchase, others are facing unique risks and outcomes.

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