Can Your Car Handle the Heat?

Arizona is a state known for very high temperatures, and low humidity – how many times have you heard it said that “it’s a dry heat?” Although this affords us a nice lifestyle without  snow and mild winters, it also means we have to deal with a little extra wear and tear on our vehicles […]

Want to check your car to see if there are any open recalls?

Have you ever wondered if there were any open recalls for your car that you just didn’t know about? Read on to learn more about manufacturer recalls, and where you can check your vehicle, just in case!

Cars of the Future: The Evolution of the Automobile

For years there has been a great deal of curiosity as to what the future holds for the automobile. Futuristic cars in science fiction movies can often fly, and have pretty crazy designs that have not quite become a reality. Although we don’t want to entirely discredit the possibility of flying cars, those do still […]